However, not all current Marvel fans are familiar with the original Secret Wars or its various offshoots. Marvel did publish a spiritual sequel of sorts to Secret Wars with the 2006 mini-series Beyond!
After the Secret Invasion is a book about how the Punisher spends a Christmas waiting on a roof to murder a few felons.  But a guest appearance by Rhino and the spirit of the season stays his trigger finger and another book passes with far too little violence for a Punisher book.
In the first book Rampage learns that Frank Castle killed his girlfriend Tatiana in a rather gruesome manner so Rampage suits up to settle the score with the Punisher.  While Rampage is tracking Frank, so is GW Bridge who has been assigned by SHIELD to keep the Punisher in-check so that they can mount a structured defensive against the invading Skrulls as his guerrilla warfare tactics tend to have unexpected casualties. The trio battle a Hammerhead inspired Skrull and a Skrull sniper but more often than not are just fighting each other. Storyline: The secret World War II role that scientists and engineers played on each side in various rivalries of military technical innovations and countermeasures.
Aku and his League of Extraordinary Villains have trapped Samurai Jack, Ben 10, Dexter, the Powerpuff Girls, and Ed, Edd, and Eddy like bugs in a jar. Super Secret Crisis War #2 by Simonson and artist Derek Charm arrives in comic shops and online on July 23. 100 X-Men: How Do Lockheed, Angel Salvadore, Beast, Magik & Artie Rate As Great X-Men? When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites. The underground bunker is located west of the Department of Operations, the General Staff of the Vietnam’s People Army in the imperial citadel of Thang Long in downtown Hanoi. It played an important role in the American war, especially during the 12 days and nights of the Hanoi-Dien Bien Phu air battle 40 years ago. The bunker was built at the end of 1964 and in early 1965 in a total area of 64m2 with cement blocks measuring a total of 1,000 cubic metres. This was the ongoing work of the team in combat duty by the Department of Operations, the General Staff in charge, responsible for direct reply to President Ho Chi Minh when he asked and monitored hostilities in the northern battlefield as well as the Indochina war and made proposals to the General Staff of combat plans. The two remaining rooms are the tactical briefing room, covering 20 m2, which is near the door of the bunker to the east and the motor, covering 10 m2 which is near the door of the bunker in the south. The tactical briefing room is the place where the warfare commanders organised continuous meetings and commanded the fight against the US, particularly the Hanoi-Dien Bien Phu air battle from December 18-29, 1972.

40 years have passed since the Paris Peace Accords were signed (1973-2013), and the bunker was opened to the public. The Thang Long Heritage Preservation Centre restored the whole space of the relic, including wooden walls and ceiling and paper maps. The opening of the warfare bunker helps visitors both at home and abroad understand the historical period of the brave fight and the victory of the army and people of Vietnam in the war against the US.
The original Secret Wars mini-series was one of the publisher's first epic crossover comics. Recently, the bunker was restored by the Thang Long Heritage Preservation Centre and was officially opened to tourists. With a system of air conditioning, filtering and ventilation, the bunker was considered one of the most modern of its kind that could provide shelter from atomic bombs. The cadres of the centre collected 185 out of 197 artifacts and materials such as telephones, work diaries and utensils for the display in the bunker. The name has been reused for sequels, spinoffs, and other comics that don't have any direct connection to the original. Each booth was installed with three telephones, a system of monitoring the air routes of both the US and Vietnam aircrafts, a war map, an alarm and a loudspeaker. And later this year, Marvel will be introducing a new take on Secret Wars for an eight-issue series that destroys the Marvel Universe and Ultimate Universe and leaves a new Battleworld in their wake. This guide offers a brief history of Secret Wars in all its incarnations and how the current Avengers comics are building to the new crossover. However, this villain was ultimately revealed to be not the Beyonder, but an old X-men foe named The Stranger. Comes July, fans will be able to see what happens when the Powerpuff Girls take Simonson’s place and are menaced by the slightly swampy Ben 10 villain Vilgax.
This mini-series from writer Paul Tobin and artist Patrick Scherberger took a more all-ages approach, condensing the original story and changing it to make Spider-Man the central protagonist. The series centered around a new villain called The Beyonder who is capable of manipulating matter and energy on a cosmic scale. One explored what happened when the heroes and villains were stranded on Battleworld after a fight between The Beyonder and Galactus.

Using his omnipotent powers, he transported many Marvel heroes and villains to a distant planet of his own creation called Battleworld.
He stocked the planet with various pieces of alien weaponry and technology and challenged his captives to "slay" their enemies and achieve their hearts' desires.
Secret Wars brought together the then-current lineups of the Avengers and X-Men, as well as most of the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, and Hulk. Opposing these heroes were villains like Doctor Doom, Absorbing Man, Kang the Conqueror, Molecule Man, and the Enchantress. After many separate skirmishes unfolded, the final battle arrived as Doom stole The Beyonder's power (as he's wont to do) and briefly flirted with omnipotence. New characters like Titania, Volcana, and the Julia Carpenter Spider-Woman were introduced. The Thing wound up remaining in space for a year afterward, causing She-Hulk to take his place in the Fantastic Four. And in the most significant plot twist, Spider-Man acquired his black symbiote costume that would cause him no small amount of grief in the years to follow in the form of Venom. The core Secret Wars II comic focused on the main conflict between the Beyonder and Earth's defenders, while the dozens of tie-in issues explored different encounters between The Beyonder and various solo heroes who crossed his path. One can respect Shooter's ambition in trying to frame the story as a psychological character study of a godlike being.
Not to mention that the story lacked a sense conflict because the Beyonder simply wiped memories and resurrected dead characters to undo any damage he left in his wake.
That book explored how the Illuminati (a secret group of heroes that included Iron Man, Mister Fantastic, Doctor Strange, Namor, Professor Xavier, and Black Bolt) shaped various events in the Marvel Universe from behind the scenes. Instead, the entire conflict unfolded on an artificial replica of Earth created by The Beyonder. Furthermore, the story suggested that The Beyonder is actually a mutant and an Inhuman, which would account for his incredible powers.

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