Plot: Max finds himself in possession of an ancient scroll that describes the entire history of humankind from beginning to end.
You can read the book in order, at random, or pick a specific chapter is not important, important are the following:1.
Anyone who is fascinated by the world of international espionage, intelligence, and covert black-ops warfare will find Mossad electrifying.
Seeking to use the information for his own gain, Max triggers the mechanism that begins influencing his own life.

In Mossad, authors Michael Bar-Zohar and Nissim Mishal take us behind the closed curtain with riveting, eye-opening, boots-on-the-ground accounts of the most dangerous, most crucial missions in the agency’s sixty-year history. These are real Mission: Impossible true stories brimming with high-octane action—from the breathtaking capture of Nazi executioner Adolf Eichmann to the recent elimination of key Iranian nuclear scientists.
Before reading, focus yourself for a few minutes by reading a passage from Appendix C in the book on page 249 on how to prepare to read The Zohar. Remember that The Zohar speaks about the internal scrutiny I must conduct within.  Not a single word here is about this world, but only about a person’s inner world.

Start digging inside and search, as if in the dark with the light of a candle, where those two qualities reside within you, the way The Zohar refers to them.Good Luck!

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