Since our 25 albums list did so well, we had a rapid-fire-session of name movies to see before college. Whether you are running for Class President, Treasurer, Secretary, Homecoming or other, there are simple techniques you can use to get votes. If you want the flyer template for this, scroll to the bottom where you can download it for free!
You can download the flyer template for this horsing around image at the bottom of this page.

This one is the dog poster where it said It would be RUFF if (name) wasn’t president. To win a school campaign you need to get the voters attention and show them what you have to offer. Another idea is to put a flyer saying don’t let your vote flush down the toilet in the bathroom, or bathroom door.
You can download these word files and print them and insert your own words or a slogan found on this site.

First things first, you want to get your classmates attention with some clever and memorable slogans and posters.

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