For the young tycoons and rising entrepreneurs, meditation can be considered too time-consuming to even be beneficial for them. Many types of meditation are being practiced today; each with followers from all walks of life. Meditation from the East are gaining popularity not just in the East but also throughout the Western world.
Like all Eastern meditation, all Western meditation also strives to bring the meditator to a state of peace and calmness.
It is noted that the main and primary goal of these various types of meditation methods for the one who found it and those who are practising it is to find or attain peace; peace within oneself and peace with the world.
And here are some other resources concerning Christian Meditation which I hope will help you in your daily meditation practices. Higher Hands Are Leading Me Jan 22, 16 11:00 PMThe higher hands of God are leading us day by day. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Whether through our newsletter, blog, Instagram posts, or in the face-to-face retreats or professional mixers we attend – don’t we all want to feel like the coolest most interesting gal at the party, with everyone wanting to shimmy on over and pick our brain? This is getting noticed, and if we do it consistently, it’s becoming known for what it is we talk about, teach, or just make people feel good about. Now think about your Inspiring Mix showing up in places like your website headlines, brand messages, blog post introductions, and titles. If you want more how-to’s and insights into getting noticed and getting hired, be sure you're signed up for our weekly Letters for Creatives, and if you're ready to work with us one-on-one to develop your brand and really get you noticed, check out our work and give us a shout! In our last blog post, we wrote about why and when you should be narrowing in and getting specific about what you want to be known for. The Braid Method Branding ECourse is for creative entrepreneurs who are ready to support themselves financially with their business, create a blog or consistent online presence, and finally turn the work they’re already doing into a digital product, package, or offering for dream customers.
If you are interested in more hands-on guided meditations check out Deepak Chopra’s guided meditations. I firmly believe that while sitting in silence with yourself to meditate is a great way to tap into your subconscious that a moving meditation can be just as powerful – if not more so. Okay, so if you really can’t get into sitting down to meditate or moving meditation, try living meditatively. Almost every creative I work with wants to incorporate more meditation, prayer, stillness, whatever you want to call it, into their day. Taking two minutes to center and ground myself has been working wonders for my attitude and ability to focus. Braid Creative & Consulting is branding and business visioning for creative entrepreneurs.
This ecourse is for creative people like designers, photographers, stylists, lifestyle coaches, wellness professionals, yogis, foodies, writers, bloggers, and creative consultants. The above are, of course, different meditations that all stem from the basic meditation practices where as you sit quietly in a chair, on a pillow or on the floor, and use different techniques to quiet the mind and relax the body.I have given you this list so that you have options. This age-old tradition has been resurfacing the past few years probably because people see the need for it once again.
Some of them have been around for decades, but now there are new ones that have been tailored for the always pre-occupied.
But, you can also use this time as a time for meditation and not just for getting to your work or meetings. Stroll around the park or to a different neighborhood and just feel the aura of the surroundings. Many Western psychologists are using one or more of these types of meditation techniques to treat their patients. Because of the hectic lifestyle that we are living, most of us are living in a constant state of stress and tension.

To meditate for a Christian is to ponder, muse and contemplate on God's word, to think lofty thoughts, to dwell on things that are good, to reflect on past experiences of God's goodness and every thing that is Godward.And as we think God's thoughts and do His will, His peace guards our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.
We do not know what tomorrow brings but we know One who know all things and leading and guiding us each day.
Do it consistently and with passion, and over time the followers, subscribers, clients – will come. When we get great at it, these two sides of our voice blend together like – well, like the personal brand we want to be known for and the expertise we want to get hired for.
Once my clients get to know me, or work with me, they trust my expertise which is a Guiding Mix of: a.
Think about your Guiding Mix showing up in your sales pages, your newsletters, and your selling conversations with new clients. See if you can get the five different bullets you’re using to describe what you do down to even two or three.
If you tried out the If You Wrote a Book exercise, you may have just framed out your creative process (the ingredients or steps you take every time when working with a client) and you didn’t even know it! This branding ecourse comes with 7 learning modules in a 300+ page digital download, a workbook with 20+ branding exercises and scripts, a quarterly masterclass, and an exclusive Facebook group so you can connect with us and other students. But it can be easy to put off when you think about all the effort that goes into taking time to be still.
I find it especially helpful to take two minutes before I transition from one task to another. This guide is for the beginner who knows little about meditating and would like to discover the different ways in which to get the most out of it. Meditating doesna€™t have to be difficult and there is no one way to achieve a meditative state, which the meditation types described above point out. May it be work appointments and workloads, or a dinner date with some old buddies, or maybe even a family reunion, whatever the matter is, the point is that your days are almost always jam-packed. You can’t deny the good meditation can bring to a person’s mind and body, and just because your schedule is too full doesn’t mean you can’t get to experience it. Instead of doing so, practicing this form of meditation can help reinvigorate yourself but put your concentration back on track as well. Sometimes, before finishing your duties, it is quite good to do a little detour from your usual path.
Doing this along with focusing attention on your footsteps and on your breathing can help calm the mind and soul. We also send regular updates, inspiring quotes, and new guided meditations to you regularly. Therefore, to attain a calm and peaceful state in mind and body is something that everyone needs to live a full and meaningful life.As Christians who believe in the person and finished work of Jesus Christ, the purpose and goal of meditation is not to attain peace for we have the Prince of Peace who said that He has given us peace. Prayer on one hand is communicating with God, meditation on the other hand is contemplating, reflecting and thinking God's thoughts.
God's peace stood as sentry against all negative emotions and thoughts - protecting us from depression and worries and stress.
Did those corporate suits sign off on what goofy guy was getting them all feeling good about? We've talked enough about narrowing in on your creative focus that we think you understand that it's an important thing to do in your business, but understand that something is important and actually doing it?—well that's where it gets a little tricky.
It’s a super-short version of some of the longer scripts we give creatives to help them better articulate their business and their brand. It’s just so easy to put off when you have blog posts to write, TV shows to watch, books to read, treadmills to run, Pinterest to peruse, things to design, and a world to take over. I’ve found that my challenge with sitting down and being silent with myself is that my mind starts to race.
I myself have been putting off my own meditation practice because the amount of emails I could answer or the blog post I could write in the time I should be dedicating to meditation wins.

So before I go into a meeting, before I sit down to write, before I go pick up my baby from daycare … I simply take two minutes to be still.
This type of meditation doesn’t require you to get down on the floor, cross your legs, place your hands on your lap and say “om” repeatedly.
Tell yourself of your present location at the given time and just slowly inhale and exhale. But I do want to add onto the content sharing formula – what happens after you attract people to you?
I think it may be socially wired into us (it probably started right around when we were eight years old, too) and has nothing to do with getting the clicks or closing the deal, but simply feeling like a big deal.
That’s when we get to create a business for ourselves that is a blend of who we are, and what we do.
You’ve put the intention out there to narrow in, get specialized and get known for doing this very specific service.
I get that meditation is the practice of stilling those said racing thoughts, but it can be such a struggle. Cleaning, folding laundry, washing dishes, and cooking dinner are all opportunities to practice presence and living meditatively.
Complete with worksheets, exercises, mantras, meditations, and to-dos for time management, decision-making, and strategies for living more of what you love – in work and life. Thinking God's thoughts by meditating on His words and His works strengthen our inner man and enable us to stand on higher ground - to view the world and life situation from God's perspective.
But that’s the point, because I do remember they asked for him to be their lead creative, and always wanted him in the meetings.
How would your personality or personal story show up among all the good tips, advice or inspiration you are sharing? But if you can really build a framework for HOW you do it, and stick to those steps every time, it’s like every time you work with a client you are sharpening your expertise, building your confidence, giving them even more benefit of your knowledge and specialization! The idea is to climb into your body and find a focused awareness in your breath and movement in a way that silences your mind (even if a spin instructor is yelling at you to push it). Meditation on His word keeps us anchored to Him and His will for our life and not let our thoughts take wing on unfruitful whim and fancy.Joyful reflection on God's creation and the care and love He put into designing each of His creation enable us to know Him intimately and help us to trust Him to provide and care for us. He is being his most inspiring self in the moments when he’s sharing what he really knows, what he really cares about, in his own goofy style. It tells people what to expect before they open it & reminds you what it is you have to give!
It’s a win-win for any creative working for themselves (and their client!) who wants to craft a business of their own making instead of feeling like a helper for hire.
I also believe that moving your body with focus and intention helps energy and emotions flow, release, and recharge as needed. Give 100% of your attention and awareness to that bowl your washing or those veggies you’re chopping.
For example, the detail in a leaf, helps us to know that God takes care and delight in working out every little detail in our life.Paul in his final exhortations to the Philippians told them to think right things. It’s not a typical guided meditation where you plug in the headphones and listen to someone talk to you. It’s more like a narrative or guide that you read and recount for yourself as you settle into silence.
Instead of trying to get rid of all your thoughts you simply focus on a single object, mantra, thought or sound.Some people use meditation music for this type of meditation, some people focus on things like candles or a statue, others meditate on thoughts like peace among humanity. I also included verse 8 in the Amplified version for it effectively amplified the meaning of this exhortation and help us see what Paul desired of the Philippian believers.

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