So you are looking at ways to change background color of an HTML element, every X seconds using jQuery? The Javascript code above will simply toggle the background color of HTML body once every 2 seconds. The above code uses animate function in jQuery to create the transition between base color and specified new color. I recently worked on developing a website which required toggling of main div’s background color every 4 seconds.

If you want to fill the background with random colors, use change_random_bgcolor(change_time) function to do it.
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I looped two functions that set 2 different colors with setInterval function and used setTimeout to give a gap between one color and another color.
So you will see the background animating to the given first color from white during  seconds 8 to 9.

But it animates to a different color and halts 3 seconds as there is a blank function call is specified in setTimeout after 3000 milliseconds.

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