September 17, 2009 - Perhaps more than any other genre, the MMORPG category is dangerous and risky territory. Your adventures in The Secret World will begin in London, New York, or Seoul, and the character you create will be just a normal human - more or less.
Tornquist claims that The Secret World will have a linear narrative arc, although the details on what that story might be are unsurprisingly still a secret.
There are many other ways that The Secret World hopes to differentiate itself from the rest of the MMO crowd. Join the Illuminati, the Templars or the Dragon - the three secret societies that pull the strings of our world. Earn points for everything you do - from combat and exploration, to trade skills and PvP - in order to rank high on both local and global scoreboards, gain titles and worldwide acclaim, and help make your secret society the most powerful and influential of them all. Sure, many companies have found reasonable success with niche titles and free-to-play online games, but expensive, big-budget online games all find themselves in the shadow of the undisputed king: World of WarCraft.
While you won't have an opportunity to create a traditional fantasy character like and elf, every player in The Secret World is a human being who has discovered that they're a part of something larger.
We do know that the world of the game is made of three factions: The Templars, The Illuminati, and The Dragon. Combat is being touted as much more involved than the standard "point and click" method of the genre. Funcom has revealed many of its goals and ideas for the game, but little of the game itself has been made public. Truly freeform character customization allows you to create the alter-ego you want to play, and gameplay that goes beyond the usually rigid MMO structure and allows you to play the game the way you want to play it.

Aim, strafe, shoot - movement is key as bullets fly past you and explosions threaten to tear you apart.
Work your way to the top, earn titles and rewards, and play a key role in the battle for world domination. Many MMOs have tried to take on WoW by emulating what players like about the series, but smarter developers have opted to go in completely different directions. All three of these groups are sworn to fight the evil forces in the world, but each has its own motivation for doing so. Little has been officially revealed about the gameplay mechanics, but the stated focus on movement, strafing, and shooting definitely suggests that combat will feel more like a traditional third-person shooter than an MMO. Choose from swords or firearms, magic and melee - each offering a similarly intense, reactive combat experience.
Age of Conan developer Funcom's The Secret World is one such upcoming MMO that steers clear of the "me too" formula, instead opting to carve its own unique path.
You will not be able to change factions once you've joined without creating a new character, so Funcom has provided an interesting mechanic to help you decide which group is right for you. The Secret World won't be the first online RPG to attempt this, but the way it fits into the structure of the game is all new. While the facts of the game are currently as secretive as the game's fiction, Tornquist has remarked that 2009 will be the year the public learns about The Secret World.
It's not just current myths that figure into the plot, either; The Secret World's game director Ragnar Tornquist has stated that the fiction extends back millions of years and incorporates stories such as the Fountain of Youth, Pandora's Box, The Knights Templar, The Freemasons, and more. You'll never be forced to fight in order to "grind" for levels in The Secret World - it doesn't have any.

If the final game can live up to the potential of its promises, then it might indeed be a secret worth exploring. Your character has seen into the world behind the mundane, and you're forever changed by it.
This site is just the first of many ways Funcom claims the game will blend the MMO with alternate reality gaming and social networking. If you don't enjoy combat, you can focus on developing your skills as an investigator, a magician, or other non-combat abilities.
Tornquist stated that the decision to remove levels from the game was a very conscious choice designed to make the game fun from the first minute.
In the development team's opinion, most MMOs make the player work too hard to get to the meat of the game - the upper levels. Rather than spend hundreds of hours mastering a class and restarting with a new character, The Secret World allows you to alter your character simply by refocusing on new skills. Just like a real person, your character in The Secret World can develop new interests and areas of expertise through practice and time.

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