We were able to retain that level of closeness even as we got older and had our individual careers and families. Now, it has been almost a year since Anna got married and things are already getting tough between them.
She came to me one day unloading herself of the entire load that has been weighing her down lately. They still fight every now and then and misunderstandings still arise between them but they are now able to manage them well. I got married to Danny and have 2 beautiful little girls while my sister Anna married Scott. It turned out that the two of them had so many differences which made it difficult for them to get along well.

No, they have learned that great communication is one of the pillars of a strong and healthy relationship. After she finished unloading all her emotions, I gave her 6 tips to help better their relationship.  I told her that in their situation learning the art of communication and mastering it is the only way to save their marriage. They both find it difficult to express their true feelings and thoughts even with each other. Fortunately, the tips worked out and Anna and Scott’s relationship is way better now after 3 months of hard work and extreme efforts from the 2 of them.
They met, fell deeply and madly in love with each other that they do not want anything to stand between them so they decided to get married. I told her to observe Scott’s gestures and learn to identify the things he does when he is upset or tired or mad.

The more concise she is, the better chances there are for Scott to understand her point well. People who cannot express themselves well find it frustrating and often gets discouraged to try again. So whenever Scott feels this way, I told her to encourage him to try again until he can fully express himself.
Especially in marriages, it is important to learn how to compromise in order to achieve peace and better understanding.

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