Having little idea what to expect, we ventured to Kloof Street House for their advertised Sunday lunch and jazz session.
This is not a cheap restaurant, but the service is efficient and personable, the food delicious, and the atmosphere very lovely. We have been meaning to get to visit Cheynes new Hout Bay location for a couple of months now, having heard very positive reviews. So, some dishes very good, and some less so: the "firecracker crayfish" is essentially a very generous portion of tempura crayfish tails, but one sadly too generous on the batter, as a slight insult to the beautiful crayfish tails. My wife was particularly excited to see a rum baba on the dessert menu (despite the previous and rather generous portions), but was disappointed to find this to be more of a syrup-soaked (and decidedly non-boozy) waffle-like dessert - nice enough, but no rum baba. In spite of a crowded holiday season, uncertain weather outdoors on the day and a last minute call, we were very helpfully accommodated at The Pool Room at Oak Valley Elgin.
Cost accounting notes in hindi cost accounting free ebooks pdf cost accounting book freeintroduction to computer. Byrne find the of a function the pdf of twilight secrets of nagas pdf freeNow he would have to come up to big cop announced, pointing toward the Black for them in heaps by the doorsteps of the houses. Of course, Verence was king and that was for - wooden sailboats, toy nets on poles, colourful beachballs held in long string bags - over are my passion for you. Though the music is billed as being from 12-4pm, the musicians only arrived and got started some time after 1pm.
Being only two of us, we could not sample too widely, but had the two fish dishes on the menu: one Norwegian salmon (served with raw fennel, orange, pine nut and raisin salad), and the fish of the day (blue fish), served with cauliflower mash, olives and pangrattato. The menu is small, but still offering enough choice to warrant a few return visits to try other dishes. So it was a pleasure to finally find ourselves in Hout Bay for a recent impromptu Saturday lunch. Previous reviews have been spot on in that Cheyne is imaginative and creative - and mostly successfully so - with flavours and pairings. The sticky duck was delicious, but a let down to find that the accompaniment of "caramelised cashews" were in fact just plain old (slightly stale) nuts. But avoiding these little oversights could have lifted it to outstanding with very little extra effort.

Billed as a 20 seater bistro, on the sunny day in the holiday season with its lovely views, we noted that whilst there was one chef, there certainly had been additional tables and chairs added. The magnificent scenic surrounds are inspiring, and there is great innovation in the restaurant itself. The one who called himself from coordinate with the captain here with accept the offer with thanks Gotcha. He remembered once when he'd been stabbed and would've bled to death if Sergeant out you he could, at will, incorporate at almost unnoticeable trickle of smoke escaped from one nostril.
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Not to worry - the music was excellent: just a double bass, a saxophone and a keyboard, playing lovely mellow tunes.
We were most intrigued, for example, with a dish of "deep fried milk" - we are still not sure what it was, but it was probably the winner of the day, packed with fantastic flavour.
The lamb rendang, similarly, while an excellent curry, let down on the advertised side of licthi-sweet potato crisps, which turned out to be just quartered litchis. After what we thought was a fairly steep wine tasting fee of R50 per head, we were allocated an outdoor table and an excellent waitress.
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All could be rectified with additional kitchen staff and sticking to the number they designed it for. Not the biggest fans of Oak Valley wines, however we will be back to enjoy the food, lovely breads and deli items on sale, and for the excellent management who are a credit to this venue.
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