Riekemann’s first boat was the coxed pair and after minimal coaching he found himself at the start line of a regatta. This left Riekemann in search of another club and another crew which he found in Dusseldorf. Riekemann’s one remaining obstacle before he could be sure of his ticket to the Games was proving his boat was the fastest in all of Germany. There were 36 entries in the coxed four at the 1960 Olympic rowing regatta and Riekemann’s German crew clocked the fastest times in every round, taking the most direct route possible to the final. Just as Riekemann’s crew had feared, the Russians had blasted out of the blocks at such speed that they had left the remainder of the field in their wash. Not long after,  Riekemann joined forces with Arnold Cooke, a British Olympic rower who competed at the 1964 Olympic Games in Tokyo and the pair took to the water at the World Rowing Masters Regatta in Poznan. His wife Jane explained that during Olympic years when they lived in the US and for London 2012, Klaus would visit schools and let children see his medal. Klaus is now heavily involved in fundraising for the development of Minerva Bath Rowing Club and focused on training for the 2014 World Rowing Masters Regatta in Ballarat, Australia.
Do you have naughty pictures, or anything you’d prefer others not see, on your Mac and live in Australia? That said, the customer is an Olympic athlete that apparently everyone in Australia knows by name and sight.
The Courier Mail, quoting Section 308H of the Crimes Act 1900, says that it is not a criminal offense in Australia to access data that is not protected or restricted by a password. But the boat’s performance was far from a preview of what Riekemann would go on to achieve.

An experienced coach was brought to the club from West Berlin (at this time there were no travel restrictions between East and West) at the end of 1957, and in 1958 consistent training and coaching paid dividends.
They went on to win a second European Rowing Championship gold with ease over the rest of the field. At the time, Germany competed as a unified nation in sport and so Riekemann’s crew had to prove that they were the fastest boat in the East and West of the country. Knowing their combination had great speed, there was still one unknown factor to the Germans;the speed of the Russian boat.
After winning a host of domestic and international regattas, Riekemann’s boat again had to prove it was the fastest in East and West Germany. This year he raced the coxless four and for the majority of the race it looked as though it would be another victory for the Olympic Champion and his crew.
As Riekemann looks back on the pair’s performance there, it is clear his competitive Olympic flame is still burning bright within him.
Then you should know that it isn’t illegal for a repair technician to find and copy those files. Naturally, lots of people will also be familiar with his (her?) wife, which the photos show the Olympian having sex with. In 1957, at the age of 17 Riekemann and a friend went to their local rowing club in Marl, a town in central of Germany. Reikemann’s boat was unbeaten in Germany that year and at the European Rowing Championships a gold medal result got people talking. After this win Reikemann’s boat was touted as a real gold medal hope for the 1960 Olympic Games.

The club was home ofthe 1959 European Championships in the coxed four and so Riekemann would have to prove his worth if he was to make the crew. He may not have boasted about his achievements but it certainly cannot be said that he didn’t use them to inspire others.
The reason we now know this is because a prominent Olympic athlete, a veritable household down in Oz, had pics on his Mac of himself having sex with, of all people, his wife and that a tech at an Apple authorized reseller copied and shared those photos. During the winter of 1960 Riekemann trained hard but alone until three more rowers joined him at the Dusseldorf club. We had won our race again East Germany and on the Sunday morning an official came to us and told us to pack quickly and leave.
We decided to go back but there was a property that we had to cross on the way, and that was Minerva Bath Rowing Club,” he begins to explain. So we got all of our stuff together, got on a bus and made it back to West Berlin,” Riekemann recalls. Nothing until 2011, other than a 50 year reunion in 2000 with my team mates from Rome, but that was just for the press,” he explains. At this year’s edition of the masters regatta in Varese, Italy, Riekemann raced in six races, winning three and finishing second in the others.

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