Chang looked at me for a few more moments, and then turned his head back, resumed masticating his doma again, gathering speed on the way, pondering deep and suddenly stopped mid-chew. Chang would definitely ask the next tourist: Bhutan is the greatest country in the world, why? Recent StoriesA Liquor cajoled from ElderflowersWhat does a flower lend us other than fragrance, a few drops of nectar and its essential beauty?
The question startled him so much that some doma (arecanut and betel leaves) he was chewing squirted out from his mouth, down his chin.

What made you think so?” His narrow eyes went narrower, now almost became a slit studying me, digesting my question. He was sitting too close; he heard Chang, was startled, emptied his drink in one go, gathered himself up hurriedly, paid the bill, and shuffled away with a pale face. But what do you mean by this ‘most secretive secret service organization!” Never heard of such an expression. I drew the physical map of India and Bhutan on the floor and explained to them that I was not cheating them with my question.

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