Shannon thinks about her choices, though it takes her only a nanosecond to decide on Egypt: after all, my little kleptomaniac just can't ever have enough stuff. Notice below the vacation length slider is an area where Shannon can take travel companions.
Now, above the little area on the interface that generally lists buffs and debuffs is a small window listing the next step of the adventure, as well as a book icon. Shannon automatically finds her target, Nabila, in the fastest possible manner, which in this case includes a quick trip on a little scooter. Each country has a Base Camp that serves as the Sim's home for the duration of their vacation, though "Base Camp" is a bit of a misnomer for China and France: Base Camps are basically hotels and don't really serve any purpose other than for sleeping or showering.
She sees a few fliers on it, and moves over to investigate with a "Check For Adventures!" command. You can click the book icon to check out the Sim's adventure journal, which tracks the current quest as well as miscellaneous statistics and other information. Not only does Shannon have a horse-face that rivals Sarah Jessica Parker, she is clearly displeased with the cuddle-happy couple.

That means Shannon's only options here are Fiona or Al; even though she is friends with Denver Keaton (a fellow criminal), he isn't allowed to travel with her, even if she invites him over first.
In this case, Shannon's little window actually has a button marked "Report In." We click this, and she automatically gets the order to speak to the appropriate Sim to advance the story. These are like prototypical experience points in a role-playing game, and eventually will lead her to a higher Visa Level. It’s the latest addition to the popular Sims franchise, putting you in control of the life and times of a Sim character. Two of those children still live in the same house: Shannon, the evil criminal mastermind, and Fiona, the lovely doctor who has just recently married Al Guerra. Shannon's whole purpose of leaving is to get away from these two lovebirds who make her ill, so she decides to head to Egypt alone.
The Sims 3: World Adventure game is available for your desktop as an expansion pack to the original title, but will be offered as an entirely separate game on the iPhone AppStore.
France focuses on the finer arts, being a perfect environment for photography, painting, and even writing!

Sims now have a new experience bar of sorts called the "Visa Level," and everyone starts off at Visa Level 0.
You could customize the look of your character’s appearance and even give your Sim different personality traits that would allow you to explore the Sim world in different ways. Visa Levels are per-country, so it's entirely possible to have a Sim at Visa Level 3 at China and Visa Level 2 at France simultaneously. You decided when to sleep, how much money to spend on furniture, and whether or not you want to be a jerk or Mr. You can create your Sim as you see fit and take him between The Sims 3: World Adventure and the original The Sims 3 game, if you have both installed on your iPhone.

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