It started with intense research in the key designs and variations across the landscape of Masonry with the focus on the orientation of the ‘Z’ on the ward. What followed next was an exhausting series of trips to search various hobby and hardware stores for ready-made solutions.
I then began production of the prototype which involved several attempts to make an attractive shank for the key using acrylic pen blanks.
The shank was turned on the lathe to match the diameter of a cast iron lamp finial which would eventually become the bow or handle of the skeleton key. The ward is made from a part of a Teflon cutting board, which was then sanded, and the surface, fire treated to knock down any sanding scuffs and fuzz from the detail scroll saw work. Next came the mold making process which was without the most stressful portion of the project thus far.
De molding went very well and vents were cut for air to escape the mold during the casting process.
Following that, came the insanity of trying to find casting materials that gave the most authentic look and feel of Ivory. The production line was fired up with many thanks to my lovely wife who allowed me to turn our kitchen into a laboratory. Casting the key’s required a very particular series of pouring, tipping and tilting of the mold in hopes of minimizing air bubbles and voids within the casting. Meticulous grinding, trimming, Dremel work and hand sanding, all in an effort to correct air bubble issues and to produce a product that had a good tactile feel to it, resulted in a very consistent product that I am happy to have made. I was very nervous as to how the keys would be received due to these little imperfections, but it turns out they were a smashing success and only positive thanks were reported back to me.
For att fa de uraldriga kunskaperna och na malen som beskrivs i ”The Secret” ar The Master Key System ett bra verktyg for att ga in pa djupet dar du pa en 24-veckors resa far aterupptacka den dolda, outnyttjade kraften i ditt inre. Jag har aldrig suttit en langre tid i skraddarstallning pa golvet men det gick otroligt bra.
Om InternetfotoHundfoto med fokus framst pa tjanstehundar, aktiva jyckar och spontana vovvemoten. I had turned this Spalted Maple earlier and, it turns out, it made a perfect choice for her. Learn the Secrets to the Creative Power of Your Subconscious Mind, MASTER YOUR UNIVERSE and Feel in Control of YOUR Life! We are all born with the same potential and abilities…  So what is the difference between those who have and those who have not?  What is it that some people know that you haven’t been taught? There is enough money for every man, woman and child on the planet to have $8,900,000 each…YEP, that’s around $9 MILLION for Every Human Being! They are applying certain principles that govern our physical universe -The Laws of Universe (The Laws of Physics). It starts over 141 years ago in May 1866, in a little town called Ann Arbor fifty miles from Detroit in the good state of Michigan. By the time Charles was in school, he was displaying a keen insight into many things and excelling at his studies, especially with the subjects he had a personal interest in. In 1898, because he wanted a better life for his family and himself, he resigned from his job (Just Over Broke) and convinced some wealthy businessmen to invest in sugar and coffee plantations in Tehuatepec, New Mexico. In 1905, the company became the Continental Commercial Company with a net worth of $2.5 Million which was a vastly huge sum back in 1905 and was actually one of the largest holdings in the world at the time.
In 1908, having lost his first wife seven years prior, Charles met and fell in love with Margaret Nicholson and married her that year. Many were drawn to Charles during this period and gladly paid him $2,000 each for his personal tutoring in The Master Keys, which would be equivalent to about $20,000 in today’s terms. Charles Haanel put these powerful principles into a series of twenty-four lessons to be studied over a period of twenty-four weeks. I managed to get a copy and took a year out to transcribe the entire system into modern English using modern examples so I and my friends could understand it and work with it.  I created the 24 Volumes in PDF eBook format each volume containing one of the 24 Master Keys.
The Secret Master Keys is a modern transcription of the original old English text of the Master Keys System by Charles Haanel. In Key One you will learn the relationship of your Mind and the Universal Mind, and how you are able to harmonize with the Universal Mind to create all you wish in life through conscious cooperation with your World Within and your World Without.
In Key Three you will be shown how to master the Subconscious habits you need to bring about the very things you desire in life. In Key Four you will learn of the relationship of your thoughts, feelings and actions and how they are a direct reflection of who you are. In Key Five you will learn how to work with thought in action to create everything you want to experience in your life.
Key Six teaches you the importance of bringing your mind into harmonious thinking without adversely affecting another persons but still getting what you desire in life.
In Key Seven you will learn how to use the power of visualization CORRECTLY with the power of your subconscious mind to get magical and incredible results PLUS live a joyously happy life. Key Eight brings you into an experience of the Universal Laws by which all things in the Universe are governed.
In Key Nine you will learn how your innermost thoughts and feelings create your life, and how to make them work for you rather than against you to bring into your experience all that you ask for. Key Ten will show you how to control any situation in your life with repeatable certainty by bringing the Law of Cause and Effect into action to work for you.
In Key Twelve you will learn how you are one with the Universal mind, and it is by this unity that you are able to wield the power of the Universe. In Key Fourteen you learn what is the key to your ability to consciously co-create with repeatable certainty so your results are not haphazard. Key Fifteen shows you that your words have creative power, and the sooner you stop talking about what you have or do not have, instead of what you desire, the sooner the Universe can give you what you want. Key Seventeen brings you into the empowering moment of harnessing your true power within to change every aspect of your self and life for the better.
Key Eighteen speaks of Love and Truth, and the influence you have when you bring these into your life and into your thoughts. Key Nineteen shows you where your greatest limitations are, why you must overcome it, and how you can  break through. This Key Twenty talks about the cause of good and evil, and shows you how you create both desirable and  undesirable effects when you do not properly understand the route cause of these two poles. Key Twenty One teaches you the power of thinking BIG, and how this works in your favor… How small thoughts can hold you back and why BIG THOUGHTS have huge and far-reaching benefits to not only you, but to everyone you are associated with. Key Twenty-Two shows you how the thoughts you have affect the well-being of your body; they are the cause of both vibrant health, and all dis-ease which you may be afflicted with.

This Key shows you that the power of attention is the weapon of the ‘super-human’ and here you will learn how to focus your attention constantly on your desires to generate only them. In this, the final Key, you will bring all the facets of The Secret Master Keys together to truly step into your seat of power, where you were always meant to reside. Register now and you’ll have instant access to how to use the secret power of the universe to make things happen in your life according to your true heart desires.
I hired a professional sound-engineer and recording studio, and have recorded the entire course with gentle background music and soothing sounds of nature so you can assimilate the Keys even easier.
Plus we’ve taken it to the next level and recorded the complete course as a Subliminally Enhanced Audio for the first time ever.
You also get the complete Study Guides with exclusive added introductions and summaries to further accelerate your understanding so you can fully empower yourself with each Key.
This is possibly the most powerful self-help program ever to be made available today and additionally includes a comprehensive 24 week mentoring course by email that is designed to accelerate your learning and keep you on track to achieving all your goals. The emails which you will receive every week will help you stay on target through each of the 24 lessons and exercises so you get the maximize your results.
EVERYONE who has decided to start now… has already begun to change their future for the better.
Once you’ve completed your purchase you should be transported directly to our online sign up form for you to get direct instant access. In fact, it works whether you consciously use it to co-create what you want or whether you just live on auto-pilot and let it work via your sub-conscious. You will find that after completing The Secret Master Keys, your powers of Visualization, Concentration and Manifestation will be enhanced many fold and your abilities reach a far higher level. But for the few that do, I would like to share the absurd amount of effort needed to make this highly esoteric piece of hand-craftery for the 4th degree, the Lodge of Secret Master in Scottish Rite Masonry. Several discussions were made with Peter Reardon to ensure an appropriate configuration was chosen.
Several attempts were made with the final working version having a 7mm brass tube inserted in the center to re-enforce the acrylic.
Locating a proper sized ‘Z’ was however not an easy task, and required collecting a smattering of them in hopes of finding just the right one. I then made a mother mold of the silicone molds so that more molds could be made in hopes of achieving some sort of assembly line production.
We tried HydroCal, Gypsum Cement, Dental Stone, Merlin’s Pourable Stone, Crushed Marble, Powdered Porcelain, even white painted buckshot to add weight. Ultimately, I had to find peace with the fact that air bubbles happen and that each Key is unique. Temat var ”Fysisk kontroll” Den gick ut pa att varje dag under 15-30 minuter sitta absolut stilla. I mandags startade jag med att ha klockan pa 20 minuter och satte mig ned och blundade, och vips hade tiden gatt.
The father of the incoming Worthy Advisor for Austin Assembly #5 Rainbow Girls who also happens to be the WM for Round Rock Lodge for 2014 requested a setting maul that he could present to his daughter for her installation. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. They know about, and have mastered the Laws of the Universe that have been outlined in a book that over a century ago was banned by the elite power brokers and banned by the Catholic Church. Napoleon Hill was a student of the original text and credits his success to the Master Key System. So what makes this Master Key System so powerful and where can you get your hands on a copy?
Like many other children, he did not like being told what to do and especially what to think… but his grades reflected his natural intellect. Charles was made President of the company and proceeded to manage and build the company extremely successfully, so much so, that Charles became very wealthy from his venture and the investors, even wealthier.
In this same year, with the profound wisdom and insight gained from his life’s lessons and being in a state of total prosperity, Charles created and wrote what would later become his land-mark book, The Master Key System, in which he spelled out the exact and repeatable method step by step he had used to acquire the wealth and status he had attained in such an incredibly short time. That was until in 1933 when the Catholic Church heard of The Master Keys System and acquired a copy and read it…  They immediately banned the book and then proceeded to burn every copy they could get their hands on. It contains 24 Master Keys to become a Master Manifestor of anything your true heart desires.
By the end of this key you will have the secret to why things happen in your life and what you can do to change negative situations and create prosperous outcomes. You will also learn of certain Universal Laws that are implemented to achieve this objective.
You will also come to know of the polarities of this Universe and how they can work either for you or against you. You will also learn what the difference is between a successful person and someone who never reaches their goals or dream life.
These Laws are all encompassing and never change; this is why if something works once, it must work every time. You will also learn the secret power in affirmations and how to put them to work in your life so they ACTUALLY WORK! You’ll discover the art of fulfilling your desires and reaching your goals in the present moment. It will become obvious to you when you know this, that it is this connection with the Universal mind that allows your innate powers to become actualized. There is a process, which when followed will be of huge benefit to you, and this process is started by your dreams.
Your access to, and connection with this key are what adds fuel to your thoughts and boosts your creative powers.
It is in the words you use, both to yourself and to the people you talk to, which brings you what you have. When your mind accepts that you are wealthy, the Universal mind will work from that perspective and create your life as though that is a fact. You will know exactly where to look when you feel disempowered, underconfident, uncertain or disbelieving in your ability to reach your life goals. It also talks of your imagination, your image in action, and how to consciously use this to change what you experience in life. When you mater this key you will step into a new realm of conscious co-creation with deliberate, controlled and certain outcomes. After you have mastered this key NEVER again will what you might think is evil, have any power of you.

You will also learn how to replace destructive thoughts with thoughts that will build a strong and healthy body. Your thoughts are the greatest gift you have been given; here you will learn to use this gift for the good of all. Through the use of right thinking, through harmonious thoughts, thoughts of abundance, health, joy, compassion and goodwill, you will have the ability to control all aspects of your life and create whatever you wish at any time you wish. The 24 Master Keys that took the originator Charles Haanel from Just Over Broke to build a 2.5 million dollar company in seven years in 1905! I won’t beat around the bush, the entire 24 week home study program The Secret Master Keys is just $187.
Incorporating powerful brain entrainment technology such as phase-modulation, hidden masking and other powerful subliminal techniques, the course now delivers its message like never before.
Now it’s your turn to learn to apply The Laws of Universe and take control of your life and the results you produce. In short, when you start consciously creating what you desire in life, you get exactly what it is you visualize. This project was done specially for the Scottish Rite Valley of Austin for the VERY FIRST EVER Lodge of Secret Masters held on Saturday September 20th 2014.
Ultimately, we settled on the design and style of the ward as described in ‘Morals and Dogma’ by Albert Pike. The previous two attempts resulted in the shank snapping in half while being worked on the lathe. The part of the ward that joined with the shank needed to be made concave in order to fit flush with the cylindrical shank. I made a clay wall around the key and raised the key above the table top to level it out and allow the silicone mold material to flow blow the key. Over 80 keys were cast from start to finish with the first batch taken as a total loss due to the experimentation needed to arrive at a proper casting process resulting in 62 usable keys. Det handlade inte sa mycket om att meditera utan tankarna fick galopperade friskt hur de ville, huvudsaken var bara att sitta helt stilla hela tiden. Sa fran tisdagen stallde jag klockan pa 30 minuter istallet dar jag dessutom tisdag, onsdag, fredag och idag sondag korde tva 30 minuters sittningar under dessa dagar. Anyone selling reproductions of these images without my written permission from it’s creator is violating their Masonic oath or infringing on copyright laws. Over 200,000 copies of the book were printed and only about 20,000 remain today after a massive book burning occurred.
He was just like all the other children… inquisitive and playful with some suggesting he was even a little serious at times, often deep in thought. Then his family moved to St Louis, Missouri and in 1883, the young man got his first job as a office boy.
Everyone who studied these secrets and applied them to their lives attained all they desired for themselves – a rich and full life of Health, Wealth and Happiness in Abundance. The few remaining books were closely guarded and passed down to family members or business associates. After studying The Master Key System and experiencing the amazing effects in my own life, I decided to completely re-write the course in today’s language making it much easier to read and understand. You will learn how to over come thoughts of limitlessness and how to rise above the lower thoughts to increase your vibration and magnetize to you higher vibration experiences of health, wealth, happiness, abundance and LOVE. You’ll also learn how to produce a clear and focused thought so as to create only what you need and desire in your life. Life begins to get euphorically happy, magic happens and opportunities begin to flow as a result of mastering this key. Once you fully understand this lesson you’ll be able to re-orient your focus and create where you might not have created results before. You will discover how to harness this Law and have it work through you to bring into your life experience the life partner you desire, the house you want to live in, the car you want to drive, the money you want to make, the health you want to have, the vitality you desire for life.. You will learn the mathematical formula of this + this = this in all certainty so you can rely on good things coming your way.
You’ll be show how to translate your dreams in such away that you make them a reality. You will learn how to implement this into your thought processes to achieve the seemingly impossible.
You’ll have the compete 24 Keys in a professionally recorded audio so you can add the mp3 files to your play list.
When you combine the conscious knowledge, with the Subliminally Enhanced messages, and the mental exercise you get given for each Key, along with the homework, you begin to embody the creative abilities each Key brings to you. Some of the Greatest Thinkers of the last hundred years have mastered these teachings, which allowed them to prosper. This course is a great return on your investment and people know from reading the very first few keys and doing the exercises that they have struck Gold! Curiously, there are several different styles of key’s floating around out there and no written description can be found as to how the ‘Z’ should be oriented, which is why we used the illustration in Morals and Dogma as the de facto standard. Ovanan att sitta sa lange med benen i skraddarkors gjorde att fotterna domnade i slutet av varje pass, men jag hade valdigt latt for att kunna sitta riktigt stilla.
While you may have paid to use these images or files, you do not own them and copyright remains firmly with Pinwire or it’s creator. It’s virtually impossible to get your hands on a copy of the original old English text. I removed the male gender-bias to a neutral style and  I replaced the incomprehensible early 1900s language with today’s contemporary language to dramatically improve comprehension and assimilation of these Master Keys so they are far easier to apply to your life. Don’t you think it a worthy pass time then to start learning how to store POSITIVE beliefs in our Subconscious mind since they make up most of what happens in our day?
You can saturate your mind with the Master Keys  whether you’re sitting at your computer, driving your car or going for a walk.
Darfor kommer det bli en haftig utmaning att sitta stilla sa lange och inte tanka pa nagonting. Skont efterat och jag maste saga avslutningsvis att det gick att fa tankarna att vandra de sista dagarna istallet for att skena som de gjorde de forsta dagarna.

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