Last week, we talked about applying foundation properly, this week I will teach you how to apply your concealer, powder, and even contour your cheeks.
Apply the concealer. To cover blemishes, apply concealer cream to the tip of a small flat brush and dab any excess on the back of your hand. Do not apply concealer right up to your lower lashes, as this will make your eyes appear smaller and the dark under eye circles even darker. Load your powder brush with loose powder and lightly flick it on the back of your hand to get rid of any excess.
Contour your cheeks. Using a medium-sized blush brush dipped in a blusher of your choice, lightly brush your cheeks in an upward motion. Photographer Leslie D Photography with creative director and floral designer Sarah’s Garden styled this shoot with details that were soft, feminine, elegant and romantic.

Lightly push the powder into the areas around your nostrils and then dust your eyelids and ears lightly. To make your face appear slimmer, suck your cheeks in and apply your blush to the hollow in your cheeks. I highlight under my eyes, the bridge of my nose, my chin, and center of forehead closest to eyebrows, and under brow. Models Kara and Collin strolled through the secluded grounds of The Secret Garden, a Spanish inspired historic wedding and event venue in Phoenix, Arizona built in 1929. I like to do an E3 Method (edges of hairline, outside eye, hollow of cheeks) to distribute my contour evenly. This unique oasis is nestled at the base of South Mountain on five acres of lush trees and flowering bushes, just minutes from downtown Phoenix.

She's passionate about protecting the “beauty behind the makeup.” Maintaining healthy looking skin under flawless looking makeup is her specialty. It is an ideal location for couples to have quiet and intimate moments, taking in the beauty of their love for each other.

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