Dedicated to Black superhero News, Reviews, Previews, Sales figures, Interviews, Galleries and the people who bring them to us. As Hawkeye lies recovering we realize his memory has been altered to believe he was injured in a firefight with the enemy.
Set Up- I’m really digging the idea of agents in the secret Avengers having alterable memories for the missions.
Art- Luke Ross’s shadowy, dark somber style is at home in this espionage tale meets superheroics. Black Hero- We get Nick Fury jr alone but we can’t complain since he’s a central cast member who literally drives the plot and story home. The shady government institutions cliche has been used since way back when, hopefully this series can pull a few original elements out of this or else this book may become stale real quick.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Walter’s problem is that he does not think Cheryl would give him a second look: that he would have to take part in some exceptional feats to win her attention and affection. With some striking CGI, Walter Mitty flies to Greenland where he meets up with a drunken helicopter pilot (Olafur Darri Olafsson), then on to Iceland, finally to a meeting with the great explorer who allows Walter to take a peek in his camera at a snow leopard and who tells him where to find the negative he seeks.

What’s worse is they are treated as completely expendable with Shield literally jerking their chain at every turn. McLeod 1947 movie about a proofreader so introverted that his mother brokers a marriage to a woman who does little but henpeck the poor guy.
Because the transitions from real life to daydreams are not obvious, we don’t know whether he really accomplished globe-trotting feats beyond his wildest dreams or whether he never left the New York locale of his residence.
We have Black Widow with her gorgeous red hair in the foreground while Hawkeye and Nick Jr.
Shot in the stomach by a teammate while your mind is altered to not remember said fact is pretty messed up on so many levels! The current version directed by Ben Stiller and starring Stiller in the title role has Mitty not henpecked by a woman but dumped on by a Life magazine transition director (Adam Scott) who must decide which personnel to lay off as that magazine reverts to an online edition and who in one scene flips a paper clip to the back of Mitty’s neck to see if the daydreamer is alive. From the perspective of the agents we have no idea why they agreed to be in this program in the first place, IF they actually did!
We go to the movies and are able to leap tall buildings at a single bound, drive across Rodeo Drive in a Batmobile, become the first person to set foot on Mars. If a narrative drama, the film does not congeal and resembles little more than a series of adventures with Walter’s love interest serving as merely a fragile anchor.

Although we can assume that Walter Mitty will win Cheryl’s affection, that would not be long lived as he does not reinvent himself simply by traveling to destinations that feature an erupting volcano or plunging into icy water chased by sharks.
You’re something other than you are, and so is Ben Stiller as Walter Mitty, a guy who works in the basement for Life magazine shuffling negatives, a fellow who himself has been missing out on life. Soon after these moments of daring, he will go back to dreaming of flying into a burning building to rescue Cheryl’s three-legged dog and will wind up once again depending on an eHarmony customer service rep (Patton Oswalt) to secure dates. Well for one thing there’s this young woman, a co-worker named Cheryl Melhoff (Kristen Wiig). He’d like to ask her out or at least chat her up but instead tries to contact her by a “wink” on his eHarmony site.
But Walter Mitty is such a dork that even the computer has his number and filters out his “wink”by not allowing it to reach the intended woman.

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