They locate and dig up the third piece of the Kur Stone but are attacked and captured by Argost and [[Munya. Argost and his henchman, Munya, make their escape having collected the last piece of the stone. The episode ends with Argost at his home, with the glowing Kur Stone hidden behind a curtain. Zak's line about saving Fiskerton from the curse in Fiji is a reference to the comic story The Cannibal Curse. Zon becomes part of the family after Zak saved her life from Argost, and after she saved him from Argost as well. Despite having to sit this one out by his parents, Zak, like on all occasions, takes matters into his own hands. Zak was told to sit this one out, but in the end, he gets promoted back to being an ally, for saving the village people, most importantly, for saving his mother and Komodo.
Sometimes Zak's taller than Wadi, sometimes Wadi's taller, and sometimes they have the same height. After Eterno touches Doc he can't move his leg, but when Zak appears with Wadi and Fisk, he can.
When Wadi begins to read Eterno's story, they are in the cave where they found the scroll, but when she is finished, they are standing outside near the water turned to salt. Ben 10: Zak going against his parents wishes, and solving the problem himself, is similar to what Ben Tennyson's future son Kenny does, after his father told him to sit out his fight against Kevin, and for not letting him help a lot on missions. Zak Saturday: (About the Saturdays) We're the only ones standing between you and all the things that go bump in the night.
The Antarctic Cryptid is the cryptid the Saturdays find in Antarctica while looking for Kur. When the Saturdays see this horrible looking creature has been trapped in suspended animation under the ice, everyone thought it was Kur. It has been stated that this cryptid doesn't exist and was specially created for the final episode of the season. Turning Safe Search OFF may display content intended for mature audiences.You must be at least 18 years old to continue. Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining.

The Saturdays discover a perfect impression in the mud from where the piece was dropped and Doc creates a holographic model of it for study.
It is the eleventh (formerly the twelfth episode by Cartoon Network because Black Monday was thought to be a better way to start the season) episode overall.
The top scientists of the Earth, including the Saturdays, are sent to investigate ways the water can be restored. Most shows I watch have a pilot episode that don't explain enough but even the first part of this episode explains a lot. Travels with and is a part of the Saturday family.* Komodo Dragon - Has the ability to make its entire body transparent. Didn't you warn him what I did to the last one?Doyle: He did, I'm better!Doc Saturday: Prove it! Argost's Weird World, is called "TVid!" This is a reference to the digital video recording system known as TiVo. At first it's smaller then expected, having the appearance of a giant worm, but soon everyone realizes that they've greatly underestimated its size. They are engaged in a dogfight by Argost's warship and shot down over the Amazon rainforest. Zak is barely able to control them to set himself free, despite warnings from Doc about displaying his power in front of Argost. What they encounter is a salt beast known as Eterno, who seeks the Methuselah Tree to end his misery of unquenchable thirst, a tree that makes all the water on earth.
However, since Fisk was adopted as the Saturdays' son, it's likely he would consider Fiskerton as a child.
Argost's Weirdworld, is after the legendary Kur Stone, which is capable of unleashing the powerful ancient Sumerian cryptid, Kur.
I would recommend that you watch this episode and part 2 before you even watch 5 seconds of another episode. Like Fiskerton, he also travels with and is part of the Saturday family.* Cameroon Flashlight Frog - Luminous frog located deep in the jungle with the ability to attract others of its kind. Eleven years of tracking down which of you miserable, so called "scientists" had pieces of the Kur Stone.
In reality it is an utterly gigantic behemoth with six snake-like heads and a total of twelve mouths (one on his face, one on each forearm, one for each of the snake-like heads, and three on his chest).

Jay wanted a creature that could be very easily mistaken for Kur (so he probably just made it up). They are then attacked by Zon, their Airship having crashed into her nest, but Zak manages to calm her down using his power.
Zak momentarily retrieves the Kur Stone piece and is almost killed by Argost when Zon swoops in to save him at the last moment, which eventually leads to Zak saving her when Argost tries to kill her. When Drew and some local villagers refuse to lead him to the hidden location of the tree, Eterno turns them all into salt statues. Two forms of cryptids live inside it body, Shedu and Sirrush, which the creature can use to defend itself. Curiously, Fiskerton mistook this creature for Kur, leading to the speculation that this creature may have some sort of connection to Kur, or may simply be an old enemy of the Lemurians. Wadi leads Zak to the tree, but steals one of its flowers, sending Eterno and a group of local cryptids (the Centiscarabs) after her.
I read the bio of the show before seeing any commercials and I thought this show was stupid. The commercials made me thing a little but the only thing that got me hooked to this was The Kur Stone part 1 and The Kur Stone part 2. However, the creature is not Kur (it is unknown what species it really is), but was beaten by Zak Saturday, who became the new Kur. Doc is able to use the root of the plant to synthesize additional liquid and turn the water, his wife, and the villagers back to normal. I couldn't call this episode my favorite episode because I love every episode but I do love this episode. But thanks to it, Zak was revealed to be Kur and could tap in his full power in the cryptid's stomach.
Seeing of how Zak is a big help to everything, his parents decide to let Zak participate again in missions, despite the risks.

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