Adrenaline-shot recipient Mia Wallace, played by Uma Thurman, changed the lipstick and lacquer landscape of the ‘90s. My first horror movie: I first saw this at a sleepover party when I was nine and it continues to haunt me. The quintessentially ‘80s flick The Secret Of My Success features an iconic lipstick scene courtesy of one Mrs. It is a truth universally acknowledged: Everyone likes to pace during long phone catch-ups and everyone likes Jessica Rabbit. In perhaps the most famous cinematic homage to maquillage, Molly Ringwald’s Claire Standish performs a party trick during a Saturday detention at her high school’s library. A makeover gives Cher Horowitz “a sense of control in a world full of chaos,” (remember the guerrilla one she pulled on Ms. The Rolling Stones may have had the mouth monopoly, but one could say that Rocky Horror Picture Show is practically archetypal when it comes to lips.
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Who can deny its glamorous connotation, either in-tube or applied onto the kisser of a starlet? Few other movie characters can claim such an impact--and especially during such a patently unchic time when fashion and beauty were left to draw inspiration from the emerging Seattle music scene as many major influencers in fashion at this time were tragically dying of AIDS.

Possibly the creepiest scary movie villain in LIFE, Buffalo Bill is too disturbed to qualify for gender reassignment, per his wishes, so he takes it upon himself to create a “woman suit.” In a sinister scene, he listens to Q Lazzarus’ “Goodbye Horses,” applies makeup and dons a “skin skirt” procured from a teenage girl and professes self-love in the weirdest voice known to man, all while Precious, his white Bichon Frise is kidnapped by his latest victim. Perhaps the sultriest cartoon character ever to be sketched, Jessica’s not bad, she’s just drawn that way. First, Holly Golightly has converted her mailbox by her apartment building’s front door into a mini vanity, complete with a mirror, lipstick and perfume. The film’s opening song, “Science Fiction Double Feature” is sung by Richard O’Brien, and lip-synced by Patricia Quinn’s disembodied red-lipstick adorned lips.
The cosmetic has been portrayed as a veritable character all its own in several cinema titles spanning several decades. Her sleek dusky bob, her smokily lined eyes and quirky locutions like “I’ll be down in two shakes of a lamb’s tail” positively empowered all of us to delve into decadent deep shades and launched the insanely popular Chanel “Rouge Noir,” later renamed Vamp. Here, she applies her signature red lipstick while talking to diminutive detective Eddie Valiant. True story: I once endured the high school horror that is a Saturday detention as punishment for a Wawa visit when I was supposed to be in Oceanography class. Liz Taylor’s character Gloria Wandrous wakes up in wealthy businessman Weston Liggett’s apartment and finds that he’s left her money. It was created to mirror the hue of dried blood and its first year alone sales grew to $1 million.

Fox’s character, Brantley Foster, makes her acquaintance in this scene when he drives her home in a company limo (at his employer’s request). It was significantly less tragic for me because I donned a pink V-neck a la Claire and read French poems by Baudelaire, a nascent obsession that later led to a degree in French literature. Insulted, Gloria dons Liggett’s wife’s fur coat and draws a message on the bathroom mirror. To the casual movie buff, Mia Wallace recalls a Willow filter take on Scarface’s Elvira Hancock in both personality and looks. They begin having an affair and who can argue that its inception wasn’t at the exact moment she applied her shimmery pink Estee Lauder tube to the tune of “Oh Yeah” by Yello, already popular from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? Joan Rivers’ use of her signature phrase “Can we talk?” A flurry of foundation, a precipitation of powder and, of course, a lavish allocation of lipstick. If I weren’t such a goody goody, I’d be coming and going in a glamorous whirl, all while maintaining my written correspondence.

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