Guided meditation is divided into two primary types – Individual and Group guided meditation.
Attending a group meditation class has a number of benefits including getting direct instruction and help with your session. Many practitioners of guided meditation use a combination of both methods; attending group sessions while also practicing guided meditation in the comfort of their own homes. To perform an individual guided meditation you are going to need a guided meditation script.
At the end of the guided mediation track you will be invited to come back to normal reality and open your eyes. Here you can find out what you should expect to experience if you decide to attend a group guided meditation session. Next the instructor will start some background music which will accompany the meditation session.
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Many people do a great deal of meditation, he found, only to remain stuck in their personalities, and unable to let go of their fixations.
To write a metaphor for therapy, take the situation, strip away all the details until only the structure is left, name each part in the most general words, then write the hypnotic metaphor by replacing the general structure with specific words from a different situation. The most important thing is to allow yourself to become aware of how your body represents the problem and to learn to consider that representation as an object, something that has an independent existence, that exists in its own right.
Her theories explain our attitudes and behaviour with a special clarity, and provide a practical guide to behaviour and self development.
This script guides you to relax your body using progressive muscle relaxation, passive progressive relaxation, and stretching, then associate the relaxed state with a physical location on your hand so relaxation can be quickly elicited in the future.
Whatever your personal situation right now, meditation can help you to feel greater calm and inner peace. It begins with awareness on the out breath which helps to keep you focused in the present moment. Both types of meditation are effective and so choosing one or the other is really a matter of personal preference.

If you have any problems you can ask either the instructor or other members of the group for assistance.
Below we will look at both types of meditation in more detail and what you can expect to experience. Most practitioners purchase a pre written script which will have been recorded to a CD, MP3 or DVD. There are a number of guided meditation scripts available for free on the internet that you can copy or use as inspiration. You should select a room in your home where you would like to perform the guided meditation.
When you finish the meditation calmly and slowly allow yourself to rejoin the normal world. Group meditations sessions do differ depending on the instructor and their style but should be broadly similar to this.
This will be calming music that helps to create a sense of serenity and freedom from the outside world.
Dr Carter-Scott achieved her PhD in human and organisational development and for the nearly 30 years has been an international lecturer, consultant and author. This guided meditation will help to align your energies with the eartha€™s energies so that you feel calm, refreshed and at peace. The guided meditation itself is done as visualization, but you could do it outdoors sitting with your back against a tree.
Individual meditation has the advantage that you can perform it any time that you like and in any setting.
One of the advantages of creating your own script is that you can tailor it to your own visual preferences and specific personal development goals.
Typically the session will start with deep breathing and then an invitation to close your eyes.
When the instructor believes that the group is ready he will bring them back from this moment of silence. A metaphor is something that reminds you of something else, in such a way that the something else lets you think about the original something in a different way.

She founded the MMS (Motivation Management Service) Institute and has been called a guardian angel to CEO's. Once you are relaxed, you will use anchoring to associate the action of squeezing your right thumb (or your chosen anchoring spot) with a state of relaxation. Your Heart knows what's correct for you, but its voice is often drowned out by the confusion reigning in the mind.
This makes it perfect for people who may not have the time or the desire to attend a group session.
Once you have written your script you will need to record it so that you are able to play it back to yourself during the session. If the instructor is using a meditation script that they have obtained from someone else they will typically attribute it to that person at the beginning of the session.
At the end of the meditation the instructor may ring the bell or chime to signal the end of the session. Once this association is made, you will be able to trigger relaxation quickly, simply by squeezing your right thumb. While all guided meditation tracks will seek to calm you, some will have specific areas of your life that they will seek to help you with. They will also invite the participants to return to a normal state of consciousness and open their eyes. It may takes several tries before you get into exactly the right frame of mind for this to happen. By listening to our Heart we can experience greater peace and better health which in turn bring us more fulfilled and balanced lives.

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