A military source quoted by Interfax said the new ICBM used a "new type of fuel that helps reduce the time required to operate the propellants in the active stage of the rocket's trajectory".Officials believe this makes it more difficult to detect and easier to manoeuvre. David Cameron warns peace could be put at risk by leaving the European Union - but Boris Johnson hits back calling the EU "a force for instability and alienation". Having deployed its most silent and advanced submarines off the Syrian coast, Russia is raising the stakes in the power game it is playing in the Middle East, Observer reported. According toA the author, Russia may now control not only Syrian airspace butA also the coastline.
Russia’s war in Ukraine has brought into question the very notion of NATO’s Article 5, as concerns grow that Estonia might lie next in the Kremlin’s attention. The conceptual basis for Russia’s asymmetric warfare is rooted in the theory that weaker powers need to find ways to negate their opponents' strengths. Well trained, professional electronic and cyber units allowed Russia's forces to cripple lines of communications between the Ukrainian armed forces, thus annex Crimea with little difficulty. Cyber-attacks on the White House’s email system and Estonia also reveal Russia's wide reaching ability to gain intelligence through electronic means and to disrupt opponents' lines of communication. In addition to its army of hackers, Russian use of drones reveals the military’s focus on better intelligence and professionalization of its forces.
This focus on asymmetric cyber and electronic integration does not seem a short term means to an end. 1234567The area around the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in eastern Ukraine—the site of the biggest nuclear disaster in history—has been forbidden to humans for 25 years. He sees himself as a defender of ethnic Russians' rights in former Soviet republics, including in Nato's Baltic members Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. International concern about human rights in Russia grew with the jailing of oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky, once one of the world's richest billionaires, and of anti-Putin activists from the punk group Pussy Riot.Mr Putin's third term has been marked by conservative Russian nationalism. After nearly 30 years of marriage, the couple jointly announced they were divorcing in 2013.
Alexander Vitko said Russiaa€™s newest submarine armed with Kalibr missiles will be deployed asA part ofA the Syrian operation. NATO has named these Russian subs a€?Black Hole.a€™ They are diesel electric powered and fire Tomahawk-style rockets fromA the sea,a€? the article read.

Russia’s posturing in Ukraine, however, should be seen as that of a weaker power trying to avoid confrontation with a stronger power. Ivan Arreguin-Toft of Boston University has highlighted this point, in addressing how weaker powers have fought and sometimes won against far greater militaries.
These successes have led to hackers being used more and more for military and foreign policy objectives. Russia is taking these concepts to heart, even speaking of building brand new attack drones as part of its arsenal. The ruins are now overgrown and teeming with wildlife—deer, elk, wolves, foxes, birds—thriving at unprecedented levels.
In 2005 he famously called the collapse of the Soviet Union "the biggest geopolitical catastrophe of the [20th] Century".He has spoken bitterly about Nato's expansion after the Cold War up to Russia's borders. Even in the previous four years, as prime minister under President Dmitry Medvedev, he was clearly holding the levers of power.In his first two terms as president Mr Putin was buoyed by healthy income from oil and gas - Russia's main exports. It has strong echoes of tsarist absolutism, encouraged by the Orthodox Church.The Church denounced Pussy Riot and supported a ban on groups spreading gay "propaganda" among teenagers.
It is not that Ukraine could defeat Russia in an outright war, but that Russia actually fears a confrontation with NATO. Putin likes to tout Russian martial prowess, but his actions suggest that he does not want actual confrontation with NATO. In the Donbas, the electronic dominance by Russia has gotten so bad that Ukraine is mulling a bill to ban the use of cell phones by military personnel in the conflict zone. Rather, their war with Ukraine, Russian soldiers and separatists have been working in tandem, using drone reconnaissance to make their artillery attacks incredibly effective.
Any non-governmental organisations (NGOs) receiving foreign funding were ordered to register as "foreign agents" - a label echoing notorious Soviet-era spy mania.Wealthy eliteMr Putin was once described as a workaholic by the mother of his two daughters, Lyudmila. It plans to increase its capability by deploying further assets in the years ahead.However, Russia says the shield upsets the military balance and has threatened to turn its missile launchers on vital Nato sites.
This is partly why Vladimir Putin has been employing his so-called hybrid warfare, which is essentially war without declaring war.

This still poses a great danger for the West, in that Russian regional goals are still unhampered, although they are being pursued by more subtle methods. This is part of the Kremlin strategy to divide and conquer, in that Russia can gain a comparable advantage over opponents through disruption and confusion. This has been a great nuisance to Ukraine, who has been struggling to deal with such rapid reconnaissance, followed by incoming shells. Despite posturing that drones will be a domineering weapon showing strength, their use reveals relative weakness.
In order to conduct such an operation, one needs soldiers in well-trained in asymmetric operations, sophisticated electronic and cyber capabilities, and excellent intelligence.
The news that Russia and China are pledging to not hack each other also presents a worrying situation, as the U.S. This quick turnaround from surveillance to action should be noted by NATO and reveal the ability of quick and relatively precise attacks by Russia and its proxies. Although advantageous to Russia, developing drones is also much more in line with Russian strategy, as they are much cheaper and easier to field than jets. But the price, in the opinion of many, was the erosion of Russia's fledgling democracy.In the run-up to his re-election, Russia was gripped by the biggest anti-government protests since Soviet times. The Russian drive for army modernization has thus focused on the use of electronic and cyber systems, and drones.
Protest leaders have been jailed or otherwise marginalised - including the most prominent dissident, Alexei Navalny. In this regard, NATO members need to recognize the threat from these seemingly less menacing tools of war, and improve defenses against them to counter future assaults. Additionally, the conflict in Ukraine has shown how sophisticated the Russians have become in employing electronic jamming and drones.

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