If there is one comparison that can always be drawn from games intended for kids, it's that they are usually of the same quality as movie-based games. Based on the popular Cartoon Network show, The Secret Saturdays tells the story of a family of cryptozoologists; scientists that study creatures that are legendary or mythical - creatures that most people say can't exist. The controls don't really hinder in any other instance; they are simplistic in their approach.
Normally I would complain about the shortness of the game, but due to the story being as tight as one of the episodes, there's really nothing to complain about. The Secret Saturdays: Beasts of the 5th Sun is the only video game based on the hit action-adventure television series from Cartoon Network, THE SECRET SATURDAYS.
While Zak is the primary character in the game, you will also get to play as several other favorites, including Doyle, Zak's uncle.
While Fiskerton, with his climbing ability, or Komodo, with his invisibility and rock pushing abilities, will be your most frequented friends in time of need, there are more than a handful of times that you could be partnered up with other Cryptids. The story itself never seems to be drawn out as the case tends to be with most games based on cartoons.
Sometimes you might find a gem amidst the shoveled titles, while others will make you wish you never liked the particular show the game is based on. The Cryptids themselves are animals that could easily be considered monsters, ranging from massive birds as big as an 11 year old boy to the missing link, also known as Fiskerton.

Most of the character interactions come from the need to figure out a puzzle or through various combat situations.
One example of this was while launching a Cryptid out of water to ricochet and defeat a snake-like Cryptid to clear the path for Zak.
There are basic button presses for weak and strong attacks, as well as the traditional schematic for platform jumping is also there, with the inclusion of a stick that also works as a grappling gun. Of course, having the creators and writers of the show turn around the script and basis of the game earns them points for keeping things close to the chest. The game doesn't stray too far from this premise, with the exception of the player needing to retrieve the Cryptopedia and of course saving the Cryptids before others can harm them. In fact, even though Beasts of the 5th Sun is mostly a 2.5-D side-scroller, the puzzle elements in the game provide rather nice challenges for younger audiences.
Another example of Cryptid partnering doesn't involve the puzzle side of the game but deals with the battle arena mechanic of the game.
Also, having the entire cast from the show turn in voiceover work continues the authentic Secret Saturdays experience.
Instead of dumbing down the puzzles to progress in the area, they actually get harder as you advance through the game. When you approach these battle arenas, you will always be able to tell because the camera zooms out to give you a different visual representation, and hordes of enemies drop down from the sky to stop Zak.

This was clearly acknowledging the age bracket of kids that watch The Secret Saturdays, and I have to commend the developers for keeping them in mind.
Fortunately, there is either a Cryptid or family member around to help lessen the chance of defeat.
Now it doesn't go to either of those extremes, but it does give the sense of completion if you do all of the Firefly challenges or "capture" all of the Cryptids in each level. My only problem with this tag-team approach was the variances between the Cryptids and family members. To tag a Cryptid you have to highlight them as if you are scanning them, whereas the family members arrive with just the press of a button. While this is a minor complaint, it is confusing to muck up the controls over something so simple considering the target audience.

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