What could be more fancy than taking some plain old bread covering it with vanilla ice cream, baking it till golden brown and then topping it with salted whiskey caramel?  Not much.
Scoop the ice cream into a glass bowl and warm in the microwave in 20 second bursts, stirring just until melted. Pour custard over the bread and let stand for 15 minutes, pressing to submerge the bread in the custard. The Smogcast Request forum is now open for those wanting to talk competitive 'mons on Smogon's Twitch! All secret bases are in the secret shore area, all are triple battles (for efficiency, but healing wish won't work), all Blisseys hold toxic orb.
You must wait until midnight the day after you scan the QR codes to interact with the secret base trainers. If the secret base is already occupied by another user, you can delete that user from your PC in your secret base or delete it from inside their own base. McCall's Quilts Magazine and CommunityFree quilt patterns and quilt block patterns, along with graphics and complete instructions that help you learn how to make quilts.

All of these presents semi-homemade or better, and they’d be nice gifts for neighbors, teachers, friends, or co-workers of just about any age. Make homemade hand warmers via V and Co – all you need to make these are fabric scraps and rice! Whip up some 15-minute caramels via HowDoesShe – no one will guess how easy these were to make! Reindeer root beer via Life of a Modern Mom – this takes an inexpensive store-bought gift to a whole new level of cute.
Paint a green ornament with a whimsical winter scene (no artistic skills required!) via Better Homes and Gardens. Make fudge in Christmas cookie cutters via Betty Crocker – your Secret Santa will enjoy the fudge now, and use the cookie cutter later. It just takes white sugar, olive oil, coconut oil, and peppermint extract to make a spa-worthy candy cane sugar scrub via Jacolyn Murphy (the photo is from here).
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Gather up your batik scraps and make your own artistic version of this scrappy Secret Passage wall quilt.
Gather up your Batik scraps and make your own artistic version of this scrappy Secret Passage wall quilt. They come together in a snap so they’re perfect as last-minute gifts or stocking stuffers, too! That's so clever and my husband is a Pepsi-aholic so this would be great for him under the tree Christmas morning. Thanks for linking up to Party Time on Moms & Munchkins and we hope to see you next week.

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