The special white noise and binaural beats on this recording are centered around 7 cycles per second (7Hz). Also included in the audio mix is an ambient musical soundscape to create a more interesting listening experience. This CD or MP3 must be used through headphones for the binaural beats & encoded white noise to be effective.
Regular daily use will allow you to experience Theta brainwave patterns for long term results.
Sign up below to INSTANTLY access a free full length hypnosis MP3 by Rick and a copy of Giovanni's eBook The ToolBox 4 Life. Theta Meditation System album for sale by Dr Jeffrey D Thompson was released Aug 11, 1999 on the Relaxation Music label.

Run a Quick Search on "Theta Meditation System: Let Go of Stress, Renew Your Spirit, Gain Insight, and Intuition" by Dr. It is widely accepted that meditation can result in reduced stress, greater health and a sense of calmness and balance. This promotes an easy transition into a mid range Theta brainwave pattern through brainwave entrainment.
To use the program simply find a quiet place and play the program through headphones and allow yourself to drift away into your own private mental space. Each track will take you a little deeper and using one or two tracks at a time can be convenient if you are limited in time. The files are NOT zipped, so you can download straight to your IPhone, IPad, computer or any mobile device.

Studies show that in states of meditation we produce a greater quantity of slow frequency THETA brainwaves.
The Theta state of mind has numerous personal benefits for any listener if experienced on a regular basis. Pulses of sound embedded in this musical soundtrack activate your own THETA brainwaves and lead you easily into restful and rejuvenating meditation. Theta Meditation System album for sale A typically contemporary mix might include Celtic woodwinds, Tibetan bells, and African percussion (or other combinations) woven together with Romantic-era keyboard stylings, as if a big, beige blanket of sound was the whole goal of ethnomusicology.

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