Victoria’s Secret just launched 3 new Fragrance Collections for fall 2013, each one containing an Eau de Parfum, a fragrance mist and a body cream.
I invite you to take a look at Victoria’s Secret Fall 2013 Fantasies Sugared Florals Collection probably one of the most feminine body care collections of the season which features products wrapped in harmonious shades of pink, purple and sweet lilac. Victoria’s Secret launches yet a new scented collection called Bombshell Forever which includes four products such as Eau de Parfum, body lotion, body mist and fragrance rollerball.
I just spotted the new Victoria’s Secret Stripe Collection online which features lots of cute pink and white straps accessories for Iphone and Ipad and a few makeup bags. Victoria’s Secret has added new products to the Fall 2013 Beauty Rush Collection which is currently available online and in the stores.

Victoria’s Secret has launched a new Fall 2013 Nakeds Eye Palette after their earlier release of The Nakeds palette for which Urban Decay filled a law suit.
This limited edition collection is actually divided in 3 accordingly to the scent of Magnolia, Lilac and Violet. The collection features her new Victoria Eau de Parfum available in two sizes, a Rollerball, Body Mist and Body Lotion. The new eyeshadow palette features 9 shades of eyeshadows, pro makeup lessons and a free eyes primer. Feel provocative in Victoria’s Secret Bombshell Forever, from the glamorous fragrance collection that started it all.

A bright, lush blend of boysenberry, lavender flower and pamplewood, this collection kisses skin with vibrant scent that lingers. Para saber quanto pagarA? de envio, digite o CEP do endereA§o que deseja receber o produto no calculador de custos.

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