You’ve read all the suggestions about resting your eyes, taking a walk and meditating for a few minutes every hour you’re at the computer.
Compile your favourite upbeat songs and play them while you’re working on a task that requires you to complete it more speedily. Whether you’re running on an empty stomach at the end of the day or a full one after lunch is not going to help you complete that difficult task.
October 5, 2015 by Calvin Fooks One of the most important factors for business success is having productive employees.
The key to motivating your employees to perform well is to boost their morale and increase satisfaction in the workplace. Office interiors can sometimes be boring and uninspiring for your employees to look at especially if everything is all white and grey.
Know how certain colours affect people so that you can use it more effectively in the workplace.
A study conducted in Denmark found that poor indoor air quality can decrease productivity and cause dissatisfaction. According to an American Academy of Sleep Medicine study, employees whose workplace has windows receive 173% more white light exposure during work hours and slept at an average of 46 minutes more per night. Learn more about how we, at Skyspan, can help you by calling us at 1300 759 772 or by enquiring online now. From Sydney to Perth, Darwin to Adelaide, Melbourne to Broome, Cairns to Albany we’ve got you covered.
Skyspan provides a full installation service for the complete range of our products, whether it is a small domestic skylight or a large commercial glazing project.
Whether telecommuting or freelancing, more and more professionals are trading in the cubicle for the home office. If you’re working from home, chances are you’re a freelancer, consultant, or small business owner. Here are some tips on how to stay focused as you move through the workday, while still enjoying all the unique benefits of working at home.
It’s easy to become distracted, particularly when dealing with a task that’s challenging or a bit dull. Ever wonder why you’re ultra productive when facing a tight deadline, while a simple task can take hours to complete? If you find yourself stuck (and you’ve already tried the "just 15 more minutes" tactic), change your environment. Whether you’re working at home or in the office, it’s not possible to stay focused for hours on end. Chances are that on that very same day, you spent well over an hour browsing eBay, watching TV, looking at Facebook, checking your online bank account, or organizing your medicine cabinet. What are some of the ways that you cut out distractions and stay productive while working from home? Nellie AkalpNellie Akalp is a passionate entrepreneur, small business expert, professional speaker, author and mother of four. Resolve to be better at your job this year with these small changes to your daily work life.
You can’t be a better employee if you’re still dragging into the office an hour late and half-asleep.
Your midday break is another unexpected place to get better at your job: By stepping away from it for an hour. Become the best communicator in your office this year, by being confident about what you want, and direct when asking questions. The end of the year is a time to reflect on your personal and professional progress--and to get dragged into performance reviews that might hold a few less-positive notes on your work.
The “I’m a perfectionist” excuse doesn’t cut it when your reputation for timely quality work is on the line. If 2014 felt like it flew by in a constant state of overwork, change that this year--and start bragging about how efficient you are, instead of how many hours you spent chained to a desk. Whether you’re jotting a list on sticky notes like Jim Koch, or in a typed and well-annotated creation like Barbara McCann, your to-do game can ramp up in 2015.
The end of the year is a time to reflect on your personal and professional progress—and to get dragged into performance reviews that might hold a few less-positive notes on your work. This is part of the "Increased Productivity" series where experts in productivity, brain training, and business success share the techniques and tools they couldn't live without. One of the great things that set people apart from animals is that people have to go to work and be productive. First of all, it's important to realize that you can build mental strength, just like you can build muscle strength. Pick a simple mental task that won't take more than five minutes; then time yourself to see if you can complete it in the allotted five minutes without breaking away to do something else or start thinking of something else.
Language is a key to all communication, especially at work; whether it be the language we speak, the language we use to program computers or a foreign language we are learning. If you don’t have enough strength left at the end of the day to exercise or hate waking up early in the morning (as I do…), start simple. When we sit in front of the computer screen all day, we don’t bother with trivial things like posture.
Start by gently pressing your head toward your shoulder until you’ll feel a stretch, make sure you don’t linger and move your head to the opposite side of the neck, repeating the same movement and feeling the same stretch. A simple workout made on a tiny stair climber can keep your legs in shape without ever having to leave your chair.
Although not suitable for all office spaces (or company cultures), the treadmill desk is an excellent way to keep you in shape and much more productive. Getting up from your chair gets the blood flowing, so why not repeat it a few times to wake up, muscle up and feel better? IQTELL is the only app that brings together Emails, Calendars, Evernote®, Tasks, Projects and more, all in one place.
On a good day, the office is a great place for collaboration, but it can easily turn into place of disruption (like chatting around the water cooler about last night’s episode of The Walking Dead). Just like running, you will find yourself trying to synchronise your typing speed or movements to the fast beat, so it works like you’re running on super turbo speed. It runs in the background and tracks the total amount of time you spend on each application and website to give you an unbiased report of your day. You may need an extra burst of energy, but you don’t want to reach for that pack of chocolate eggs or gummy bears either – you don’t want to have a sugar crash after you’re done.
Be it an email or something manual, like reorganising the storeroom, you don’t have to always have a plan in mind before you start working on it. However, sometimes factors such as stress can make employees too sluggish to perform their best.
A study released by the University of Texas states that white doesn’t help people be productive.

For instance, the calming colour blue promotes communication, trust and efficiency while green inspires innovation.
The key is to promote movement by encouraging your employees to walk around and get some much needed exercise. What businesses and other commercial establishments fail to realize is that the air quality of their indoor environment can profoundly affect the health and comfort of their employees. Providing proper ventilationto eliminate air pollution and ensuring proper levels of air temperature and movement inside the workplace is crucial.
They also have more physical activity and received higher scores on quality of life measures. If you’re looking to let more natural light in, Skyspan has an extensive range of commercial skylights and roof windows that will suit your office or commercial establishment. Skyspan provides an overnight service, which is available to most major locations nationally; so that when time is of the essence you are guaranteed to receive your products when you need them. We hear all about the perks of the work from home lifestyle — no long commutes, more time with family, conference calls in pajamas, etc.
If you find yourself losing focus, tell yourself to dedicate just 15 more minutes to the task on hand. You might chalk this up to working well under pressure, but it could also be Parkinsons Law, which basically states that a task will expand to fill the time you can give it.
For most, the daily barrage of emails and IMs from friends and colleagues ends up being the day’s biggest time sink. One list keeps track of longer term goals (for example, the projects I need to complete by the end of the week or month). Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. We're starting 2015 by sharing 10 ways you can be better at your job this year." class="">Most of us start the New Year hoping to be better versions of ourselves. And you’re killing yourself with overachiever mind-set, paralyzing progress with your hang-ups. Get out your pen and paper and start practicing your list-making skills by writing these tips down.
Starting a better bedtime routine--like reading an inspiring book or writing down question that need answers--can make you more creative, and less drowsy come 7 a.m.
Studies show that walking, socializing, and getting fresh air all help you return to your desk refreshed and more ready to work than if you’d powered through. Your clients will appreciate it, and your boss will wonder what happened to your former small-talking self. Embrace the failures as learning opportunities, and take the criticism as a chance to grow.
In the last year, we've tried to get to the bottom of those areas for improvement, too. If 2014 felt like it flew by in a constant state of overwork, change that this year—and start bragging about how efficient you are, instead of how many hours you spent chained to a desk. Studies show that walking, socializing, and getting fresh air all help you return to your desk refreshed and more ready to work than if you’d powered through. And you’re killing yourself with overachiever mind-set, paralyzing progress with your hang-ups. Animals can hang around the jungle or forest or beach all day never worrying about an office deadline or Powerpoint presentation.
There are numerous distractions, even obligations, that can keep a person from performing their job duties to the best of their ability.
We really do use most of our brain most of our lives and not just 10 percent as the movies often state. To exercise your memory and build new neural pathways, try listening to an unfamiliar song and memorize the lyrics to it. Even moderate exercise, such as going up or down a flight of stairs in your office building will help relieve unproductive stress and give you a better night's sleep.
Expecting a child to do an adult's mental work would be ludicrous; and yet adults often don't know how to concentrate on getting a project done without becoming distracted and unfocused.
Gradually increase the time and see how long it takes you to stay focused and on-task for a full 20 minutes.
There are even those who say that even 3 minutes of intense exercise per week are more than enough. Stumble to demonstrate 12 excellent drills that will help you to improve productivity at work and live a healthier life, have fun! All you have to do is press the little pads with your legs; it’ll jumpstart your endorphin levels, heart rate and focus. To avoid a stiff back and improve productivity at work, just do a few seated twists during work. Chair squats work on a lot of muscles including thighs, hips, buttocks, quads, hamstrings and even the belly area. This exercise is tough at first but is great for working on you back, abdomen area and even buttocks. The focus is not a heavy weight but rather repetitions; you should aim for 12-15 repetitions. When you see someone turning red while sitting next to their desk, it might be the silent abs squeeze. As an FYI, we recently released an amazing feature that helps to process your emails quickly and effectively - we call it EZ Email processing. Stand up and stretch your arms towards the ceiling and arch your back a little to loosen your muscles. This way, you can suss out which part of your work is taking up the most time, then figure out a way to cut out unnecessary tasks or streamline your work processes. So keep your personal snack bar stocked with healthy foods like unsalted nuts and dried fruit to help you get through the day. Just plunge into the task and you will probably find yourself getting into the swing of things five minutes later. Office plants not only provide some colour to the office but also helps reduce fatigue and sickness, making your employees healthier and more alert. Placing toilets, pantries and other common areas away from their workspaces will force them to walk.
Employees in windowless offices tend to experience more sleep disturbances and daytime dysfunction. To learn more about Nellie and see how she can help your business get off the ground quickly and affordably, please visit here. If you’re stuck in your inbox, dedicate chunks of the day when you unplug from your phone and email to get work done.
Every so often, conduct a detailed audit of your day and keep track of what you did and how long it took.

Put yourself and your mental well-being first in the coming year, and the rest will follow suit. The interpersonal soft skills and self-care are what make the more tangible successes shine. It sounds counterintuitive, but procrastination and productivity can work together, when you’re trying to solve a difficult problem or coax your creativity out of its hiding place. But at the very least, don’t let feedback build up for a whole year, or wait for your boss to dole it out annually. Go in everyday, rain or shine, with a positive thought even if it's only that at least you didn't get stuck in the elevator on the way up today! Don't rely solely on your Google calendar or smartphone to remind you of everything to do with your job.
A little color in your cheeks is a good thing for the boss to see, and the circulating blood will help keep your mind alert and attentive so you can stay on task at work. Learning a second language costs virtually nothing today; the internet offers many free tutorials in everything from Spanish to Thai.
It improves your focus by pumping more oxygen into your blood stream; it accelerates your metabolism allowing you to utilize energy more effectively. We think that it means going to the gym, parking the car, changing into our gym clothes, exercising, showering…. Controlled neck bends will supply a much needed oxygen boost to your brain and help bring you back from “zonk-land” so you are more focused and alert. Those twists will remove the stress and stiffness from your lower back and even pop a vertebrae or two so be prepared (this could be addicting, you’ve been warned). When you don’t want to walk on the treadmill you can always stop and turn it to a normal standing desk. Heed a bit of advice before you attempt the dexterous world of “Face the Wall Squats”, your colleagues might never look at you the same after seeing you face-plant into the wall. This relatively unknown secret guaranties a formidable abdominal area without even moving from your chair.
In addition to the app, you'll join our productivity community and receive support from a team of productivity experts who love what they do! At the same time, close your eyes and take one deep breath, then three short ones and repeat five times. The study results conclude that the combination of caffeine and a short nap was the most effective for sleepiness and productivity with effects lasting up to one hour after napping.
Doing so will allow them to recharge their minds and bodies, making them more ready for work. I’m not saying you shouldn’t wait for the cable appointment or chat on the phone, but be mindful of how easy it is to have time ripped from your workday.
These can be as complicated as finishing a proposal or as simple as responding to a client email. These audits can reveal great insights into your daily workflow and can help you make adjustments where needed — whether it’s getting help for your bookkeeping, dropping an overly demanding client, or condensing multiple trips to the grocery store.
Bending forward in this pose flexes your back while stimulating your abdominal area; all the while pumping oxygen into your system. Nothing can sap your motivation like staring at an overly ambitious list full of items you can’t possibly complete. You’ll also have more energy when you leave the office so rather than heading to your couch with some take-out, you’ll be more energetic for your family and friends.
Getting plenty of sleep will not only give you a head start on a productive workday, it will banish those cobwebs from your brain that hamper your pre-coffee thinking.Furthermore, waking up earlier gives yourself some extra time in the morning to prepare for your day.
Take the extra hour to do whatever you need to get yourself ready to work: exercise, give yourself a morning pep talk in the mirror, or read a book as you savor your coffee. This will get your blood pumping without making you sweat, and when you’re done, you should be more alert and able to focus on your work better. If you have a stressful day coming up, you may want to take your morning a little slower, whereas a tedious to-do list filled with meaningless drudge work might start off best with a rigorous jog on the treadmill.To help turn yourself into a morning person, focus on sticking to a certain wake-up call rather than on going to sleep early. You may be tempted to skip the most important meal of the day, but did you know the human brain consumes up to 25% of your daily calories? Take the time to clean and organize your workspace (this includes your house if you work from home) so that it’s a contribution to your success rather than a hindrance. When projects and co-workers start competing for your attention, you probably find yourself running in circles rather than running over the finish line. Use a task management software like Asana to break down larger projects into specific, manageable tasks that you know you can complete.
We love the suggestion of Boss You giving instructions to Assistant You as if you were instructing another person.
Now, you can optimize your to-do list by giving yourself realistic due dates, prioritizing your tasks as they change from day to day, and collaborating with co-workers and clients.Once you start your workday schedule, stick to it. As you start to adapt to this new way of working, you may benefit from developing a routine to keep you on-track. An action becomes a habit after 28 days of repetition, and what better habit to start than working productively?Involve Your SensesThe human brain is a complex organ and psychologists are constantly discovering new ways to influence your thinking, your mood, and your energy levels. For instance, you might look to the field of color psychology to select the perfect color to paint your home office.
Candles are okay if you work from home, but for most offices, reed diffusers or cotton balls dabbed with a few drops of essential oil are a safer method. Choose scents like pine and citrus to wake you up in the morning and lavender to wind down at the end of the day. Extroverts and introverts have different sensory needs, so while one may routinely crank up the jams to get through a stack of difficult paperwork, the other probably requires quiet noise or even silence to properly concentrate. Avoid music with lyrics, as singing along or even listening to the words can distract you from the task at hand. Doing something physical like taking a walk or doing some office yoga helps take your mind off your work while also increasing blood flow, which increases your energy and your brain function. If you’re still feeling out of sorts, try surfing the web or playing a game of Sudoku. Or you can always switch gears and check your social media pages or work on another item from your to-do list. But following these steps can help you get back on track and improve your productivity at work while avoiding burn-out and boredom.

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