When all of your friends have been kidnapped and you’re the only hope left to rescue them, would you be brave enough to embark on a dangerous adventure and become their hero?
The story begins in a small, peaceful village that is suddenly engulfed in chaos when someone starts kidnapping its residents.
Even though the game heavily uses silhouettes, there is also a bit of color thrown in there (unlike Limbo that was all black and white). I am a smartphone addict - a millennial trapped in a Gen X-er's body and is a true blue digital native. Believe me when I say that there is much, MUCH more going on behind the scenes than we are privy to. FAIR USE NOTICE: These pages contains copyrighted material the use of which has not been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. Child Trafficking is caused by the following; poverty, lack of education, fear and ignorance.
The role of the media must also play their watchdog role by exposing all forms of abuse through their editorials or programmes.
In some countries, child trafficking is destroying the country because the parents allow their children to be sold and work as slaves. Child Trafficking can be prevented by the following; the court should give fair sanctions and penalties to people who abuse the right of others. At least, you won’t have to do it in real life (at least we hope not), just digitally in this new game out on Android called Toby: The Secret Mine. The environments are beautifully handcrafted and the puzzles themselves are extremely challenging, pushing you to solve them for the sake of your virtual friends.

There are no more in-app purchases after that one-time payment, so the price tag should be worth it. This website distributes this material without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes. The high cost of litigation or seeking legal aid to address ones problem or to fight abuses like child trafficking does not favour many poor people in society.
Many children do not report this abuse to the security agencies because they fear the consequences of their actions.
Kayayo is when young children are sold to work as sellers in the streets, shops or markets. The media should play an active role in educating the public on their rights and freedoms and what to do in-case of abuse. The 2D platformer was heavily inspired by another game called Limbo, as both deal in a world of silhouettes and shadows.
Enter Little Toby, one of those left behind, and it is his persona that you will take on when you play the game. The bottomline is: there are multiple secret space programs in operation, we are FAR from alone in the universe and we have been lied to for as long as we can remember.
A lack of education means that those who are not formally educated are at a high risk from various human rights violations. Ignorance is when someone lacks the ability of knowing something and this can also be blamed on a lack of education and understanding. Children should be encouraged and know how to report to the role of commission of Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ).

And, it is also the practice of taking children from one place to another place to work as slaves. This is because they don’t have money to provide for themselves, so they sell their children to work as slaves. You go through a journey that takes you deep into the forest where you need to get past the dangerous situations and solve all the difficult puzzles you encounter.
It is time for all of us to wake up as a collective consciousness and acknowledge what is going on and the information that is being revealed to us all. Child trafficking is the act of selling children to sell on the street to earn a living or to work in the fishing industry and in other hard labour jobs.
The child may lose the money and refuse to go home because they know they will be beaten up by their guardian.
And also our cultural practises here in Ghana must be modernised or reformed in order to conform to the modern standard. Examples of child trafficking are, sending children to sell pure water on the streets or in the markets, to work with fishermen on Lake Volta or to work on the cocoa farms. Children need to be aware of their rights to go to school and should ask their guardians to do so. Child Trafficking prevents children from achieving their potential and denies them any future.

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