Mindfulness Meditation: The most well-known type of meditation, mindfulness meditation, is about being aware of the sounds and activities happening around you. Spiritual Meditation: This type of meditation is for those who regularly participate in prayer, as it's based on communicating with God. Focused Meditation: If the idea of clearing your mind of all thoughts stresses you out, focused meditation is great because you can focus on a sound, object, mantra, or thought. Movement Meditation: Movement meditation may seem intimidating, but if you're by yourself and you really get into it, it can be extremely uplifting and relaxing at the same time. Many meditation supplies are designed to impart a peaceful, relaxed mood conducive to meditation. It is impossible to maintain a meditative state while watching the clock, so meditation timers have been designed to signal the practitioner when the correct amount of time has elapsed. Imagine a person sitting on the floor, below a tree or at a sea shore, cross legged, eyes closed and hands resting on the knees in a particular formation.
Meditating involves not just sitting in a certain way, but also breathing deeply, inhaling and exhaling slowly to one’s full capacity and concentrating on one’s breathing.
Though the practice of meditation originated in Eastern cultures and countries like India and China, it has now been adopted by people in most countries of the world regardless of religious, cultural or ethnic backgrounds. Yoga meditation originated through Hinduism, in India, centuries ago and is still practiced in the country and outside. Buddhist meditation, as the name suggests, finds its origin in the Buddhist religion and is quite similar to yoga meditation in practice. Reiki meditation combines the principles of Reiki (Japanese healing technique) and meditation. Meditation done in any form or technique is extremely beneficial to one’s spiritual, mental and physical health and well being.
Meditation increases the amount of serotonin produced in the brain which uplifts a person’s mood. Another technique or method of meditation that has gained popularity the world over is Kundalini meditation. Once the Kundalini energy is released through Kundalini meditation, the person experiences complete peace and happiness.
As mentioned earlier Kundalini is that form of divine or cosmic energy that lies dormant within all of us and which can be awakened through Kundalini yoga or Kundalini meditation. The active method involves the use of physical exercises, breathing exercises, visualization and meditation with the guidance of a teacher.
Kundalini awakening offers multiple benefits across physical, spiritual, emotional and psychological levels. So you see dear readers, just a simple act of correct posture, breathing and chanting can lead to so many wonderful benefits.
Kundalini yoga is an ancient wisdom that has been passed on from one generation to the other with the aim of enriching the lives of millions and that is exactly what is happening around us. Kundalini shakti with its self-healing benefits and immune system strengthening benefits makes the practitioner strong from within and able to ward off external forces that may damage the mind, body or spirit. Heightened mental functioning, stronger physical body, calmer state of mind and a clearer thought process are just some of the things to be gained through Kundalini meditation.
Jigar developed a keen interest in health related matters from a very young age and loved reading about them.
Content (text, audio, video) on this website is only intended to provide general information to the reader and is not intended to be used as medical advice, professional diagnosis or treatment. Signup to get the most important weekly news roundup from across the web about Health, Wellness & Fitness. Meditation - wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, One of the best known types of meditation in early jewish mysticism was the work of the merkabah, (2007).

23 types of meditation - find the best techniques for you, Learn several types of meditation, from buddhism, here goes an introduction, so here it is meant the several meditation types taught in the yoga tradition.. Yoga basics: yoga poses, meditation, history, yoga, Western medical scientific research is finding ways to prove that meditation results in browse our yoga 101 section for general info on the history and types of. The different types of meditation techniques and how to, The different types of meditation techniques and how to choose one an introduction to the transcendental meditation technique history help about. Some people like to lie down while meditating, but I find it tempting to fall asleep, so I prefer sitting up.
It's almost a flow-like type of meditation, because you literally just let your mind be fluid and flow from one thought to the next, not really focusing on one particular thing. Just like the other styles, you must become calm and quiet and then begin to focus on a question or problem you might have.
The key here is to just focus on one of these things and stay committed to that one thought or object. Sitting with your eyes closed, simply focus on your breath and try out different gentle, repetitive flowing movements. It may seem odd to be making loud noises during a meditation session, but it's actually the sounds that become the object being focused on. For example, people who practice Tibetan Buddhist meditation techniques often use mala beads to count their prayers or mantras. Energy chimes, statues, decorative altar cloths, and wall plaques of gods and goddesses can promote a harmonious environment. Intended to create comfortable seating during meditation, specially-designed pillows can help the practitioner keep the spine aligned and achieve a comfortable height while meditating.
Meditation timers emit soothing sounds to gently bring a meditating individual out of the relaxed state. Some forms of meditation require the practitioner to focus on a specific object, such as a candle flame, to achieve the meditative state.
I do suggest meditation music, beads and incense for starters. Also make sure that you have a suitable environment for meditation. This posture is called the lotus position, and has now become a universally recognized symbol of a person trying to meditate.
All of this is done to achieve the purpose of clearing one’s mind of unnecessary thoughts, negativity and distraction which then hopefully lead to a calmer and spiritually stronger mind and self. This universal adoption has led to mediation being practiced in many forms and with different techniques and methods. This type involves sitting in the lotus position on a mat, with eyes closed, inhaling and exhaling deeply. Mantra meditation involves the same technique as that of yoga meditation where in one sits in the lotus position and breathes deeply. It involves concentrating on the feelings, sensations and experiences that occur during the deep breathing practice.
It involves sitting on the floor, breathing deeply and focusing the life force of the Universe on one’s self by placing your palms on various points of the body.
This form of meditation is derived from Yoga and involves the practice of Kundalini awakening or rising of the Kundalini energy or, Kundalini shakti contained within one’s self. Physically, Kundalini shakti rising is felt in the form of energy waves or currents rising upwards in the body through the spine.
The correctly practiced combination of the right posture (the Lotus position or standing with closed eyes), right way of breathing (through pranayama yoga) and the right way of chanting the correct mantras, are the three pillars for the proper awakening of the Kundalini shakti. The earliest reference of Kundalini is found in the Upanishads, which are Hindu scriptures, dating back to the 5th century BC. Instead, the Kundalini is awakened by a teacher who has an awakened Kundalini himself or herself.

Millions of people all over the world are practicing one or the other form of Kundalini yoga or Kundalini meditation to awaken their Kundalini energy or Kundalini shakti. Just a few minutes of discipline is all that is required to experience the wonderful positive changes that Kundalini energy can bring about in one’s self. This passion for health and for reading soon translated into a passion for writing about the subject. For instance, if you live in a noisy city, you don't have to block out the outside sirens and screaming children, you let your mind be aware of the sounds without becoming too focused.
Rather than focus on a sound, object, or thought, just turn your attention to your movement. In yoga, the mantra Om is regularly used since it delivers a deep vibration that makes it easy for the mind to concentrate on that particular sound.
Statues, singing bowls, and gongs are commonly featured at altars set up in areas designed for meditation. They may spin prayer wheels as they meditate or bang a gong as part of the meditation ritual.
Other meditation supplies are created with comfort in mind, such as meditation benches, mats, pillows, bolsters, and cushions. Meditation benches are helpful for people who cannot sit comfortably on the floor, and are also designed to help people maintain proper spinal alignment and comfort necessary for a successful meditation session. Zen alarm clocks and meditation timers commonly employ the peaceful sounds of bells, chimes, or gongs. For example, if you are meditating in a sitting position, you might want to use a meditation mat, pillow or bench for good posture and comfort. The Kundalini lies in a coiled form and can be uncoiled to rise upwards in the body, through the spine.
This method states that the person lets go of control and continues to feel the awakening of the Kundalini shakti without trying to want it. Many others are combining the principles of Kundalini yoga and those of Reiki and practicing Kundalini Reiki and healing for who suffer from diseases and other ailments. We do not undertake any responsibility or liability of any health issues caused by following advise on this website. Even though you're essentially using your mind, you'll be amazed at how rejuvenated you feel afterwards. I find a slow left and right swaying motion to be therapeutic, or you could try moving your entire upper body in a slow circular motion. If you have trouble keeping your focus, meditation bells, gongs or a singing bowl may help. Throughout Indian history, the Kundalini shakti is represented in the form of a coiled serpent because the shakti or the energy itself is thought to be lying coiled at the base of the spine. When a striker is dragged around the rim of the bowl, it produces a soothing tone that can help the practitioner to focus. Charcoal and incense burners designed to burn powdered incense are popular meditation supplies. After hearing about all the health perks associated with meditation — including stress reduction, a heightened self awareness, and being able to tune out distractions — I knew I couldn't give up. This is key, because once you explore the various meditation styles, you can choose one that suits you best.

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