Note that there will be construction happening at the center starting this Spring, and continuing into the foreseeable future.
To learn Vipassana Meditation one needs to develop one's own experience during a residential ten-day course. Dining hall, kitchen, fully air-conditioned dhamma hall and male & female residences accommodating aprox 100 students for 10 day course.
Dining hall, kitchen, air conditioned dhamma hall and male & female residences accommodating aprox 30 students for short courses. Old Students can find able guidance and resources on theory and practice of Vipassana Meditation. By clicking OK, you're confirming that your use won’t conflict with the restrictions found on the image page. Hello Everyone, I have a special deal for all those interested in yoga and meditation travel. As you can see from the picture if you join us on our yoga and meditation tours we will bring you to some very beautiful locations for relaxation.

Well one of the main things about a yoga retreat is you will be away from all the distractions of your life. Sign up for our Newsletter and RSS feed to the left to be notified when the first tour is ready.
Sign up to the Facebook Page and you will have the fist chance at our tour when it is loaded. We have been having trouble scheduling the yoga teacher for this tour so I have decided to do 2 things. We will be offering yoga and meditation travel to many locations both here in Thailand to start and then to other places in asia such as Nepal, India and Bali to name a few. If you have a yoga and meditation tour you want to post on our site, you can use our contact page to let us know and we can post it here for you. So if any of you have a tour you would like people to know about that will be the place for it. You will be in a peaceful and beautiful surrounding with other people who are looking for the same things as you.

I have increased my yoga practice to 3 hours per day and plan to do my teachers certification this coming October. The 10 day course at the Vipassana Meditation Center is amazing, The best part about them is they are FREE.
I have everything in place already (Resorts, transportation, extra activities, and much more). Not to mention all you have to do is show up, We will take care of ALL local transportation arraignments as well as hotel, food and extra activities.

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