Zelda: A Link To The Past definitely is one of the quintessential top down RPG adventure games of all time, and tons of gamers look for a similar experience to the one offered by A Link To The Past. In it you play as Finn (a character who is absolutely nothing like Link from A Link To The Past). Adventure Time does a fabulous job of recreating the sort of experience we all felt playing Zelda: A Link To The Past.
Here you'll find the latest news on the best video games, articles on mainstream and independent video game developers, and more. Razer’s new gaming notebook, the Razer Blade, is a 14-inch 3200×1800 gaming laptop that is so light your nan could bench-press it. Inside this beautiful new gaming laptop is the top-notch kind of gaming hardware you’ve come to expect from Razer. Fiction EarthRoald Dahl Must Be Smiling Down At Disney’s BFG Right NowRoald Dahl is one of the best authors of children’s fantasy novels ever.

Little Orbit has released some new screenshots from Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom. Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom is scheduled to launch this November for 360, 3DS, PC, and PS3.
But one prank that Jake plays on Finn turns into an adventure to save the Land of Ooo princesses.
Finn is partnered with his dog Jake, who acts as a shield and also has other important abilities that you will learn as you play. The upcoming WayForward-developed action-adventure title, based on the popular show on Cartoon Network, features Finn helping Jake save princesses (and the day) by navigating puzzles within and battling his way through a series of temples scattered around the Land of Ooo. Finn can buy items and weapons while he explores, and you can hotkey those items to two buttons. As you slay monsters, solve problems and collect items, new areas of dungeons wil lopen up, giving you new areas to explore.

Much like in the Zelda games, you’ll have to find specific items in order to pass the dungeons. Dark Souls has a great sense of freedom, which is one reason why it’s such a popular game. My new novel, which I’m currently working on publishing, actually feature a character who was influenced by Rikku.
You’ll Probably Hate What Paramount Just DidIf you love Star Trek you’ve probably come to appreciate the rich community behind it.

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