If they had had these, you know, they would have been awesome but unreliable and out of fuel. The Bitterroot National Forest is experiencing increasing tree mortality from the MPB, an aggressive bark beetle that is present at epidemic levels over much of the Northern Rocky Mountain Region. In addition to the salvage of trees, approximately 150 susceptible lodgepole pine, white bark pine, and ponderosa pine trees in the campground have been sprayed with Carbaryl, an insecticide registered with the Environmental Project Agency for mountain pine beetle control.

Probably the SS Flektarn, since all of the special projects were under SS oversight with SS General Kammler specifically on yop for most of them, but it’s hard to say with something that bic. Work includes removing dead and infested trees, which is necessary because they present a hazard to the public.
The removal of the trees will accentuate the green, live trees and also help strengthen remaining trees against future beetle attacks.

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