In part two of our three-part discussion, the team talks about their humble beginnings of being an unknown Polish developer, critical reception regarding their original Witcher game, why they've decided to stay a PC-centric developer, and how it feels to be called the leaders of the PC gaming movement. Tomasz Gop: We started way back with the Witcher one, it was a PC-only game and then, as you might remember, we had an experience with trying to do a console game which was "Rise of the White Wolf," a console remake of The Witcher one.
The Witcher 2 aims to improve everything about the original including graphics, length, depth, intricacy of choices, and combat. Tomasz Gop: We're not a studio that can do multiple projects at a time so when we launch The Witcher 2 on the PC we'll make plans to do schedules and everything. Being a relatively small Polish developer coming into the launch of the original Witcher, did you think there would be a stigma against the RPG considering it wasn't being published by the likes of big names like EA or Activision?
So in regards to the first game, in your opinion, how was it received both commercially and critically? Tomasz Gop: I never liked to say that we were, how do you call it, totally surprised by this success of The Witcher one. I think that move and the fact that you guys are a fervent PC developer has garnered you guys an almost cult-like support among the community. The Witcher 2 isn't aiming to compete with Skyrim (pictured) or Dragon age, but just to be a better experience than the first game. For part three of our in-depth interview where we will move onto discuss the graphical benefits of The Witcher 2's new RED Engine, click here. Luckily for him, Obama’s second term will be over in about two and a half years, then he will have all the time in the world to dedicate to The Witcher 2. Ron has been living it up in Japan for the last five years, and he has no intention of leaving this technical wonderland any time soon. Assassins of Kings received rave reviews when it was released last year but, a year later and on a brand new platform, does The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition find itself well adapted to gamers with inadequate PCs?
CD Projekt RED’s initial launch of The Witcher 2 last year yielded a phenomenal graphics powerhouse of a game, stunning gamers in a way not really done on the PC since Crysis.  I’m happy to report that the transition to the Xbox 360 has yielded minimal issues and compromises. As the Enhanced Edition stands, Assassins of Kings yields a fantastic demonstration of what this generation’s consoles are still capable of despite being nearly seven years old.
Assassins of Kings’ Enhanced Edition is not only a great game, it’s also a great port to consoles.  For gamers who love a good story and a fantastical, interesting narrative, you can’t afford to ignore The Witcher.

Also like you say Chapter 2 NEEDS to be played through twice, one for each side, or else you miss some pretty big story plots. I think this is story-related, witchers don't get emotional and are seen as indifferent and numbed to the world around them due to both their training and their profession. Great review again, looking forward to hearing even more from the 4PP crew as the others wrap up their stories. Game On.66GTC 2016 Keynote55NVIDIA Hybrid Frustum Traced Shadows Raise The Bar For Real-Time Shadowing. With game engines becoming much more multiplatform-friendly over recent years, it's been hard enough finding an exclusive PC RPG, much less a good one. Then we will know when, how, and whether we can release the console version of the Witcher 2.
Especially in the beginning when we had to knock on every door and then say to the huge public and media outlets, "Hey! This version featured numerous fixes including new animations, expanded dialogue, a redesigned inventory system, and reduced load times.
We are devoted to our fans as much as they are to us and you know, it's actually good that you mention that because not everybody realizes how much money it took to develop what most of the people get for free, but in the end, it turns out that after the enhanced version of The Witcher one, a lot of people bought the game for the full price. That’s what I can tell you; because a lot of people…I mean, you’ve earned a lot of things doing a game like The Witcher one.
This gameplay scenes from Witcher 2 make me want to fire it up right now, the game looks absolutely stunning. Nevertheless, it shows some gameplay footage and I definitely recommend checking it out, even if you’re not interested in this game. The series is unfathomably deep, and it takes countless hours of research and playing to wrap your mind even around the simplest of actions. Once he gives it enough time, then he can finally go back and tell the people of Poland what he really thinks of their RPG series. Presidential acknowledgement is sure to keep it on our minds going into E3 next week, where I think it is going to turn up big. For information on the game's new graphics engine and how it aims to be the best-looking RPG you've ever seen, click here.

So when an unknown polish developer known as CD Projekt RED STUDIO released their critically-acclaimed The Witcher RPG in 2007, the game delightfully shocked the PC world. It almost seems like time that the President of the United States of America doesn’t exactly have to spare.
Based on the fantastical fiction established by esteemed Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski, the game was praised for its presentation, mature themes, deep storyline, and wonderfully realized world. If we will be capable of doing a console version maybe later, we just wanted to be extra careful about it. When people have seen new places, or [main protagonist Geralt's] ponytail, it was like "Jesus! We're just pretty confident with thinking we know how to do PC games and we know what we're doing and we're focusing on making our lives easier with doing better and better games.
With the game's follow-up, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, CD Projekt RED STUDIO aims to make the experience bigger, better, and more polished than ever. Please let us show it to you!" It was hard in the beginning, but all we had to do actually was to have a strong belief that it's going to work and to focus on it and in the end, it paid off. That's why we did it and the other thing is that PC games are not dead and we think we're good enough to deliver a good PC game.
So it was just, it was only tough at the beginning, right now we do not even have problems with believing that we're doing good stuff. Our goal was to make a brand and right now, with an established brand, we can say to anybody in the world that we're doing The Witcher 2 and they know what the game is.
So, to answer your question, it was a great success because we especially achieved what we aimed for with that project. So if you put us on a front page or on a front row of any marching community, it's not willingly that we're there.

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