In times of crisis - I am safe because I have a well thought-out recovery plan waiting to be launched.
Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing. Tip to those who don't experience much cold: leave your faucets to dribble, so that water flows through the pipes and won't freeze. A "major incident" has been declared for all areas affected by flooding in Somerset following warnings of further heavy rain.
The village was recorded as Micelenie in the Domesday book meaning 'the increasingly great island' from the Old English miclian and from the Norsk A?e.[2] The -ey or -y suffix served as the old English designation for "island", and thus is common to many of the villages in this area of the Somerset Levels, which stood as islands just above the marshes, which have since been drained.

These ecards, whose sole purpose is to elevate the moral plane of Wrongcards, are filled with inspiring quotes and thoughts that will, if received and contemplated for a sufficient amount of time, inspire many of you to become better people. But we'd like to mention that buying our stuff will not make you cool: you are already cool.
Wrongcards offering free, funny ecards that are wrong for every occasion, and is possibly the most curious greeting card site on the web. Some of you will not be effected, however, because there was never any hope for you in the first place because you never have been, nor never will be, very good at self-improvement and let's face it, you've always secretly known it. Here you will find cards with a unique freshness and originality, which have been lovingly inked on fresh parchment by an emotionally mature artist committed only to the causes of good taste and judgment.

If you wish you may also print out the motivational wallpaper to hang in your office or in your home. So while some of these inspirational cards are a complete waste of time for the stridently hopeless, many of you will become better people from looking at these cards.

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