Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not; and often times we call a man cold when he is only sad. Secret Cold War Nuclear Bunkers tells the previously undisclosed story of the secret defense structures built by the West during the Cold War years. Finally the book examines the provision, (or more accurately, lack of provision), of shelter space for the general population, comparing the situation in the USA and the UK with some other European countries and with the Soviet Union.

Many things helped the Allies win the Second World War, but none was more important than radar. The Royal Observers Corps was the volunteer organisation that watched the skies of Britain during the dark days of Second World War, reporting and tracking enemy aircraft and helping to win the Battle of Britain. The book describes in fascinating detail a vast umbrella of radar stations that spanned the North American continent and the North Atlantic from the Aleutian Islands through Canada to the North Yorkshire Moors, all centered upon an enormous secret control centre buried hundreds of feet below Cheyenne Mountain in Colorado.

In the UK there were the London bunkers and the Regional War rooms built in the 1950’s to protect against the Soviet threat, and their replacement in 1958 by much more hardened, underground Regional Seats of Government in the provinces, and the unique Central Government War Headquarters at Corsham.

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