Excel VBA a€“ Macro Runs When Worksheet ChangedBy Debra Dalgleish, on October 13th, 2010Are you ready for Spreadsheet Day on October 17th? In this example, the workbook has an order form, with a data validation drop down list, where you can select a customer name. There are VLOOKUP formulas that pull the address information for the selected customer, to fill in the top of the Order Form sheet. By using Event code in Excel VBA, you can make a macro run automatically if something happens on the worksheet. The following code will make a message appear when the selected customer is in Canada (cell E7). On a worksheet where there are multiple cells that can be changed, you might want the message to appear only when a specific cell is changed. You can add a couple of lines of code, so it only runs when cell B5 is changed (the customer name). Now the message box will only appear if cell B5 was changed, and the customer is located in Canada.
To see the steps for creating an Excel Worksheet Change Event macro, watch this short Excel video tutorial. To see the code, and experiment with the Order Form macro, you can download the Order Form Event Code workbook.
I want to write a macro that allows me to copy a specific row to another worksheet in the workbook.
The VBA sample for this exercise is a simple form that reads the selected county on the map and displays its information on the form. Add four more labels to the form that will be used to display the values from the selected county. When converting a VBA to an ArcGIS Desktop Add-in, creating the form will take the most time because there is no easy way to copy. In this example, open the included file called Form1.frm in Notepad and copy the subroutine ReadData. At the very top of the code for the form, above the public class, add three import statements (Figure 4). Once the imports and references have been added, the number of errors decreases from 10 to 5. While it might have been easier to just retype Caption to Text, if the correct property is not known, this is a very useful feature. The first ques­tion will be where do we write the code , Open the Excel and then press “Alt+F11” and you will get the another win­dow named as “Microsoft Visual Basic” and press “Alt+F11” and you will get back to Excel window.

Project win­dow and Prop­er­ties win­dow gen­er­ally appears on the left side of the Edi­tor. You can cus­tomize the loca­tion of these win­dows just by click+Hold+drag on the header of the win­dow, Just make sure that its Dock­able prop­erty is Checked ( right click on the header of of the win­dow and Check “Dockable”).
Now if you observe at Project Explorer, you can see you VBAProject(“Book1”), yes that’s your excel workbook. By default, worksheets are positioned in a numbered format that makes it easy to count them. To move a worksheet, click and hold the mouse on its tab, then move the mouse in the direction of your choice. Some documents are quite complete with just one worksheet, but others need as many worksheets as possible. Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other. Subtotal data I need copy only summary cells and change format(meaning merge) cells like "capital L" shape. Is there a more effective way to build the vocabulary of a fictional language than a word frequency list? Maybe you can add a Spreadsheet Day message to all your workbooks, using the technique described in this blog post. If the customer is located in Canada, you'd like to remind the user to fill in a customs form. In the order form, the message should appear after the customer name is selected, but not every time a product or quantity is entered. For example there are dates in column A and if excel detects the date, i want it to copy the row that the date exists and paste it to the worksheet whose name is the date.
You will need at least Visual Studio Express 2008 SP1 (which is a free download from Microsoft). Fill out all the information on the welcome screen—this will be the information that is seen when adding the add-in to ArcMap (Figure 1).
This is where the work is done in the VBA sample, and this code needs to be copied and converted.
Although the VBA editor had a reference to ThisDocument, Visual Studio does not know what ThisDocument is. Choose Add-In Controls from Categories (the category that was defined when creating the add-in). Next Loop and If Else Conditional Statement to change the size of picture(zooming picture in) according to the timer.

More often you will find that, after creating a few of them, you are not satisfied with their positions.
Put four labels on the form and set their text properties to County Name, State Name, Area, and Population. An easy way to do this is to export the form to be upgraded out of the VBA editor and open the exported file with the .frm extension in Notepad. Because the project was created in Visual Studio and not the VBA editor, you have to add references to ArcObjects.
Just adding the references won't fix the problems because the code that was copied worked in VBA because the VBA editor understood the shorter names for ArcObjects. After the project is built, the files are bundled as an add-in and automatically installed in ArcMap. Go to the Customize menu and pick Add-In Manager (Figure 6), verify the add-in loaded, and close the dialog box. If you find any error, please report it then we will take actions to correct it as soon as possible. They provide a declaratively based framework for creating a collection of customizations that can be conveniently packaged in a single compressed file that is easily shared.
The SDK will install templates in the Visual Studio environment that will create the Desktop Add-in project. For this example, all that is needed is a button, so check the Button checkbox, fill in the fields, and click the Finish button. To accomplish the same task in the new code, just type Me.Close() in the btnClose subroutine. However, note that when pasting the code, Visual Studio did convert some code automatically. Add-ins do not require installation programs or Component Object Model (COM) registration.] Both options have advantages and disadvantages. This article shows how, with a little refactoring, existing VBA code can quickly be converted to an ArcGIS Desktop Add-in.

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