Ever wondered what a team of dedicated Minecraft players united by one online server and a love of Super Mario 64 can do?
The level is divided into two sections; the bit where the player enters the level, and the underwater component of it. If the water is at the lowest point possible, go near the L-shaped pillar with one of the lowest switches, then go to the outer center of the L to teleport to the area near the cannon, then simply drop down to the block with the star.

The line for this is determined by the height at which the player jumps into the level; the higher the height at which the player enters, the higher the water level (A toad hints this). Then, they must climb to a board that is over to the left, and climb across and reach the star.
Well, think again.A team of Minecraft players have banded together on one server and dedicated themselves to accurately recreating every area of Super Mario 64.

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