The Duah, more commonly known as the Ropen, is a flying creature reported from Papua New Guinea.
In the Secret Saturdays Beasts of the fifth sun, Zak has to grapple the Ropen and swing across them to reach the platforms. In the Cartoon Network game, Code of the Cryptids a Chupacabra mobile wallpaper is available for download, when the player finds all the artifacts on all levels. Rakshasha can copy its arms and head when it's stressed and to fend off enemies that try to fight it by getting on its back. The Rakshasha seems to trust Zak instinctively, probably because Zak is Kur - The one who's tomb it guarded over for thousands of years.
He is voiced by Dee Bradley baker in The Kur Stone:Part Two and Seth Green in the rest of the seasons.
It raw resembles a pumas but it's colored green, and has spikes (probably fused hair like a rhino horn or porcupine spikes). Skunk Ape are a group of supposed bigfoot-like animals said to inhabit the Southeastern United States.
There are several different types of skunk ape, but all share the foul smells and similar habitats.

This link shows a sketch that the creator Jay Stephens drew in his sketch book and first appeared in Cartoon Network Action Pack #36: Escape from Weird World. Relative species Momo and the Mississippi Swamp Ape have both appeared in Ghost in the Machine. It should also be noted that almost every report claims that the creature glows with light, displaying bio-luminescence. The Duah then tried to take her to the underworld to eat her, but Zak Saturday and Ulraj stopped him with help from Ulraj's "shark sense". However, it has been also known for attacking pigs, chickens, and cows in addition to their common goat prey. The cactus cat was generally described being a bobcat-like creature, covered in spines like a porcupine, with particularly long spines extending from the legs and its armored, branching tail.
The legend says that it came from the underworld, and when it finds its mate it will take the island down to the underworld to eat his bride alive (hence the name The Underworld Bride). Recent sightings of one that resembles an amalgam of animals are coming from Puerto Rico's El Yunque National Park. Although it's unlikely, the spikes were folklored to be able to be used as speeding missiles, similar to the old (but false) tales of porcupines shooting off their spines as projectiles.

The creature was said to use its spines to slash cacti at night, allowing juice to run from the plants. Later, Doc opened the door for him, and then the Chupacabra was walking out in the line of cryptids.
The ancient Hindu scrolls left a wide gap in the roles and appearances of the Rakshasha, but some modern views classify it as a felid, and this is probably the most abundant of the forms.
It also seems, that the appearance of this creature could have been based off the Asian foo dogs, or " Guardian Lions".
This cryptid species of Rakshasha is not to be confused or mixed up with the warriors and tribes of Asia.

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