Glameow was originally found on the streets of Snowpoint City while Zoey was going to her school.
Zoey used her Glameow in the Contest Battle of Jubilife City against Ash Ketchum and his Aipom. Glameow's most important battle was with Zoey's Gallade against Dawn's Piplup and Togekiss. Thanks to Terra Organics for the prize and congrats again to RR and Thorax for their brilliant product: the Eco Pancake.
CLAW is a clandestine network of professional Northwest cartoonists founded and ultimately concentrated in the south Puget Sound region. Zoey brought it back home but her parents didn't allow her to have Glameow and told her to bring it to the Pokemon Center.

Though Togekiss and Piplup worked almost as good as she and Gallade, Zoey managed to power Gallade via Glameow's Thunderbolt, as Gallade was using Swords Dance. By a gigantic margin of ONE vote, this brilliant creation of Thorax and RR causes side stitching-laughter… and stomach-pumping, should you eat it.
Rally with like-minded cartoonists and illustrators at secret meetings, discuss trade secrets to improve your drawing skills!
Our mission is to gather talented Washington State cartoonists of great skill and humongous egos in frequently secluded gatherings during which the secrets and mystic arts of their sublime craft are practiced. Her teacher found out that Zoey was raising a Pokemon and told her to bring it to the Pokemon Center but Candice stepped in and talked with the teacher.
After being countered again, Aipom used Focus Punch and that attack is also countered by Glameow's Iron Tail.

Behind closed doors and away from prying eyes, the most pointless and silly of rituals will be freely indulged. Aipom stood up again and wanted to attack Glameow with Focus Punch but the time went out and Zoey won that round. Glameow later faced Dawn's Buneary and Glameow was able to counter many attacks Buneary used. Glameow was able to make use of the field by using Shadow Claw on the frozen floor, sending bits of ice to Buneary.

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