My favorite drummer would be whatever one I'm listening or playing with that has the ability to provide both great timing AND feel, knows when to play and what to play, is creative without stepping all over the rest of the band and actually listens to what everyone else is doing and responds tastefully to it.
1940’s GalmThe look is a sexy return to glamour (Veronica Lake anyone?) and has been featured in the runway collections of Valentine and Christian Dior. This is toward the end of the concert that must have been a endurance test and Matt just kills it, still sounds fresh. The drum pickup on "Nowhere To Run" by Martha & The Vandellas still send a chill up my spine! I got my Hair Color too Dark, Now What?Long Prom Hair Styles: So Pretty, So EasyHairstyles with bangs! Everywhere you look, you see waves hair reminiscent of every decade from the ‘20s to the 90s. See your hairdresser for the full effect, or get the retro feeling at home with hot rollers and a heat setting spray, like Graham Webb Heat Response Firm Finish Spray. I'm not sure which drummer that was but I think it was Pistol Allen, based on the 4-on-the-floor snare drum throughout the rest of the song.

If you want to stay on the cutting edge of hair style fashion keep those old yearbooks of Mom and Grandma handy as retro hair styles always make a comeback. After creating a deep side part, set sections that are the same width as the roller, and roll them under, directed toward your face. Whether it’s modern, gently curved ends or ‘40s-style finger hair wave, you’ll want to give at least one of these hair styles a try. Be sure all of the rollers are going in the same direction to create a uniform hair wave, and allow them to cool completely.Once you’ve uncoiled your curls, brush them into pretty hair waves, turning the ends under. Smooth hair with a medium-weight pomade (try Graham Webb Wax Pomade) to hold hair waves together.
Do you want to wear it all down like Madonna or tuck one side behind your ear like Liv Tyler?
You may want to add a little something sparkly; Hillary Swank favors a glittering barrette with her waves.
Curl the ends of 1” sections under, making sure they wrap around the barrel about three times.

Once you remove the clips, brush curls into the luscious hair waves that model Petra Nemcova has been sporting lately.
The look is late ‘70s-fabulous!1980’s Power VolumeFor something less tricky, brushed out waves and curls may be the perfect way for you to get a throwback hair style.
You’ll use the same setting technique that you used for ‘40s hair waves, but instead of turning the rollers under and toward your face, roll the bang area away from your face. You can roll all the rollers back, and brush your hair into looks similar to those worn by socialites Tinsley Mortimer and Tracee Ellis Ross. Totally undone ‘dos are on hiatus this season, and it’s time for glamour.For pictures of great looks check out our Pinterest Curly Hairstyles and Wavy Hairstyles Boards.

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