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As Loki sits in the void of the after the end of existence, he notes how the only things that survived the end outside of Doom's patchwork planet was himself and the Silver Surfer. Scott Lang spends his Last Day shagging the new Beetle, who he had already dealt with before and ran into the night before at the club.
As both Earth-616 and Earth-1610 are in their death throes, Wilson Fisk decides to throw an End of the World Party. And emails all his old buddies (Norman Osborn, The Sandman, The Lizard, Bullseye, and eighteen others) to come drink and party and watch it all.
The sheer fact that even after having the ability to recreate the universe In Their Own Image, Doctor Doom still has to take away Reed Richards' kids and wife, despite probably being able to wipe him out of existence altogether is some Black Comedy. Some Thors are riding over to the Bar Sinister to bring Baron Sinister before Doom for arbitration, and Sinister looks down his nose at them.
Issue #7 begins with grandiose narration about how the Prophet is crossing Battleworld and inspiring the locals to rise up against Doom.
Molecule Man's constant complaining about being hungry ends up becoming an important plot point. When Doom confronts Reed in Molecule Man's chamber, the first word out of Doom's mouth is "RICHARDDSSS!" Classic Vic.
Basically any time Peter and Mary Jane pull the parent card on Annie, a rambunctious kid with superpowers.
The contract itself reads: "Signees below swear to serve faithfully for their lives entire! In a setting largely bereft of humor, the Vision is a coin-operated fortune-telling machine. First time we see Nico she is stuffing her mouth with cereal while rolling her eyes over America and Loki, which in combination gives her an incredibly goofy expression.
In the final issue, Kamala Khan mentions that, if they made it through this, that she would have to admit that the zombie invasion is way better than any of her fanfics. A bit earlier we also got two digs at the poor guy in one panel, first She-Hulk referred to him as Spider Hero, which he corrected to Spider-Man, and then the narration introduced him as "Hobie Brown. Mondo City's War Machine is a huge sentient tank with drills and chainsaws on mechanical arms.
Storm brings back a drone (that was looking for Miriam Sharpe's killer) to Colossus and asks what they should do with it. While attempting to recruit the twins into the Avengers via showing off their clubhouses, the twins find Wolverine over there, who tell them not to tell Cyclops or he'll get "eye hurt".
As Hank goes to human resources to report sexual harassment claims, the HR manager immediately (and correctly) assumes this is about Madame Hydra before Hank even gets in the door.
As Baron Zemo gives a speech at a charity event for a Hydra run school, he shows off a "guess how many marbles are in the jar" fundraiser where the school would get money for each guess. Howard utterly drooling and offering to give all the money in the world to eat an egg which came out of a chicken mobster. In the first issue, Anwen's father and grandfather have a heated argument while she hears something and tells them both to shut up. In issue #3, Dracula suspects that the Howling Commandos have betrayed him, and that the Invisible Man is hiding somewhere in his castle. In issue 3, Gwen is utterly horrified at the sight of Spider-Ham eating a BBQ rib sandwich, pointing out that he's eating pork.
In #5, while fighting a Thor, Spider-Ham says that he can get hit really hard and not get hurt. As the intelligent zombies slowly lose their smarts from not feeding, Mystique starts tripping over her words. The art is great at delivering goofy facial expressions that can make you laugh all the time. Molly trying to join Jubilee's gang - last time Jubilee told her she needs a jacket like the others, so this time Molly made one. Molly smashed a locker into Skaar, Son of Hulk from land full of Hulks, while yelling "Smash Hulk!". When Bucky stops escalating fight between Night Witches with Molly and Shanna and Skaar, Dagger immidiatelly starts underlining he has nothing to do with these people.
When Bucky informs them there is only one spot left for a team to register and they'll have to all be in one together, Jubilee drops her relaxed posture and just goes for a Big "NO!". The cover alone, being a throwback to old romance comics, with an overwrought Kamala Khan yearning for Robbie Reyes. Secret Wars Journal #5: Just about everything about Mill-E, a perky fembot tasked with bringing the word of Doom to the outer territories, but failing hilariously at it, whether it be through corny raps in Westchester, or by trying to rally the forces of Hydra with "Hail Hydra!
The Disney crooning comes back up when Quill and Kitty are captured by an alternate Kitty who is a robotic frog. Thors is a modern Police Procedural where the cops happen to all be alternate versions of Thor. Ultimate End #1 has Peter's major reasoning for getting things back to normal: they all know who he is and he doesn't like that. Emma Frost gets a separate panel when everyone raises her hand, and the cheekiest smirk imaginable. For those who have watched the cartoon, admit it, it's impossible to read Storm's dialog and not hear her shouting everything in your head.
Rogue and Gambit are having a heartfelt moment, where Rogue is talking about her past and wondering how Gambit could possibly claim to love her when she doesn't even understand who she is.
Cassandra Nova in general straddles the line between a hilarious parody of Political Correctness Gone Mad and Moral Guardians, making sure the X-Men are acting appropriate and sanitized, and a horrifying mind rapist turning them into puppets.
Deadpool's surprise cameo along with '92's version of X-Force, investigating the mysteriously quiet Xavier Institute. Due to Nova's psychic conditioning, Wolverine finds himself unable to rescue a trapped bystander. At the end, Jubilee and Rogue get their first look at the new students as they're helping Gambit clean his car. Old Man Logan #1◊ has Logan pointing out how a young variant to an old character doesn't make sense.
The Ultimate End #1◊ has Brian Michael Bendis dropping the mic for the Ultimate Universe. Civil War #1◊ has kid Iron Man and kid Captain America forget what they were fighting about.
This is a Small Secluded World populated by a tribe or group who comes to the pragmatic decision that what goes on outside their borders no longer is or has never been their problem, and choose to hole themselves up in some distant or inaccessible location because of some ancient evil or out of general disgust of others. May be justified if the setting is Post Apocalyptic and hiding out allowed them to escape The End of the World as We Know It.
If the village is planned by the writers, there's a good chance that someone in the main cast is a member of this group (such as The Exile).
Sometimes the moral is about respecting other people's opinions and pacifist approaches to violence. This is Older Than Radio: it was well enough known in the 18th century that both Swift and Voltaire could satirize it (the island of the Houyhnhnms in Gulliver's Travels and El Dorado in Candide, respectively).
Inhabitants are not required to be Elves, but you can expect Space Amish or Space Elves of the Proud Scholar Race sort or Perfect Pacifist People to reside here.
In Ooku, the retreat of Tokugawa Japan from the rest of the world is given a different reasoning. Ashitaka's Emishi tribe in Princess Mononoke, though as the last surviving pocket of an ethnic group thought to have been wiped out centuries ago, their strictly-enforced isolationism isn't without reason. Rune Soldier Louie: After being captured by Louie, Celecia pretends to guide him and his friends back to her village, and walks them straight into a trap set by her people. The kithkin, a race of halflings in Magic: The Gathering's Shadowmoor setting, are paranoid and xenophobic in the extreme, holing themselves up in walled castles and brandishing Torches and Pitchforks against anyone who isn't just like them.
In the backstory for the Duel Terminal sets in Yu-Gi-Oh!, the Ice Barrier monsters play this role, choosing to stay back and protect said barrier rather than help fight the Worm invasion.
Attilan, (Hidden Inhuman Village) which had the extra fun of getting moved about to stay hidden. The Eternals had Olympia (Greece), Polaria (Siberia) and Oceana (the Pacific Ocean) to live majestically in (Hidden Physical God Villages) when they weren't slumming it among mortals. The Fantastic Four eventually ran afoul of New Salem (Hidden Witch Species Village) in Colorado due to hiring a witch as an au pair for their son Franklin. Sorrow's End in ElfQuest is an oasis in the middle of an inhospitable desert, established in an attempt to escape human persecution.
Blue Mountain may have been written as a darker counterpart to Sorrow's End - what if isolation goes far too far. Albion in the pre-soft reboot Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog was a city filled with Echidnas, hidden away from the rest of the world and believed that they didn't need to help Mobius.
Asterix's home village could easily use their magic invincibility potion to throw the Romans out of Gaul, but seems content with using it only to keep them out of their place, or to help people who ask them directly. The Indiana Jones Dark Horse comic series Thunder in the Orient includes a stop in Chanri-Ha, an unmaped city in Tibet that the main characters assume is the real inspiration of the mythical Shangri-La. Equestria in The Son of the Emperor uses a magical barrier to isolate itself from the rest of the world.
In The Smurfette Village series, the new Smurf Village is hidden in the forests of Canada, while the Smurfette Village (up until it was destroyed) was hidden near the coasts of Ireland. The sentient dinosaurs in Mesozoic Effect turn Earth into one when they realize that their thousand+ years of pacifism have left them with no hope of defeating the invading Reapers in battle.
The Island at the Top of the World (1974), set in 1907, has a surviving Viking village in a remote Arctic island. The Last of the Dogmen (1995) deals with the discovery of a Cheyenne tribe that retreated into the mountains in the 19th century and has survived to the modern day almost uncontacted. Gondolin, Doriath, Nargothrond, Rivendell, and Lothlórien are all examples, if this trope allows for very large populations, advanced technology (for the setting), expeditionary armies, and large political ambitions. The Shire is a classic Hidden Elf Village, apart from the dumpiness and furriness (and non-Elvishness) of its inhabitants (and the fact that there was no actual policy behind it — the inhabitants were just homebodies that were missed by the general collapse of civilization in the area rather than people that actually went out of their way to hide).
The various forms of Tanelorn in Michael Moorcock's writings, a city which exists as a sort of cosmic rest stop for the Eternal Champion, who nonetheless is always compelled to leave eventually.
Ash Keep ("ash" as in the tree) in Loyal Enemies is an entire Hidden Elf City, although it's split into dryad half and elven half.
Gormenghast might qualify, although to what extent its isolation is intentional isn't clear.
Literary example: In the Dragon Wars Saga, the elf realms of Andur'Blough Inninness and Tymwyvenne are both extremely secretive and magically protected (the former by a spell which prevents explorers from finding the place without being guided there, the latter by zombies and sleep-inducing pollen).
In Tad Williams' Memory, Sorrow and Thorn series, the Sithi city of Jao é-tinukai'i is one of these.
The entire Land of Oz, situated as it is inside an impenetrable desert that kills anyone who tries to cross it.
In Lilith's Brood by Octavia Butler, there is a hidden mountain village where the citizens have become so isolated from the rest of the world that they all suffer horrible genetic diseases from inbreeding.
The entire Wizarding World in Harry Potter, to the point where some members are completely incapable of functioning outside their little enclaves.
Becomes a plot point in the later Scions of Shannara series, where due to the arrival of the Shadowen, the Elves have once again formed a Hidden Elf Village, and it's absolutely necessary to bring them back. The Wheel of Time has several, most notably the Sea Folk isle of Tremalking and its surrounding archipelago, the Aiel holds (though those are more of "we kill you (or let you die of thirst) if you set foot on our land without things to sell us and we come out and kill you if you do something really, really dumb like chopping down that wonderous tree we gave you generations ago"), and the land of Shara.
You could technically count the Two Rivers, too, since until the middle of the series they were so isolated they were still using thatch roof and had next to no affiliation to the country they're part of. Even has a weird Evil Counterpart in the town known only as "The Town," in the valley of Thakan'dar near Shayol Ghul, whose inhabitants serve the Big Bad. In The Dark Tower: The Waste Lands by Stephen King, Eddie hopes to find this in the devastated city of Lud. At the time, Eddie had just left the closest thing he was likely to find to a Hidden Elf Village in the Crapsack World of the Dark Tower, a hidden village of elderly folks who are always hiding from bandits and disguise their town as abandoned ruins by, well, living in a ruined town and not going outside a lot.
Time Scout: Time Terminal 86 is hidden in a warren of tunnels inside the mountains of Himalaya. Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Camp Half-Blood may count as it also posseses magic barriers aside from just hiding the demigods, but the sequel series Heroes of Olympus has Camp Jupiter and adjoining city of New Rome. In the Web Serial Novel Theatrica, the city of the same name transpires to be perfectly hidden from the outside world, as its people, the Theatricans, are xenophobes. For years Xanth was one, ever since King Roogna set up a magic shield that killed anything crossing between Xanth and Mundania (our world). The Oompa-Loompas of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory come from Loompaland, a Death World of fearsome predators. Since this is TV Tropes, I should pothole that last sentence to Fetish Fuel, but newcomers to the site may feel differently. Edit: I somewhat disagree with claiming that she's a child as Anime visual styles tend to be all over the place, I wouldn't know if she was underage unless she was waist high. If you're going to pull the image, at least put it up in the thread so people can see what you're talking about. While I can't see how she could seem very young to some people, it's not a terribly precious image.
The image is beyond perfect for the trope It lampshades the gratuitous use of it and it shows NOTHING! What comes to mind already are some of the pics on the Evil Is Sexy image links page, like Jessie from Pokemon. We should have something that shows the trope but is also self-referential like the previous one.
Describe The Secret Show!The Secret Show (2006-2007) is either an incredibly silly cartoon or a ruthless parody of Martini Flavoured Spy Fiction.
Deciding that he'd rather avoid Battleworld and that Norrin probably would not appreciate his company, Loki opts to skip ahead by breaking the fourth wall in a manner that would make Deadpool blush in shame. In issue #3, Strange notes that while Sinister complied, he couldn't resist having an unflattering statue of the former Baron made and delivered to the Braddock clan. He nonchalantly strips Doom of his godhood because he didn't bring him food, and so that Reed could have a fair fight.
Angela impales him on her staff, and he tries repeatedly slashing at her with his claws while she looks bemused at best. Sinister of this world is the King's wimpy aid, who spends most of his time screaming and cowering behind Angela any time something bad happens.
Hobie Brown was determined to fill in for Spider-Man after he was killed during Spider-Verse, but no-one calls him that. He and Magneto turn the drone into a ball and toss it into the Iron with "next time, it's a Hulk!" painted on it. He then exits the area threatening to shoot Pete the Possum if he didn't leave without the egg.
Each of them immediately starts scolding her for talking like that to the other like if they weren't yelling at each other just seconds ago. Even funnier as it's a Call Back to an incident in Spider-Gwen #2 where she hallucinated a version of Spider-Ham eating a hot dog. The reader can only hear Elsa's visceral threats (involving Azazel's genitals and arsecheeks) when the two pop back into reality. It's a regular jacket with poorly sticking star on the back, where Night Witches' pentagram should be. And King Thor ends up giving his two best cops (Thor from the Ultimate Universe and Beta Ray Bill) a very traditional rant!
If something's happened to Xavier, we may be too late to stop Westchester from becoming my future. Gambit winks at Rogue, getting her to blush and causing Jubilee to tease, but when Chamber flirts with Jubilee, it's her turn to get ribbed.
If the villagers aren't outright xenophobic, they're only as polite as they need to be once they suggest you not stay very long.
There's also a chance that a reformed villain might shack up here in the epilogue, as he'd be rejected elsewhere. Japan, for instance, was mostly cut off from the rest of the world by government policy, as were Burma, Tibet and the whole peninsula of Korea at different times. A disease is killing off many of the men and the privy council ruling in the name of the dead shogun fears the outside world moving in for easy pickings. To ward off any visitors, the forest changes shape and traps them inside with the intent that they die trying to escape.
Though she does speak on their behalf, while they're there, to prevent them from being executed for trespassing into their forest.
It began as a faux Atlantis in the Backstory which later became The Shangri-La, and then alternated between that role and being placed on the moon.
Both were once bodies of land, but were sunk in great cataclysms and then became (Hidden Apparently Human Merfolk Villages).
The inhabitants aren't exactly hostile to outsiders, at least those of their own species, but they do end up having to defend it against hostile elves and later humans. Its inhabitants are incredibly racist and xenophobic, even after their lives are saved by the Green Lantern Corps. Chanri-Ha is mostly, but not entirely sealed off from foreign contact: the locals submitted in its day to Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan (though their image was twisted over time so much they were condensed into a single figure of worship, the conquering god Zan-khan), and by the end of the number they are attacked by a Chinese warlord. They successfully pull it off for over a hundred million years, until a damaged Reaper accidentally stumbles into them. Hidden apart from the rest of the world (underwater), main character (Jar-Jar) comes from there, and later they return to get the gungans to fight alongside them in the final battle. Some of them (especially Gondolin, Doriath, and Nargothrond) do have periods of isolation along this trope's lines, and two of them (Gondolin and Nargothrond) meet horrible ends at the hands of the Big Bad they were hiding from. In the latter part of its history, until the end of the Third Age, the Rangers (probably at Gandalf's urging) secretly kept watch on the Shire to make sure no potential invaders found it. Across the sea, Valinor kept itself isolated and defended from Morgoth, whose domain was in Middle-earth. They refused to journey to Valinor with their kinsmen, and indeed chose to remain in absolute isolation in the wilderness they inhabited.
Only the latter is hidden, and that's because the elves don't want dryads "infesting" their part of the city.
Anderson's Gamearth Trilogy has a female player sneak into the game room at night paint a Hidden Elf Village on a single tile of the hexagonal world map, then paint over it.
To be fair, they had plenty of justification: they were on the losing end of a catastrophic war and had been hunted by humans for centuries thereafter. The little people created a Tree Top Town to afford some safety, but it wasn't an ideal situation because there was virtually nothing decent for them to eat. Featherpaw of ThunderClan is about to be officially initiated as Goosefeather's apprentice, and he dreams of StarClan for the first time. The current picture for Fanservice has a caption that labels it as fanservice, but it looks like, well, a cartoon depiction of a girl, maybe seven or eight years old, who's undressed, and is backing the artist, trying to shield her body, because she sees someone, you, about to attack her. She doesn't look young at all to me (and as far as I know the show, she's a grown-up) and I have no idea where you're getting the child rape from.
But that is just one random suggestion; there are a wide variety of potential images for this. Although the eight years might not count, since it was in suspended animation, but it was still a three week old hamburger. It's the reason why Doom decided to just kill everyone because he couldn't stand someone being more handsome than him.

Doom!" When her efforts finally succeed in converting one little girl (with chibi Doombots) the Council of Doombots get fed up and pull a manual override and just start using her to blast everything while shouting "Submit to Doom!" She's then sent to the Deadlands to try to convert the zombies. Expect the inhabitants of the village to turn around their opinions and slowly reintegrate themselves into the surrounding culture.
While most elves try to stay, several have left to see the world for themselves, namely Deedlit and Pirotess. In The Smurfs and the Magic Flute, the Smurf Village could be reached by humans only through a magical method called "hypnokinesis". When the cryonically frozen survivors wake up 65 million years later, they decide to take a much more aggressive approach to the problem.
Eventually some began to wander westward and join other Elven societies, while others fragmented into small tribes.
Since the game is magic and their PCs are rapidly becoming self-aware, when the party lands on the seemingly blank space the next morning, the village is there, waiting for them.
That doesn't stop their Always Chaotic Evil counterparts, the Norns, from taking advantage of their isolationism to wreak all kinds of havoc, up to and including unleashing an unstoppable undead horror on the land.
This ends when "Evil Magician" Trent manages to get back in, and discovers to his horror that the centuries of isolation have led to magical inbreeding, which will in time lead to the extinction of humans in Xanth. Initially he's excited when a ShadowClan ancestor named Molepelt visits him to share a message, but Molepelt warns that it's bad news: "A dark force is on its way, with the power to pierce deep into the heart of ThunderClan. She exclaims that the X-Men are supposed to be role models, summoning up child versions of Colossus, Dazzler, Longshot, Havok, and Nightcrawler, to make a point about their effect on impressionable children.
Just as often, they manage to become a fantastically rich City of Gold, harmonious Ghibli Hills, or at the least a decent place to live (just mind the dark secret).
In video games, this usually happens just as one of the villains burns down the village after its defenses go to pot. Although the invaders are defeated and most of the villagers survive, it's a pyrrhic victory because the village is destroyed and the survivors have to take refuge in abandoned troll caverns beneath the desert, before eventually being found and relocated by the other elves in the flying Palace of the High Ones. Following this, Valinor isolated its lands from the East, and prevented the Men of Middle-earth from ever travelling there on their own accord again.
By the late Third Age, only six known reclusive Avari tribes remain, all located in wild lands east of the Misty Mountains. Furthermore, both the Sithi and Norns are exiles from a mythical land far to the west of Osten Ard known as the Garden. When he takes over, he takes down the shield and encourages his own followers to marry locals to keep the gene pool clean.
And it will be brought by a ShadowClan medicine cat." He fears that the Clans are going to be punished for something that happened during Molepelt's time (which, as readers of Firestar's Quest will know, is SkyClan being driven out).
She was born to John Blackwell and Amelia Blake on March 28th, 1995 in Chance Harbour, Washington. On the flip side, the rest of the world will judge you by the few they encounter: those you cast out. Molepelt's former apprentice, Hollowbelly, arrives and advises Featherpaw to not be alarmed becuase it is uncertain. She is a newly discovered witch who, since the death of her mother, Amelia, has resided in the town of Chance Harbor, Washington.
After they leave, he's more confused than alarmed - what threat could a ShadowClan medicine cat be?The main story opens with Yellowkit and her littermates, Nutkit and Rowankit, playing. While Cassie initially dislikes the idea of being a witch, she later begins to accept her destiny and her family's heritage of magic. They get teased by the older kits, Raggedkit and Scorchkit, and Nutkit retorts that they're kittypets - there are rumors that their father was a kittypet rather than a Clan cat. The two are made apprentices the next day, though Yellowkit is distracted from the ceremony since she swears there is a thorn in her paw.
Cassie, along with the other girls in the Circle (Diana, Melissa and Faye) are all involved in the action on the show; they often use their witch powers to fight evil or opponents.
She waits her turn to have Sagewhisker look at it - Lizardstripe is there for a thorn in her paw as well - but by the time Lizardstripe is done, it's not hurting Yellowkit anymore.
Other foes are the Impostors, a race of (probably) worm-like aliens who have special suits that allow them to assume perfect disguises, The Reptogators who live 60 miles below the surface of the Earth, and are naturally stupid; they have terrible eye sight, so they track people down by the smell of dirty teeth. Although before she finds out her abilities and about he twitch heritage, she is seen as more of a Damsel in Distress. They only become intelligent by sucking out the brainwaves of other creatures (most are too stupid to know this however). He'd eaten crowfood, but Yellowkit hadn't - not that their mother or the medicine cat believe her. This makes Cassie significantly more powerful and dangerous and she can become very out of control when she uses her dark magic.
The rest of her days as a kit pass uneventfully, and finally she and her littermates are apprenticed.
Despite this he was genuinely very whimsical and charismatic to the point where even Anita was falling to his charms! Cassie is not to be messed with as although she is the smallest of the Circle, she is also the strongest and the most powerful, despite not having as much experience as a witch as the rest of her fellow Circle members. The very day Yellowpaw patrols the territory, her grandmother Silverflame dies of sickness, and it is her first experience with death.Winter gives way to spring.
Although Adam is a warlock who can conduct magic himself, Cassie often throws herself into battle more frequently and gets involved in the action much more than Adam.
Her first battle is against WindClan, and after the battle, Raggedpaw is named a warrior since he'd saved Yellowpaw from a warrior too strong for her. Berserk Button: The early episode villain Robert Baron HATES to be deceived, a fact he is quick to angrily express.
She is also immensely powerful because she possesses Dark Magic which empowers her to engage in combat or battle or fight the enemy much more effectively. Raggedpelt is taunted and called a kittypet at a Gathering, and because of that, Yellowpaw tries to learn who his father is. Also in comparison, Adam is also more cautious and logical when it comes to approaching things, but Cassie is much more impulsive and hotheaded in how she chooses to approach things. The two of them go into the Twolegplace, where a she-cat tells them that a forest cat had been hanging around for a while and that Hal knew her better than any of them. Action Heroine: Cassie is perfectly capable of defending herself and others when the time comes for it. They see Hal briefly - enough to know that he's identical to Raggedpelt and snarl that he has no son - and leave. She is a powerful witch who possesses many abilities and powers that allow her to combat or fight the enemy when it is necessary for her to do so. Two moons later, Yellowpaw and her littermates are nearly warriors, but they must travel to the Moonstone before their final assessment, as all Clan cats must do once in their apprenticeship. Yellowpaw touches her nose to the Moonstone, and sees her future: she hears her warrior name, has the impression of giving birth to and suckling kits, and after that the visions blur faster and more confusing, filling Yellowpaw with feelings of pain and anger and confusion, until Deerleap finally drags her away from the stone.
Unlike her other fellow Circle members, Cassie is the one who is more likely to resort to physical violence of any kind and even kill in order to solve problems.
Deerleap tells her that only medicine cats can share what they have seen at the Moonstone, so Yellowpaw must keep the knowledge of her future to herself and use it wisely.Yellowpaw receives her warrior name, Yellowfang, shortly afterward. Because of Cassie's tendency to resort to the use of violence than other more diplomatic ways, the other members of the Circle often have to stop her, primarily Adam and Diana, from going over the edge and possibly harming people.
One day, a patrol she is on discovers a squirrel killed by a Twolegplace cat; ShadowClan sends a patrol to warn off any tresspassers they meet, and they end up fighting a group of Twolegplace cats. She has been seen to be very idealistic, awkward and has even described herself as a loner who doesn't have that much in the way of a social life.
She visits Sagewhisker, who points out that Yellowfang doesn't have any scratches; instead, she is feeling the pain of the other cats in the battle. Three days later, two of the Twolegplace cats - a she-cat named Red and a tom named Boulder - arrive, wishing to join the Clan. However, Diana and Adam as well as the other members of the Circle help to being Cassie out of her shell and open up. Adaptation Dye-Job: In the novel series, Cassie is a brunette, but on the show, she is a blonde. Three moons later, they witness their first warrior ceremony as Foxheart and Wolfstep receive their warrior names, and they're pretty settled into Clan life, but Raggedpelt still doesn't trust them as they were from Twolegplace. The reason for having Cassie's hair colour being changed for the television adaptation are not known but it could be assumed that the producers didn't seem to put much care or consideration into what Cassie's hair colour should have been. The other Twolegplace cats apparently don't know the whole scoop either - after Newtspeck mentions Red (now Russetpaw) and Boulder to one of them, they attack the ShadowClan camp, believing that ShadowClan is holding the two prisoner.
Despite the differences in hair colour, Cassie in both the novel and television adaptations both have blue eyes. During the battle, Raggedpelt confronts Featherstorm and Hal about his parentage, and they confirm that Hal is indeed his father. Afraid of Needles: Cassie admitted to Adam during a spell that required her blood that she was deathly petrified of needles.
Subverted, BEAUTIFULLY, in an episode where Granny is sick, so her rarely-seen husband, Sweet Little Grandpa, runs the bunny show. Russetpaw and Boulder finally return from the patrol and explain that they're not being held prisoner, and the Twolegplace cats realize what a mistake they have made.
Her fear of needles was so bad that during the spell, Cassie had asked Adam to be the one to poke her with the needle so that they could get her blood.
Russetpaw grieves for Hal, explaining that he was her father.Yellowfang continues to feel other cats' pain and sickness. She tries to help as much as she can, partly because she knows what they're going through and partly to help stop it so she doesn't keep feeling it. It is unknown how or why Cassie has a fear of needles and it could be assumed that she has had this phobia since childhood. Cassie and Adam have a very chaotic relationship due to the fact that there are always numerous obstacles and problems trying to come between them and keep the two from being together. One morning she asks to be put on a hunting patrol so she can prove that she's stil a warrior, and they end up getting into a fight with some trespassing WindClan cats. Adam and Cassie often confess their love for each other whenever they are facing possible death or any kind of possible danger. The pain from the other battling cats is so great she cannot move, and she ends up receiving injuries of her own. There is much angst surrounding their relationship to begin with as their love was originally forbidden as Adam was dating Diana. Sagewhisker believes that the reason she didn't fight was because she can't bear to inflict pain on others, and tells Yellowfang that it's her destiny to be a medicine cat.Several days later, after Sagewhisker continues to argue that she needs an apprentice and Yellowfang is perfect for the job, Yellowfang wearily agrees. Different in Every Episode: The chief changes his name in each episode for security reasons.
Cassie and Adam would often confess their deep connection and their feelings for each other with much sadness and angst due to the circumstances surrounding their relationship and their situation.
Though she has an important position and her parents are pleased, being a medicine cat apprentice isn't what Yellowfang expected: her sister Rowanberry, as well as Raggedpelt, don't seem to realize she's the same cat, she's back on apprentice duties (much to Foxheart's delight), and Sagewhisker seems to expect her to know everything immediately.
Doctor once had nanobots eat Changed Daily's moustache, which she then Lampshades as being "pointless, but amusing". The next Gathering is skipped due to clouds covering the moon, but at the one after that, her apprenticeship is announced. Cassie had even told John that she didn't want him in her life and that she would be just fine without him as she had been fine for the past sixteen years that he wasn't a part of her life. Cedarstar also surprises ShadowClan by announcing Stonetooth's retirement; his next deputy is Raggedpelt. They still have feelings for each other, and decide to meet in secret.Newleaf turns to greenleaf, and greenleaf turns to leaf-fall. John had always had bad intentions from the very start but the concept of family blinded Cassie to John's true intentions and his real personality. Future Badass: Victor in 'Victor of the Future,' although the 'terrible future' aspect of the trope doesn't seem to be present. Anti-Hero: Cassie may be the main heroine of the show but she possesses more qualities of that of an anti-heroine than an Ideal Heroine. Raggedpelt's apprentice Cloudpaw is badly injured when a group of rogues attacks a patrol, and Yellowfang works desperately to save his life, even when Sagewhisker has given up.
Harmless Freezing: On more than one occasion members of UZZ or even the whole UZZ base get frozen (usually due to The Imposters). Although she has good intentions, she is highly capable of crossing the morally grey line from time to time.
Hypocritical Humor: Practically Once an Episode, Professor Professor asks Victor if he's still alive. While Cassie wants to save and protect people from danger, Cassie has shown that she seems to have a preference of going about achieving her goals and mission in sometimes underhanded ways.
Cedarstar promises to make him a warrior as soon as he's better (as he'd been ready for his final assessment), and Sagewhisker tells Yellowfang she's ready to become a full medicine cat. In the episode where their roles were reversed, Professor Professor berated Victor for asking the question. Cassie also possesses Black Magic, which also makes her very dangerous and can make her become a rather dark person who often forgets that she is crossing a moral line from time to time. Yellowfang tells Raggedpelt (who doesn't take it too well) and the ceremony is that night at the half-moon meeting at the Moonstone.
Even other members of her Circle, like Diana and Adam for example, have to keep Cassie in check whenever she gets out of hand or loses control of her magic.
Everyone else in the world (except vegetarians) ends up doing the same thing twice by the episode's end. Cassie originally starts off as an Ideal Heroine at the very beginning of the series but she becomes a Type II after she discovers that she is a witch. Yellowfang sees three kits in a reflection in water, and Silverflame tells her to trust her instincts. Cassie becomes more of a Type III as the series progresses later on after she discovers her heritage of Dark Magic.
The other medicine cats are talking about how their StarClan mentors give them great guidance, and Yellowfang is puzzled as to why Silverflame is treating her differently.At the next Gathering, Yellowfang learns that she's expecting kits. As the series progresses, although Cassie has good intentions and uses her powers to save people, she also becomes much of a darker individual especially when she discovers her Dark Magic ancestry. She has a dream that night where a StarClan cat tells her, "There is a cat coming, a cat who should never be born, whose life will bring fire and blood to the forest, yet StarClan is powerless to stop him!" He adds that "the courage of a mother to know her destiny" is the only thing that can stop this cat. Jerkass: You would think that Professor Professor would bother to test his experiments, rather than just wait for Victor to need them. Yellowfang is horrified that it could be one of her kits, and she vows to do her best with them. One could argue that Adam and Cassie's relationship was very tumultuous due to various outside obstacles standing in the way of them officially being together.
Professor Professor always seems intent on screwing around with people, even when it would really be inappropriate (like in the middle of a life or death situation). Although destiny wants the two of them to be together, as their families have always been "written in the stars", it seems that fate wants them to be apart. She's a little angry Yellowfang had broken her vows, but more importantly, she knows she's going to StarClan before long, and the Clan needs a medicine cat, so Yellowfang must make her choice. Adam and Cassie have never had a long period of actual happiness together and when they do manage to find some kind of contentment and happiness with each other, it ends up being taken away from them immediately. If she's giving up her kits, Sagewhisker advises, she'd better tell Raggedpelt so at least they have one parent. Not only this, but it seems that they often have to put their relationship on the back burner for the sake of the Circle and for the sake of some people's feelings, such as Diana's for example. Raggedpelt very reluctantly agrees to her giving up her kits - on the condition that they don't know who their mother is. Lampshade Hanging: Victor Volt figures out Doctor Doctor's plot to hypnotize the world with a song.
Knowing his own experiences, he says that it's better for them to not know who their mother is than to have one who they know abandoned them.Yellowfang gives birth to her kits. Two of them are stillborn, but one survives: a tom who looks like his father, Raggedpelt, except for a bend in his tail. When she uses her dark magic, she can become rather scary; she can also choke and suffocate people to death. Yellowfang and Raggedpelt bring him to Lizardstripe, and Yellowfang names him Brokenkit - Lizardstripe believes it's for the bend in his tail, but it's really for Yellowfang's emotions as she gives him up. Left the Background Music On: Omnious music was mentioned every time somebody mentioned the Bermuda Trapezoid.
A band was revealed to be doing it when Victor Volt asked them if they'd do that every time somebody said "Bermuda Trapezoid"? Whenever anyone that she loves is hurt or threatened, Cassie will not hesitate to use violence or combat in order to take her enemies down. The old she-cat tells her that Yellowfang having kits was going to happen and warning her about it ahead of time wouldn't have changed anything.
Cassie may look cute, adorable and approachable, a young teenage girl who appears to be shy, but DO NOT underestimate her, Cassie can be a major force to be reckoned with if you so much as mess with her, cross her or hurt the people she loves under any capacity.
She advises Yellowfang to be a friend to Brokenkit, if she cannot be a mother to him, and to be a force for good in his life.
Yellowfang sees her two daughters, and runs toward them, but wakes up before she reaches them. Just because Cassie appears to be the loveable young and shy teenage girl who would gladly befriend you, does not mean that Cassie would not kick ass and make sure that you pay if you so much as hurt or cross her or the people she cares about.
A few days later, Yellowfang comes upon Brokenkit being bullied by his adopted littermates.
Cassie also has dark magic, which also makes Cassie very intimidating if she is provoked in any way. He's sad that nobody in the Clan seems to like him, and Yellowfang has him help her out, which he seems to enjoy, though in later moons the other kits bully him again for visiting the medicine cats, and he stops coming.Not long before Brokenkit is ready to become an apprentice, one day Sagewhisker evidently has a heart attack, judging by the pain Yellowfang feels in the same instant. Badass Boast: Cassie has her moments when you anger her, cross her or piss her off in any way, you better watch out. Loophole Abuse: A clown became the World Leader by renaming himself after the ballot's instruction of where to put the "X" to get votes from confused voters. Cassie has shown that she is not above threatening others in order to get what she wants and that if you do not give her what she wants, she is capable of resorting to either a dangerous use of her own magic or physical violence.
Brokenpaw is apprenticed to Nightpelt, though both cats are unhappy with it - Brokenpaw is impatient with Nightpelt's asthma, and Nightpelt is irritated that he cannot control his apprentice. Several moons into Brokenpaw's apprenticeship, Cedarstar dies of a sudden sickness one night. Her mother, Amelia Blake, was once a powerful witch back in the day but she stopped practicing because magic was abolished and was no longer allowed to be practiced due to the tragedy that had happened. Raggedpelt goes to the Moonstone with Yellowfang to receive his nine lives; when the nine cats gather around Raggedpelt, Yellowfang recognizes Cedarstar, Lizardfang, and Sagewhisker, but the other cats are unknown to her. During the ceremony, Molepelt calls her over and tells her that "the time has nearly come" and "beware the cat with blood on his paws", and tells her that she knows the truth in her heart and she should not be blind to it much longer. Jane had become sort of a mentor or a teacher for Cassie and she helped Cassie to learn and understand her identity as a witch and help her to control her abilities.
Yellowfang arrives back in time to see Raggedstar receive his last life from Dawnstar, who appears in Firestar's Quest as the leader of ShadowClan at the time that SkyClan was driven out. Her father is John Blackwell, a very dark, dangerous and powerful warlock who has immense power;.

When Brokenpaw nears the end of his apprenticeship, Raggedstar names him a warrior with the name of Brokentail, though several cats are unhappy because it's a moon early and he hasn't passed his final assessments yet. Because John is descended from dark magic, this makes him excessively more powerful and more dangerous than other warlocks like him. Yellowfang thinks she sees blood on his legs, but it's just marshy water, and, irritated, she tries to put Molepelt and his prophecy out of her mind.A couple of moons later, during newleaf, a patrol gets in a fight with some rats.
Cassie had inhabited White Magic from her mother and Black Magic from her father, making her the most powerful witch within the Circle. Nightpelt, however, decides to retire early, as his breathing problems make it difficult to carry out warrior duties. Although Cassie is normally capable of taking care of herself and even those that she cares about when she has to, she has shown that she falls vulnerable more than anyone else in the Circle. Her dark magic abilities are highly powerful and Cassie would sometimes let her dark magic overtake her. Even Victor does this in his stead at the end of one episode, when everyone else is partying in the briefing room after the World Anthem. Cassie admitted to Diana that she liked using her dark magic and she got a a thrill and excitement out of it.
He argues that since the raid worked he should have been made deputy, but Raggedstar hisses that he can't show favoritism, but that Brokentail would be next in line for the job should anything happen to Cloudpelt.
Later on in the series, Cassie was seen to be starting to overuse her dark magic; Diana would often warn her to stop overusing her dark magic and letting it overtake her. One day, Yellowfang comes upon her sister's kit, Stumpypaw (Brokentail's apprentice), hanging onto a limb by his teeth. It showed that Cassie was strongly capable of becoming very dangerous if she did not stop overusing her dark magic and she let it overtake her. He tells her that he was talking during training and that this was his punishment; Brokentail said he needed to learn to keep his mouth shut. Sometimes her dark magic would consume Cassie so much that her logic and her morals would slip right out the window and she would therefore, become unpredictable and unrecognizable. Yellowfang is shocked and confronts Brokentail, who just tells her to keep out of it, and then she reports it to Cloudpelt, who says he can't do anything since Stumpypaw wasn't hurt. Diana also possesses dark magic just like Cassie, however, Diana is able to keep it under control and instead, keep her morals and her logic in tact.
Yellowfang decides on the same day to make Runningpaw a full medicine cat.Later that year, in early leaf-fall, Brokentail brings a rabbit into camp, claiming WindClan killed it. This is because unlike Cassie, Diana is seen to be more levelheaded, more calm and more practical in how she approaches things in general, while Cassie has been seen to be more impulsive, more unpredictable and more hotheaded. Yellowfang examines it and comes to the conclusion that it had strayed from WindClan territory to ShadowClan territory and that Brokentail had killed it himself.
She and Adam are said to be soul mates who are destined to be together and are "written in the stars".
A ShadowClan patrol goes to attack a WindClan patrol, but they are badly beaten, and Cloudpelt is gravely wounded. When Cassie first met Adam, she had felt a strong and magnetic pull or connection towards him. Brokentail tells her not to waste her time because he's going to die anyway and he announces that he is going to be the next leader of the Clan. Riddle for the Ages: What's Changed Daily's original name and why did Lucy Woo believe it used to fit him?
This is because according to a legend, the Blake's and the Conant's were destined to be together and that it has always been that way. Interestingly enough, although destiny has panned for Adam and Cassie to be together, there have been numerous obstacles and endless problems that try to keep the two from being together or even staying together. It seems that although destiny has planned for them to be together, fate seems to disagree as Adam and Cassie can never seem to find some semblance of happiness and peace with each other due to the circumstances surrounding their relationship. It's made even more complicated by the fact that Adam was the boyfriend of Diana, who happens to be Cassie's friend (and later discovered to be hear paternal half sister). Adam and Cassie could be considered the epitome of Starcrossed Lovers, two people who love each other and feel such a strong connection to each other but cannot be together due to the circumstances surrounding their relationship, not to mention the endless obstacles thrown in their way of being together.
Plus The Secret Thing, a tiny mechanical spider and Granny's fluffy bunnies can be seen in the background of every episode. Shout-Out: The way the toothbrush in "Return of the Killer Toothbrush" rips through Victor's clothing closely resembles the chestburster from Alien. Cassie and Jake have always shared a loved hate relationship, which involved lots of bickering, arguing and teasing. Afterward, Silverflame visits her and says that terrible times are coming, but there's nothing StarClan can do. Through all of that, it was obvious there was a mutual attraction on both sides, much to Adam's dislike or disapproval. Berserk Button: Messing with Cassie's loved ones, especially her family and Adam, in any capacity is a huge no-no. Theme Tune Cameo: At the beginning of "The Secret Thing", Victor and Anita are singing the show's theme song (as they usually do during the title sequence). When Yellowfang returns, she goes to tell Raggedstar about the dream - and finds that he has had the same one. It ends up being a plot point later on when Victor is confronted with two Anitas (the real one and an Imposter) and he uses it to determine the real one.
Their discussion is interrupted by Brokentail shouting at his Clanmates during battle training somewhere in the forest. In "The Thing That Goes Ping", at an island in the Bermuda Trapezoid, Anita and Doctor Doctor have a dance-off to win the trust of the island's leader.
Raggedstar realizes that he has made a terrible mistake, and that Brokentail only wants to lead ShadowClan into battle. He goes and interrupts the training session, telling Brokentail not to be so hard on everyone, while Fernshade tells Yellowfang that she's about to have kits, and that while she's a bit old to be having her first litter, it'll be good for the Clan to have some young blood. Big Damn Heroes: Cassie is pretty much the one who always saves the day, since she is the heroine of the story. Frogtail tries to eat his fresh-kill before the elders and kits when Yellowfang arrives back in camp, and both Brokentail and Raggedstar tell him it's against the warrior code. The Unintelligible: The World Leader, according to the old website, spoke an ancient Aztec language, and her husband was the only one who could translate. They are all witches who share a lot of things in common in terms of family life, personality and outlooks. That night, Brokentail rushes into camp, announcing that WindClan has attacked his patrol and Raggedstar has been killed. Also what is Changed Daily's real name (4 times in the space of 30 seconds in one episode)?
Black Magician Girl: Cassie possesses Dark Magic due to her Balcoin bloodline and ancestry. He keeps vigil for his father that night and travels to the Moonstone the next day, though he seems strangely reluctant to become leader. Although Cassie primarily practices White Magic and uses her powers for good, sometimes she will dabble in using her dark magic. He receives his lives from Cedarstar, Stonetooth, Dawnstar, Lizardfang, one of Brokenstar's deceased sisters, three cats Yellowfang doesn't know, and Sagewhisker. Each life seems to have the same theme - compassion, judgement, truth, love of kin, honor, duty, etc.
Weaksauce Weakness: The Impostors thrive in the cold, but are allergic to penguins, which (as we all know) also thrive in the cold.
Blessed with Suck: Cassie sees her magical abilities, her gift of magic as more of a curse than a gift at the beginning of the series.
Also, their helmets vibrate to a high C note, making them shatter and forcing the creepy crawly aliens that actually control the suits to retreat to their base 90 miles below the surface of the Earth.
Yellowfang also notices that StarClan seems almost reluctant to give Brokentail his lives.Yellowfang and Brokenstar return to camp.
Which would explain why they live underground and try to freeze places where penguins are not a native species. She had lost her mother in a tragic fire, her father died shortly after she was born, she discovers that she is a witch, she discovers that her real father is John Blackwell who is said to be a man with bad intentions, she discovers that she has Dark Magic ancestry, she had been manipulated into making Adam forget his love for her and then she lost her grandmother Jane, her only blood family aside from her half-sister (Diana) and their father (John).
The first thing the new leader does is call a Clan meeting for the entire Clan - even the kits. A lot of trials and tribulations surrounding her destiny as a witch seem to cause Cassie un-safety as well as everyone around her. He announces that warriors will only train for battle now ("Hunting is of little importance, and cats will have to find food where they can.") He appoints Blackfoot as deputy, though he hasn't had an apprentice (not that there have been kits old enough to be apprenticed recently), and names Mosskit as his own apprentice, even though he's only three moons old. Yellowfang finds a place for them to stay and promises to look after them, and as she heads back to camp she sees Brokenstar training the kits and Mosspaw.
Character Development: Goes from being a reluctant and naive ordinary teenage girl who discovers she's a witch to a very powerful witch who is highly accepting of her magical abilities.
He orders Brownkit and Wetkit to try the double attack they'd been practicing on Mosspaw, and they hit him wrong and kill him.
Yellowfang is afraid more will come and she fears for her newborn siblings: Brightflower has had a she-cat, Marigoldkit, and a tom, Mintkit. Brokenstar and several ShadowClan cats return from a battle against WindClan, and it turns out that three-moon-old Badgerpaw has been killed. Yellowfang confronts Brokenstar and threatens to have StarClan take away his nine lives, but he just scoffs at her and tells her he has made the Clan great. However, she does possess Black Magic and when she lets this dark magic overtake her, she becomes not so cute.
The other cats don't seem to really be grieving over Badgerpaw; in fact, Littlepaw is awed because "he's a true warrior now!" Yellowfang can't believe what Brokenstar has turned the Clan into, and she goes to sleep and confronts Cedarstar. He says it was the warrior code for Brokenstar to become leader - deputy succeeds leader - and that they cannot do anything now.Half a moon later, the worst happens. Damsel out of Distress: Cassie occasionally finds herself in trouble from time to time, but she has proven that she is perfectly capable of defending herself against other dangers. She has also shown to be effective in the use of combat when she has to resort to doing so. Cassie has shown that she doesn't need either Adam or Jake to save her or help her defend herself as she has shown that she is capable of doing so very effectively without their help. Hell, Cassie has shown that when it comes to the use of magic, she is more powerful that both Adam and Jake and the rest of the Circle overall. Brokenstar and Brightflower come along and find her there, and Brokenstar insists there's no fox scent. They go back to camp, where Brokenstar turns the Clan against Yellowfang by telling them there was no fox scent, and asking why Yellowfang might kill the kits. Although not as sassy and sarcastic as Faye, she can certainly hold her own during a Snark-to-Snark Combat with anyone, namely Faye. Deus Angst Machina: Cassie is constantly going through a rough ordeal and always has problems, issues, and obstacles thrown her way that prevent her from being happy or finding any kind of sanity and peace. She heads toward Fourtrees and collapses there, miserable and hungry, beyond caring about anything, but unable to sleep. The next day she decides to head away from Fourtrees because cats pass by there often, so she heads toward ThunderClan territory and collapses, drifting in and out of consciousness for a couple days. However, it turns out that Cassie's actual father, John Blackwell, was still alive, however, Cassie had no knowledge of him whatsoever. The weather is nice enough on one of those days that she gets a little energy back and decides to get out of ThunderClan territory, but she's confronted by a bright orange apprentice and knows she'll have to fight her way out. But, he is killed at the end of the series when Cassie and Diana use their combined magic in order to reverse the spell put onto the skull, which resulted in John's death. The scene plays out exactly as it does in Into the Wild - Firepaw defeats her, then goes to catch her some food. Distressed Damsel: Cassie is perfectly capable of taking care of herself but there are times when she does need help from others and there are plenty of moments where Cassie finds herself in peril or in deep trouble. Cinderpaw eagerly asks if she can try an idea to treat Smallear's paw, and Yellowfang agrees. As she walks off with herbs, Fireheart comes up and comments that she seems to be doing well as a medicine cat. Everyone Loves Blondes: Cassie has blonde hair and she is the primary object of affection for all of the males in the series including Adam, Jake, Nick, and Luke. He asks how long until she receives her full name (Yellowfang replies "there's plenty of time") and comments that she's waited long enough.
Extraordinarily Empowered Girl: Cassie happens to be a witch with ultra strong witch powers and abilities. The truth is that Yellowfang is afraid to speak to StarClan - what will they say about her killing Brokenstar? However, just because she is powerful and strong, Cassie is capable of severe vulnerability emotionally.
She is still a normal teenager with normal teenage problems and the fact that she is a witch doesn't make everything easy for her either. Yellowfang agrees that Cinderpaw has learned everything, but she explains that she's done something terrible and is afraid StarClan won't let her have her medicine cat name.
Fate Drives Us Together: Her romance or relationship with Adam is centred on fate and destiny. Cinderpaw tells Yellowfang just to trust StarClan and herself - she doesn't believe Yellowfang would have done anything to cause the Clan harm. Foolish Sibling, Responsible Sibling: Cassie is the Foolish Sibling to Diana's Responsible Sibling.
While Cassie is capable of being reckless, impulsive and careless, Diana is more logical, sensible and responsible, especially when it comes to the use of magic. Wary, she asks if he's come to gloat, but he says that he's come to apologize about Brokentail. Brokentail chose his own path of bloodshed, and Yellowfang couldn't have done anything about it - yet she suffered most because she gave birth to him. Girly Bruiser: Cassie is very feminine but she is also very tough and very much a fighter that is not to be underestimated. Sagewhisker visits her next, and says that she would never have made Yellowfang a medicine cat if she knew what Yellowfang would have to go through. Yellowfang asks if StarClan will let Cinderpelt become a full medicine cat, and Sagewhisker says yes. Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: Cassie is blonde and by personality, she is young, innocent and has a heart of gold. Yellowfang asks, "What about Brokentail?" Sagewhisker replies that he brought his own death upon himself and that Yellowfang has proven herself loyal to ThunderClan. Hair-Trigger Temper: Cassie has always had a short fuse, even before she discovered her dark magic, which made it worse.
Heartbroken Badass: Cassie has been through a lot of pain, loss and grief during her very young life.
Cassie loses her mother, Amelia, in the beginning of the series after she is murdered by Charles in a fire. She discovers her true identity as a witch and that her mother had lied to her her whole life and kept the secret that she was a witch.
She becomes depressed and withdraws into herself and she starts to lie to her grandmother about not being aware of who she is. On top of it, Cassie falls in Love at First Sight with Adam, who happens to be the boyfriend of the girl who befriended her when she first came to town (and later, revealed to be her paternal half sister), Diana.
Because of this, Cassie struggles to keep her attraction and her connection with Adam a secret as her and Adam's lover for each other is forbidden.
When Cassie and Adam do manage to get together, they never end up having any lasting moments of happiness or peace. So, for Adam and Cassie, it seems as though destiny does want them to be together as their love is written in the stars, fate seems to disagree and does everything to keep the two from being happy in any capacity. Cassie also discovers her father, John Blackwell, after 16 years of not knowing him or who he is. Eventually, she starts to trust him but this turned out to be bad or poor judgement on Cassie's part, as John had proven that he had evil and bad intentions the whole time. There is also the fact that Cassie's friends are always in constant danger and she has to do everything that she can to protect them and keep them safe as much as possible. The Heroine: Cassie is the heroine of the series whose primary role is to save and protect everyone.
Hero Protagonist: Cassie serves as both the heroine and the protagonist of The Secret Circle. Her primary role is to save and protect everyone and she is the protagonist as the story centres around Cassie's development as a witch. However, as the series progresses, she goes from being a classic heroine with very good intentions to someone who is more dark in nature due to her dark magic ancestry. Innocent Blue Eyes: One of Cassie's defining physical attributes, along with her blonde hair.
At first, not only is Cassie skeptical of witches and witchcraft, but when she does eventually come to accept her witch heritage, she wants nothing to do with it and tries to escape it as much as possible, feeling that it brings nothing but trouble and pain. Also, Cassie is the Dark Feminine to Diana's Light, especially after they discover that they are half sisters who share the ancestry of dark magic. While Diana refuses to let her dark magic overtake her and has strong principles and morals regarding the use of her magic, Cassie happens to think that using her dark magic is highly effective, especially during desperate times. Diana is also opposed to killing people at all, while Cassie doesn't seem to be completely opposed to killing someone, mostly the bad guy. Little Miss Badass: Cassie appears to be small and petite, but she can kick major ass when she has to.
She has also shown that she can be very dangerous and scary especially when she is crossed. It also helps that Cassie possesses Black Magic and that she can prove very deadly when she overuses it.
Cassie has shown that she is highly capable violence and of killing other people whenever she loses control of her dark magic. There are times when Cassie has displayed very disturbing and creepy behaviour while using her dark magic, especially for one who appears and looks so young, fragile and innocent. She has shown that she even poses a possible threat and a possible danger to her friends or her fellow members in the Circle. Cassie could be considered a Waif-Fu and a Cute Bruiser who is not to be underestimated and who is not to be provoked to the point of anger. It is revealed in the middle of the season that Cassie and Diana share the same father (John Blackwell) and are therefore, long lost half-sisters.
When Cassie first laid eyes upon Ada, she said that she felt a strong connection and pull towards him. It was so intense for Cassie that she would lose control of her magic whenever she was in Adam's presence. This is because it was revealed that the Conants and the Blake's are "written in the stars" and their families have always been destined to be together. Cassie has a special connection with Adam, but she also develops a romantic connection with Jake.

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