It has come to my attention that this fine publication has quite a substantial following overseas. I find it amusing that Americans romanticize cities like London and Paris, but so many of the actors who live there are more interested in coming here. So by all means, work on knocking your accent down a notch, especially if you have an incomprehensible cockney dialect or if you sound like Pepé Le Pew.
Ita€™s supposed to be the time of your life, but many of todaya€™s 20-somethings are struggling with anxiety, addiction, depression, low self-esteem and destructive relationships.
Before they reached their 25th birthdays, both Persia Lawson (left) and Joey Bradford were stressed, depressed and variously addicted to alcohol, cocaine and casual sexWhichever way you choose to measure it, this looks like an unhappy year to be young. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
It will make all the difference in the world if you have a decent reel packed in your bag when you land on our shores. In my opinion, there’s too much emphasis on accent elimination when the focus should be on accent reduction. But it would be a mistake to think of your natural accent as a liability when it might be the most effective weapon in your acting arsenal. Something similar may have occurred in the past, but what we currently fear usually hasna€™t yet.

This is fairly easy to pull off if you live in London or Sydney, because they have a ton of work there and everyone speaks English. Sure, being able to do a perfect American accent (whatever that is) will increase your options, but it seems foolish to completely remove the one thing that singles you out. Almost all fear is a result of focusing on the future instead of the present a€“ of anticipating outcomes ahead of time.CONTROL Many of us insist that life must go as we dictate and we find it really problematic when that doesna€™t happen. That person will help you find the right teachers, get your first credits, and when the fateful day arrives, he or she might even introduce you to some industry types here in the States.
But there are films and TV shows everywhere, and if you happen to live in a land where English is not the mother tongue, simply spend the money to have your reel subtitled.
I’ve had several Brits and Aussies walk into auditions with their natural accents and win the roles, even though the parts were never written to be foreign.
But although feeling in control of things may bring temporary peace, in chasing it we often become stressed, manipulative, angry, resentful and self-pitying. Yet neither Persia nor Joey was a€“ at least, outwardly a€“ socially disenfranchised.A Drink, drugs and sexual degradation were certainly not their only options. By any other definition, control is an addiction.SHAMEA By believing that having problems is shameful, we bury our feelings, keeping our pain hidden.
Joey had, by her own estimation, a privileged upbringing in Cheshire, where she attended private school and grew up close to the nannies who looked after her while her parents were at work.A Persiaa€™s home life in Kingston Upon Thames, on the affluent outskirts of Southwest London, was admittedly more chaotic, as her parents were high-functioning drug addicts until she was 16.

It feels counterintuitive to expose the darker parts of ourselves, but shame thrives on secrecy and self-deception. When we get honest, we set ourselves free.A WAITING In our fast-paced, results-obsessed culture, waiting feels uncomfortable and unproductive. Both straight-A students by the time they left school, the two girls won places at the prestigious Drama Centre London (where alumni include Paul Bettany, Pierce Brosnan, Russell Brand, Anne-Marie Duff, Colin Firth and Tara Fitzgerald). It was when they graduated from the highly organised environment of drama school that the wheels really began to come off.A a€?There was no routine or structure any more,a€™ Joey remembers. The two women agree that their rock-bottom moments a€“ and the catalyst for them to eventually begin posting their short, inspirational videos (which they call Life Nuggets) online a€“ came in 2010. By choosing to ignore our finances, wea€™re reinforcing the belief that wea€™re not valuable. It is hard when one of you transitions into a different phase of life, and therea€™s a mourning that goes with that.
I did struggle with it.a€™A Fast forward to 2016, however, and Persia has been in a relationship for seven months.

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