Then, while recapping #40, On the Edge, we learn that Jessica pretended to be Liz and went on a date with Jeffrey. Michael and Maria shouldn’t be A) on the cover, B) in this book or C) in ANY Sweet Valley books.
I don’t remember this one… I remember the one with Jess and Tood, and Liz and Ken, and Liz and Sam, and Jess and some random? Secret Valley Seeds specializes in creating connoisseur quality strains suitable for the harsher outdoor environments in northern climates. This hybrid of the Purple Pineberry that we have made with our male is a great hardy plant that boasts a pine scent and fast flowering time. Bethany & Brody got married at the Secret Gardens at Woodbridge Ponds in Abbotsford BC. I did Bethany’s makeup and hair and since we had a trial a few weeks prior we knew exactly what to do!
Danielle & Tyler had their wedding in Abbotsford, BC at The Secret Gardens at Woodbridge Ponds on April 25.
Posted in Airbrushed Foundation, bc, Beauty, Blog, bridal makeup artist, Bridesmaid Makeup, Chilliwack Lake, Chilliwack Wedding, Consultation, Coral, Engagement Session, fashion, fraser valley makeup, Fraser valley makeup artist, Glamorous, Michelle C. While recapping #37, Rumors, Jessica actually uses the phrase “piss off,” which kind of has me floored. Very dependable outdoor strain with a delicious flavor, finishes with a purple hue in the last few weeks of September.

We are working more with this plant so watch in the future for some earlier more hardy versions of this strain.
Alyssa Schroeder Photography arrive at her Moms house in Abbotsford where my team and I were getting everyone’s makeup and hair styled.
She has the most beautiful features that a makeup artist could ask for, so adding contour, definition and drama was so so much fun.
After a minute, Jeffrey realized he was making out with the wrong twin, but then he pulled Jessica to him and started kissing her again.
I had the bright idea to read them all one after the other since they don’t really need to be read in chronology with the rest of the series.
Northern Lights, Thai, Grapefruit, and Hawaiian Sativa make up this variety in our own secret combination. The consumers always choose this strain when given a choice, it smells so dank and packs a big punch. Her eyes were created with Makeup Geek Shadows and Smashbox Full Exposure eyeshadows for a Warm, smokey eye. Apparently, she pretended to be Liz at one point and asked how he felt about her going to Switzerland.
Bethany’s hair is right above her shoulders, so with a little help of hair extensions we created a full, soft and romantic style that is timeless. My assistant and Myself did the bride, bridesmaids and 2 mom’s makeup the morning in Chilliwack, BC.

The only thing we learn from #35, Out of Control, is that Jessica actually gets stage fright. She briefly considered breaking up with him as Liz so she could go out with him as herself while Liz was at Interlochen. Very few days to veg before flipping to flowering (4 days veg), clone plant stretches 12-16 inches in first 2 weeks with many tight bud sights in between. But her loyalty won out and she and Steven carried out their horrible plan to keep Liz in the States.
My clients hair was so fun to curl and style into a voluminous half up half down hair style.
After that, we get into #39, Secret Admirer, and hear about Lila and Jessica getting the same guy through The Oracle’s personal ads. A shoutout to Alyssa Schroeder Photography for capturing so MANY wonderful images, you are amazing and i can’t wait to work with you again. Good yielding Jamaican sativa hybrid that has been selected for better yields and sweet fruity flavours. The staff at Secret Gardens Venue, went above and beyond for the couple and everytime i have a wedding there i always hear how wonderfully accommodating it is!

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