If it’s hit or miss with your grilled chicken, give this delicious BBQ grilled chicken recipe a try for tender and juicy chicken every time. This chicken is marinated in Italian dressing and then basted with a delicious and flavorful BBQ sauce. If you choose to eat animal protein, chances are you prepare chicken more than any other kind. Quality:      I have done side-by-side taste comparisons with lots of different kinds of chickens and the best tasting bird I ever cooked was an organic, locally-raised pastured chicken by Healthy Family Farms. Salt:  The best thing you can do is to pre-season chicken with salt, especially a whole bird or thick bone-in, skin-on pieces. You can apply these tips to any chicken recipe you have (such as one of my favorites, Orange and Rosemary Glazed Chicken pictured above), but you may want to cut back on the salt in your recipe slightly since the chicken will already be salted. If you’ve been searching for a baked chicken breast recipe that guarantees chicken that’s juicy, tender and flavorful then let us introduce you to this lemon garlic baked chicken breast recipe! When it comes to skinless, boneless chicken breasts, there are three secrets for making sure they come out juicy, tender and full of flavor. We’ve shared this marinade recipe before — see our Easy, No-Fail Lemon Chicken Marinade Recipe.
After marinating, we cover the chicken with parchment paper — aluminum foil is a good alternative. Investing in a thermometer is the absolute best way to guarantee you won’t overcook the chicken.
For juicy, tender chicken breasts remember these three things: marinate first, bake loosely covered, and use a meat thermometer. Do those three things and you can say goodbye to dry, flavorless chicken and hello to lean, juicy chicken breasts that you will love! Get Free Recipes by EmailJoin over 21,000 home cooks and sign up for our free weekly email with hand- picked recipes, recipe videos and cooking inspiration.

This looks so delish and your recipes have all been successful so I’ll be trying this very soon!
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This extra easy baked oatmeal recipe with fresh strawberries, bananas and rich chocolate is one of our favorites.
Not overly sweet or too tart, our cosmopolitan cocktail recipe is perfect to shake up for one or even prepare in advance for a crowd. Grilling chicken seems like it would be a no-brainer, but you would be surprised how often it comes out dry and flavorless! This is a very versatile recipe for chicken breast, and be used for sandwiches, salads, pizza, tacos etc. Place chicken on grill (it should make a hissing sound) and grill for 5 mins at 500 degrees with grill lid down. Get your growler fix for the weekend and stock up with 50% off core beer growler fills during GROWLER POWER HOUR using your Wynwood Brewing growler. Get your growler fix for the weekend and stock with 50% off core beer growler fills during GROWLER POWER HOUR using your Wynwood Brewing growler (daily 12PM-1PM).
She is a certified holistic health counselor and loves to share her approach to nutrition through her natural foods cooking classes.
Click here to jump to the Lemon Garlic Baked Chicken Breast recipe or read on to see how we make them.
If you haven’t seen our recipes for Lemony Chicken Breasts with Cucumber and Feta Salad or Baked Chicken with Roasted Red Peppers yet, you should.
This means the chicken roasts in it’s own juices, keeping the chicken breasts juicy and never dry!
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You’ll find recipes that are easy-to-make, worth your time and that you’ll want to make over and over again. Often times I will grill chicken for neighborhood taco night and friends will ask how I get the chicken so juicy. I like to make a big batch at the beginning of the week so that I have it in my fridge and it is also more efficient for the propane usage. The secret to this recipe is in the temperature of the grill, and just turning the chicken once. And if you love chicken thighs, take a look at our Oven Baked Chicken Thighs — it’s insanely good. If you bake it past that, they will most certainly be overcooked, which means they will be dry and flavorless.
Don’t miss out on GROWLER POWER HOUR where everyone can enjoy 50% off core beer fills using a Wynwood Brewing growler between 12PM-1PM daily! Get an order of their beer braised pork or the beer cheese nachos and pair it with your favorite Wynwood brew. The best happy hour in town kicks off at 4PM within our tap room with $4 handcrafted ales until 7PM. And since we want to keep things safe, it’s best to marinate the chicken in the refrigerator (no matter how long you do it for). Use what you have, but keep in mind that kosher salt has larger flakes compared to table or fine sea salt. Some links are affiliate links, this just means that if you were to buy one of our suggestions, Inspired Taste would get a small kick-back from Amazon.

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