I loathe squirrels with all my heart, but must admit this photo series -- made with the aid of peanut butter -- is very clever. Enter to win a luxury honeymoon in French Polynesia, at the Moorea Pearl Resort & Spa and the Bora Bora Pearl Resort & Spa! Lea and Matt’s wedding was the perfect magical garden celebration, as if it was a scene straight from the pages of The Secret Garden. The Moments: One of the most romantic and special moments of the day was our handfasting ceremony. Huge Jenga blocks that can be used outdoors, at parties (try writing a truth or dare question on each with a Sharpie) or in the basement for winter fun.
ODA New York maximizes the number of corner units by using two standard floor plans that are flipped and mirrored around the tower’s central access to create three multi-dimensional facades. Please note that gratuitous links to your site are viewed as spam and may result in removed comments. In this hilarious clip, watch the pair discuss Star Wars trivia, the meaning of "ratchet," and the weirdest things fans have thrown at them. Related Watch Mac DeMarco and Shamir Play Jenga and Talk Smoking, Pet Peeves, and Switching Bodies Shamir's debut album, Ratchet, is out now on XL.

Being one of the bride’s favorite novels, elements of the story were flawlessly incorporated into the decor that simply overflowed with romance. We asked for very little help planning the wedding because we wanted to make sure we stayed true to ourselves.
Your wedding day represents your commitment to your significant other and it should be indicative of your love and how you want the world to see it manifested.
Earlier this week, we premiered Part 1 of our video series, in which indie superstars Shamir and Mac DeMarco interviewed each other over a tense game of Jenga.
The book was published in 1911 and deals with issues of companionship and love and emphasizes the magic of the natural world and all around us. We had our maid of honor place a handfasting ribbon over our clasped hands and our officiant read a passage about our commitment to each other before we spoke our vows.
I wore a cathedral length veil made from English tulle and a single gold bangle that my mom had given me. Things also get more competitive as the two battle it out for the winning title in this game of Jenga.
After the wedding, our maid of honor used the handfasting ribbon to create the border for a shadow box that she filled with memories from our day.

We wanted the team members with the brightest smiles and most engaging personalities to best represent our company and the rest of the team back in the office. I wore my hair up with a braid because I was told it was good luck to wear a braid on your wedding day. Before every expo we put serious amounts of time into crafting the perfect two lines of info to be displayed above our booth. After each expo we go over the feedback we received from attendees and measure the success (or failure) of the message. U-Pack ReloCubes MORE TIPS CUSTOM TAILORED TO YOUR MOVE DATEWe'll deliver the best moving tips & reminders straight to your inbox to help you make a faster, easier, and more affordable move so you can get on with life.

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