Hidratantes perfumadissimos, perfumes fofos, calcinhas coloridas, sutias que ficam perfeitos em qualquer tipo de corpo.
Dieter Rams, a German industrial engineer, is one of the most influential designers of the 20th and 21st centuries.
Among them are the T3 pocket radio — on which the design of the Apple iPod was based — and the 606 universal shelving system. Innovative design exists to provide long-lasting, robust solutions to problems that constantly evolve. Ishac Bertran devises a clever, more intuitive way to synchronize media across many devices. Dave Gamache’s blog uses effective typography to help users focus on what he has to say. Nature also has an uncanny talent for constructing color schemes — sunsets, plants, animals and landscapes. If you want to know how to make something understandable, take a look at the iPhone’s lock screen. The arrow and the animated glow will tell you that you need to slide the button to the right to unlock your phone. The brick and mortar Victoria’s Secret experience de-emphasizes the checkout process.
Customers don’t have to search for the blouse that the model in the picture is wearing. Some websites incorporate elements that subliminally lead visitors to hidden pages or trick customers into taking unwanted actions.
It’s perfectly acceptable to use design principles to aid users in making decisions and point them in a certain direction, but always be careful not to take it too far.
This honesty means providing an open approach to the user by giving them choices and clarifying the purpose of elements. To be thorough, give each element the same care and attention that you would the entire page. A website should remain usable and aesthetic regardless of the device, platform and browser environment in which it is displayed. Graceful degradation is the practice of building a website so that it provides a good level of user experience in modern browsers, while degrading gracefully for those using older browsers.

TeuxDeux is an online task management application that sports a very clean, minimal yet highly intuitive interface.
Minimizing clutter in a design takes great effort — even more effort than it takes to add elements.
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Voce ja ouviu falar muito da Victoria’s Secret e, com certeza, a loja esta na sua lista dos lugares que voce TEM QUE visitar quando for aos Estados Unidos. A loja nao e tao linda e organizada como as dos shoppings, mas ela e enorme e tem de tudo: basta ter um pouco de paciencia para procurar. For example, at the beginning of the mobile revolution, creating a separate website for mobile display was the norm, until responsive web design came along. The old version of Yahoo is hideous by today’s standards, but, despite the browser limitations of its time, it was highly usable.
These objects in nature (including human features) that follow the golden ratio are things we find beautiful. Patterns A and B on the left are what the seed spirals would look like if Nature had used a different irrational number. Have you ever noticed the subtle glow along the slider that moves in the direction in which you should slide?
According to this user, upon his second visit to the Ryanair website, the fare for the same ticket almost doubles. Many trends are justified, but one thing remains certain: they always feel outdated after a while. Reduce the amount of bandwidth it takes to load an entire page by using optimized markup, web-optimized images, and minified JavaScript and CSS. The design may not be as pleasant or pretty, but older systems will still be able to enjoy basic functionality. For many designers though, it’s very easy to get carried away with adding decorative detail.
Applied in web design, these can be powerful tools in creating unique, memorable and effective experiences for your users. Sem exagero, da pra comprar de baciada – se os precos nos EUA sao mais baratos que no Brasil, em uma loja outlet voce vai surtar com as ofertas.

The user here attempts to save a web article for later reading by highlighting the content with his fingers and dragging them into the circle. Use decorative elements to show the crucial aspects of a web page, not to display your Photoshop talents. When that happens, the last emotion they will associate with your brand is frustration, which (obviously) is detrimental to business. The process of having to search for another item is itself obtrusive: it deters the customer from buying and may even lead to frustration. Instead, use colors to paint a path for the eyes to follow and lead users to what’s important. The double-talk and multiple negatives must be parsed, then tiny checkboxes (hidden within the paragraph, of course) located and checked or unchecked. Suggesting an up sell is helpful; using default options to sneak it into their cart just before checkout is deceptive. The less time users spend waiting for your website to load, the more time they have to enjoy it.
Apply the principles of responsive web design, graceful degradation or progressive enhancement. As you add design elements to your site, continue to ask yourself questions about their purpose. Honest design should be like a shopping assistant in an upscale department store — not like a carnival barker. Web trends come and go, but the principles of usability and user experience remain the same. In the example above, the Victoria’s Secret website does not have any ads and it sports a clean design.

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