Without any prior warning, we happened to see yesterday evening that there was once again a new schedule posted, starting at day 9.
The only thing that seemed to be apparent was that everything in our Vipassana was getting even stricter and more focused on meditation than it had been after the first program change on day four.
Fearing the worst and imagining having to survive the last two days of our Vipassana retreat on nothing but the horrible rice soup in the morning, we all started to enter a slight panic mode. This seemed all quite acceptable to me and actually like the real Vipassana experience I had asked for in the beginning.
So once more the energy of the whole Vipassana retreat changed while things were becoming more serious and admittedly more challenging. For me personally the greatest challenge of our Vipassna retreat seemed to be become sitting for at least 90 minutes in each session.
I just returned from a 10 day Vipassana meditation retreat from Dec 21st, 2012, to Jan 2nd, 2013, ending one era and beginning another.
Other amazing wildlife in the Malaysian jungle surroundings included a one-foot long black scorpion, a lizard the size of a cat, and tropical toucan birds (like on fruit loops, yum!).
I love the power of words and this experience has sharpened my habit of speech so that I may use it positively and powerfully.
When I was 14, I was very attached to an online video game called Final Fantasy XI (same type of game as World of Warcraft, so you know it was addicting). As I sat in this pool of rage, I wondered why would this infinite being of love and compassion put anyone through any experience of pain or suffering. Luckily I have grown in wisdom and clarity enough to watch all of this happen with a degree of clarity.
Once I returned from madness I began to understand more clearly that it was my own choice to harbor such ill-will towards something beyond my comprehension. During the meditations, with the understanding of anicca, the understanding of impermanence, I calmed the mind into an extremely peaceful and content state of awareness.
During the few times that I reached a deep equanimus state of mind, I lost most of the feeling of my body, and became very light. The goal of daily Vipassana practice is to bring forth this equanimity of mind into daily life, where it can be extremely valuable in any situation.  We all face tough problems, difficult conversations, and unexpected crises, but from this state of mind, anyone can triumph. Vipassana is the second technique of meditation that I have discovered which offers a practical and scientific path towards a personal experience of our Higher Consciousness. My path has been that of Kriya Yoga, which is a meditation technique of controlling the breath in a certain way in order to manipulate subtle energy within the body. All religions are good to the degree that they invoke genuine moral behavior within their followers. Tomorrow’s universal religion will not be of empty rites, rituals, ceremonies, and fluff. As our society evolves mentally and spiritually, we will all come to this most logical conclusion. I seriously thought about it a lot and how much faster this life would take me to the end goal. My path and technique of practice was established years ago already and I will continue with Kriya Yoga. Vipassana is not my path, but it helped me understand first hand the core truth of the Buddha. For best results, read Paramahansa Yogananda’s book FIRST and then you can also view more information online with the links below.
In this MicroCourse I share with you the exact technique I use to  connect with my spiritual guides and Higher Being while writing my entire book, From Your Higher Being. Lastly, I’ve put together a playlist of videos on youtube that I listen to daily, that I think will help you through hard times, as it has me so often.
I came across your blog at a time when I was looking for feedback on Dhamma Malaya and especially on its legitimacy, given the number of doubtful organizations you can find in the domain of life improvement. I personally did not get to master the entirety of the technique during these 10 days but I realized I came very close to that goal.
However, one evening, I had a glimpse of what enlightenment could look like, feeling very light, full of love and seeing how beautiful the world looked at that time.
I suspect this is the mind, which is so so bored by the many hours of meditation, that it goes wherever it can to disctract itself from the dreaded emptiness.
You may listen this Free Vipassana Meditation MP3 teaching from a guru who have 30 years experience. Hi, the posts from everyone here are extremely valuable for me as I prepare myself to go on to my first Vipassana in next few days. Sean Ogle talked about how many people who do a continual 9-5 grind for years become stuck in habits that they are not even aware of: watching TV for hours at night. Join 11,000+ monthly readers and get free updates, tips, and new content before anyone else. Authentic Expression, Communication, and Vulnerability – Are You Saying What You Really Feel, Think, and Want?

Vipassana Retreat with Buddhist MonkWe are committed to supporting your holistic lifestyle with our detox and yoga retreats, including our juice fast and weight loss programs, colon cleanse and other natural detoxes that promote a yogic and conscious way of living.
This retreat offers a combination of Guided Meditations in the Buddhist tradition, Art Therapy, such as Mandala Sand Art, and Dharma Talk exploring spiritual perspectives. Having lived as an artist and musician in the UK before donning the monk’s robes, Bhante teaches and guides with empathy and humor. Bhante has shared creative life skills in many areas of the work field world including arts, music, theatre in education, therapies and performance mainly in UK. Nature trips: Underground River tour, Honda Bay visit, city tour, firefly watching, dolphin watching, whale shark watching, seasonal activities, etc. The Wellness Yoga Program shifts the focus from the intentional detox of the Deep Nature Cleanse (DNC) to an overall wellness program with yoga as the foundation.
Now all of a sudden even the last bit of Dharma teaching by the cynical British monk, that I had actually enjoyed very much, was eliminated, giving us more time to practice Anapanasiti and insight meditation. Luckily all our concerns were put at ease when we had a clarification session before bed time, informing us that the only meal of the day, which was served in the morning, would in fact be a substantial one. Having had a two-day meditation retreat at the end of a 10 day retreat before, at Kopan Monastery, I was trying to see this as a great challenge to really test how far I could push myself in meditation. Usually after one hour my legs started to hurt, leaving me with no other choice but to move around and constantly change positions. Yes, this was the end of a world within me as I took a 10 day vow of silence and submitted my will to a full 10-hour per day meditation regime. The insight is that if you develop a genuine curiosity for life around you in any given moment, you will never be bored again. Light conversation is fine and all, but speaking for the sake of speaking is a negative symptom of a person who has been so trapped by their monkey mind that they can not even imagine silence. I developed such an aversion to the pain that it caused a deep fiery rage to burn within me. To understand the mind of God is beyond my current level of wisdom, yet I still lashed out with such rage. Throughout the course we are reminded to understand, to watch and see, that everything is temporary.
This understanding liberates the mind from conditioned suffering so that we may make a new choice, from a new state of mind, a balanced state of mind. To be in alignment with that truth is to automatically live in perfect happiness, balanced harmony, and true success.
This state of being has many names such as enlightenment, awakening, nirvana, self-realization, oneness with God, etc. The result is a high degree of concentration which is used to move into higher states of awareness leading towards realization of the Infinite Self. On the other hand, all religions are dangerous to the degree that they spread misguided truth and maintain ignorance.
However, I have many responsibilities and also too many desires to experience the wonderful pleasures of the world. I have been an old student in Vipassana by S N Goenka for some time now and can so well connect to your experiences and observations. No matter what else may get in the way, save your vacation time, save your money, put this first. Afterwards, it took me a while to gather the will and time to attend a session myself but I finally did, and discovered a very powerful technique that will certainly have a strong effect in my life as well.
As far as other students were concerned, some were still half-way and some did it in one shot: during our silent times, I had not realized how many different experiences there could be for different people! It didn’t last and taught me the hard way the law of universal impermanence, but this vision made my objective clearer and gave me more strength to go on along the path of Vipassana! Learning a technique that allows us to get liberated from mental and physical pain is really worth spending 10 days in outer world. It is really great that spirituality and meditation is being experienced by people all around the world.
They conduct retreats all around the world, including in Thailand, which is one of the most beautiful experiences, ever.
Dharma (or Dhamma) became my lifestyle but during Vipassana I got huge kick in my a*ss to practice regularly and more seriously. So upon entering Vietnam as a digital nomad and trying to glimpse out of the plane window to catch my first glimpse of the country I started to feel it… The humidity. Join Buddhist Monk, Venerable Rakkhita (or “Bhante” as he is affectionately called) in Bahay Kalipay as he leads the group on an inward journey towards inner peace, wisdom and creative expression. Aside from meditating, chanting, and exploring Buddhist teachings, you’ll also have a chance go on alms rounds in the early morning, be in silence for an extended period, communicate mindfully, create music and draw your heart out. So you can expect to have a rich, fun, enlightening few days, as he is supported by Bahay Kalipay residents and staff.

Bhante shares the Buddha’s teachings on human development and liberation of mind, which emphasizes that each moment of your life is a practice opportunity. The daily routine flows with the rhythm of our everyday, leaving you plenty of room for introspection and inner work with as-needed support for your personal process. Not even the one meal only in the morning was a big problem since everyone stuffed themselves beyond reasoning in and then two times later drinks were served, once hot soy milk and once hot chocolate.
But today I tried not to move at all and to rather embrace the arising pain while trying to breathe it way. They were wonderful memories of adventure, laughter, accomplishment, and it was all super fun.
At first the thoughts were so random, but then became a leading theme throughout the retreat. My goal here was to meditate, be peaceful, go within, and ultimately grow closer to God, but instead here I am in such pain that I can not even focus for 5 seconds.
Once I accepted the fact that right now, in this moment, I do not comprehend everything, then everything became easier. All situations, people, pleasures, pains, and sensations rise and fall from our experience of them.
The pain of the body is nullified by the pure understanding of the way things are in this moment. Additionally, all cravings for pleasurable sensations, like peace, bliss, or ecstasy (which occur naturally in this state of meditation) do not arise to cause misery producing attachment. It is the highest state, the highest experience, and the highest purpose of every human being alive. Entering permanent realization, or nirvana, this ended all of his suffering and filled him with such loving compassion for those left in ignorance of their true nature.
It will be simply known as the right way to do things in accordance with the laws of nature. That does not mean that meditation practice for liberation is not something a house-holder can do.
I will continue to walk forth with a mind of equanimity, developing my compassion, and sharing this beautiful truth of life with everyone with ears to hear. It still needs regular practice to get consolidated in the real world but the base has been set to build a happier, more peaceful life on top of it. I am glad you had such a positive experience and were able to resume meditating more often.
Not working on personal dreams… I would extend this to say that anyone, including entrepreneurs, the unemployed, aliens, etc. I'm not perfect and still feel anxious and down sometimes, but I don't let the feelings stop me from doing amazing things. Relaxing and insightful, Bhante’s guided meditations combine Samatha & Vipassana for focused calming and cultivation of wisdom, respectively. So much so, that when I went to sleep at night, sometimes I would see ants walking infront of my vision!
Many days did I ponder this game, yearning to play again, and also examining WHY this tremendous urge was still there. A lifetime of built up suffering is a powerful burden, which we must all carry, but at least I can now carry it with a deeper level of acceptance, which means less hatred for the suffering I have incurred, which leads to less suffering. He spent the rest of his long life spreading this technique of meditation, known as Vipassana.
Buddha called it Dhamma, which is an outline of the natural law applied to the problem of human suffering. On the contrary, both of these paths (Kriya and Vipassana) are popular because of their wide-spread practicality for house-holders and people who have to traverse the world. A thought or insight will pop into my head, drawing wisdom again from those 10 days at the retreat. Okay, maybe I’ll get used to it in 4 days or so, but until then how do you manage to live on tea and fruit from 5pm to 8 am?
We are meant to witness this universal truth within meditation in every moment, so that we may realize experientially the wisdom of the concept.
Although the sequel came out recently and I am tempted, but nothing like the urge that developed from the retreat. Anyway, want to say that Vipassana really works, my worse problem dissolved after these 10 days, this is really therapeutic time, when we can leave our heads and just go into our body.

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