Elisabeth Rohm, best known for her role as Serena Southerlyn on Law & Order, has a busy 2011 ahead of her. There are certain experiences that almost every woman looks forward to as a right of passage. I never thought I’d come out and talk about my experience with in vitro fertilization (IVF).
On the other hand, some of my quiet about my experience has also come from the burden of sadness and frustration. Let me just say that the process of the discovery that I would be unable to get pregnant naturally was a huge heartbreak. The truth is that most people, especially me, take for granted how easily our bodies function when they are healthy.
Over the last few months I have become aware of Nicole Kidman‘s willingness to share her story and I have found that to be healing.
As a witness to my own journey, I hope I can share a little reprieve and compassion with any person who is struggling with the decision to have a family in an unconventional way and to receive the support to do so. It was hard for me to not feel conflicted about my decision, but in the end, I have my beautiful daughter and I thank God every day for the medical advancements that allowed me the choice to be the mother I had dreamt of being.
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As someone who has been through my fair share of miscarriages and failed IVF cycles, I truly appreciate your story! Its great she is talking about it but alol that matters in the end is the end result she has a baby not eveyone gets that joy unfortunately I never did. As the Director of Communications for The American Fertility Association, I’m so happy Elisabeth shared her fertility story. To those who may not be able to afford it, there are insurance type of programs that work with reproductive clinics, where you get up to 6 tries for a set fee, and if you are not successful then your money is refunded.
As a woman who has gone through extensive fertility treatments as well as testing, I can relate 100% to this article. Even though I understand the desire of celebrities and public figures to keep such information to themselves, the fact is that this information does become relevant when they make the decision to share their pregnancy and baby joys with the world.
I have no idea what will happen in the next few months, but one thing my husband and I keep telling each other is to take it all one step at a time, and only take it as far as BOTH of us feel comfortable with.
The constant reflection and heartfelt conversations we have with each other give us a lot of strength and positive energy when we need it most. Four months later I became pregnant again, except this time the pregnancy was in my left f tube (only 1 left).
I had to choose IVF and it was costly, but my place of employment at the time did take out the extra coverage for insurance to cover it. I just found out I was pregnant after IUI attempt #2, I am humbled at my good fortune after meeting all the wonderful people from all walks of life who having been trying for years to get to this stage.
More people need to speak out about their fertility challenges to break the taboo so everyone can get the support they need.
It can be a dark and lonely journey and it is so great that women like you and Nicole Kidman, Courtney Cox, and others (Giuliana Rancic) have put this issue out there for discussion because the more people know about it and the more it becomes an acceptable topic of conversation, the more (I think) that people suffering will feel like they are not alone.
Thank goodness another celebrity is willing to admit getting medical help for an issue that women all over the world struggle with. It would help many women to feel more comfortable in sharing their experiences with infertility if other women didn’t respond so judgmentally when they do. Look at the flack Nicole Kidman took for using a gestational carrier when she had suffered multiple miscarriages.

This is great that celebrities are beginning to speak out in behalf of me and fellow IVFers. I conceived my first daughter with no problems, and then was faced with years of fertility treatments that unfortunately didn’t work.
Skriver recently told her story to i-D magazine, revealing that she was conceived via IVF and raised byA a lesbian mother and gay father. In a video interview with i-D, she explains:A "When people look at me and know that I'm an IVF kid, I hope they see a person, a human being, just like anyone else. A Gokwe woman had the shock of her life when she caught her stepson red-handed raping his stepsister.
Everyone has their own love story to tell; in a way, perhaps all love stories are the same. THE draft constitution presented to Parliament recognises 16 languages, as the official means of communication in Zimbabwe, among other new provisions in the charter. Danish supermodel Josephine Skriver has opened up about her unconventional start to life as an IVF baby born to gay parents.
Danish supermodel Josephine Skriver has opened up about what it's like to grow up as an 'IVF kid'Josephine, who is now based in New York, explains in her i-D video how her mother was a lesbian, and her father gay.Her mother, who was single at the time, longed to bring a child into the world and raise a loving family, so she placed an advertisement in a local LGBT magazine.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. No, not in that Juno sense, but more that I had really looked forward to being a parent that I would be proud of later in life.
If you’d have asked me 10 years prior what I thought of IVF, surrogacy or anything other than the God-given natural way, I might have condemned it out of ignorance.
Over these last three years I have felt very comfortable with not sharing my own unconventional happy ending. Rohm came to a level of comfort with her decision but I find it very sad that anyone would carry so much guilt for the decision they make to have or not have a child. After having gone through it myself, I feel that it really is the most NOT talked about subject.
I had a hard time conceiving my daughter, it took us 6 years to conceive and we did every test possible and numerous tears! As someone who has recently gone through IVF, stories such as yours give me hope and comfort. We took out a home equity loan to pay for it and will probably be able to pay off the loan in a few years. It’s an emotional roller coaster but whenever I hear a story like yours, it gives me that extra push to move forward and keep my head up. I can really relate to her feelings of shock when finding out something that seems so natural, having children, appears not to be so easy and natural at all. We like to compare our family situation to building a house: our mutual love, the reason we got married, is the foundation. And that’s something I sincerely wish to all of you out there going through the same emotional rollercoaster as us. Perhaps becuase I had twins, I was constantly getting questions about if twins ran in the family, etc. Every adult has the right to be a parent if that is what they want; gay, straight, single, married, disabled, or medically challenged.
Women and Men need a forum to discuss pregnancy, labor and parenting as it is in reality, and not how it is represented on TV.
Women need to lay off the judgment when it comes to other women’s choices and experiences.

I too did IVF and I find it a comfort both to share my story with people struggling and to hear about other people who have been through it. With 1 in 6 couples experiencing some kind of infertility, it is a serious issue for so many couples and we often feel completely isolated because no one will openly talk about it. It’s hard to imagine that this is such a taboo situation but most people that have no problems with infertility seem hesitant to discuss it.
I didn't like the term 'step mom' or 'step dad' because it always felt like something bad from the Disney movies. Because Ia€™m a single mom and I want to have kids.'Josephine reveals that several men replied, the first of whom became her father.
I am just as real as you are.'In an opinion piece on the Huffington Post she wrote: 'Did my mother and father not deserve that joy because they are both gay themselves?
But being able to afford IVF and other fertility treatments is not and that fact continues to be an unfair factor for many would-be parents. Growing up always wanting to have kids, and finding myself surrounded by friends and family who only had so much as to blink to have children, the thought that it might not actually work for us never really crossed my mind!
I think it’s great that Elisabeth is speaking out but saddened that she feels such guilt over it.
Love is what makes a family!'She said: 'Social media is where it gets really hard with the hate.
And it means another surgery in addition to one I’ve already had that found nothing wrong with me.
Our insurance company discontinued coverage for any infertility treatment starting March 1.
Most women like myself are happy to have our children, regardless of what treatment it took to get them here. Were they not allowed the most basic of human rights - to create love?A 'Of course they deserved - and deserve - those things. Sadly, the possibility of a baby will continue to remain out of reach for many low-moderate income couples until the industry offers affordable options.
We may try again anyway, but I don’t understand why insurance companies see treating this health condition as optional. Our first attempt didn’t work, we were blessed with a little boy on our second attempt, who is now 19 months old and we’re trying for baby #2!!!
We never gave up hope, even when it looked as though we were never going to achieve our dream.a€™Their IVF cost A?78,000, tests were A?3,000 and the extra treatment was A?1,200.
My parents had a burning desire to bring life into this world, which is why they came together through a life-giving process and gave my brother and I the chance to be a part of this universe. Infertility is truly an issue many couples face and I’m glad she is sharing her story. When celebs come out with these stories you remember we’re all just people with some of the same feeling, fears and problems. Don't we all start that way?'She praised both her parents, on the site, saying: 'The two of them, through the miracle of IVF, gave me a chance to live, to find a path, and to create a story of my own.

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