Below is an image of an 'Armanist Ritual; (Goodrick-Clarke, Nicholas - The Occult Roots of Nazism) - HAO (High Armanen-Orden) pilgrimage to Carnuntum, June 1911. I am pleased to announce that today I received in the mail 2 excellent copies of Guido von List's Birth certificate from the book keepers of the church that he was registered with. Now, I will scan these ASAP and release them here and on the website for those that are interested.

Cremated in Leipzig and his urn then buried in Vienna Central Cemetery, Zentralfriedhof , on the 8th of October 1919 in the gravesite KNLH 413 - Vienna's largest and most famous cemetery (including the graves of Beethoven , Brahms , Schubert and Strauss.) in Vienna's 11th district of Simmering. I am also getting the actual photo's sent to me tomorrow via email so I will also release these. Since the grave is within a building that may be locked, you should contact the cemetery administration situated at the main entrance (Tor 2)of the Central Cemetery if you wish to pay a visit to the grave.

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