A commemorative representation of the 11 secret herbs and spices Colonel Sanders used in his recipe for Kentucky Fried Chicken.
Colonel Harland Sanders’ handwritten recipe of 11 herbs and spices was removed Tuesday from safekeeping at KFC’s corporate offices for the first time in decades.
The brand’s top executive admitted his nerves were aflutter despite the tight security he lined up for the operation. The recipe that launched the chicken chain was placed in a lock box that was handcuffed to security expert Bo Dietl, who climbed aboard an armored car that whisked away with an escort from off-duty police officers. So important is the 68-year-old concoction that coats the chain’s Original Recipe chicken that only two company executives at any time have access to it. Dietl, a former New York City police detective, assured Eaton that the iconic recipe would be safe. His security firm is also handling the security improvements for the recipe at headquarters, but he wouldn’t say what changes they’re making. KFC executives said they decided to upgrade security after retrieving the recipe amid preparations to add a new line of Original Recipe chicken strips. The recipe has been stashed at the company headquarters for decades, and for more than 20 years has been tucked away in a filing cabinet equipped with two combination locks. The biggest prize, though, is a single sheet of notebook paper, yellowed by age, that lays out the entire formula — including exact amounts for each ingredient — written in pencil and signed by Sanders.
Others have tried to replicate the recipe, and occasionally someone claims to have found a copy of Sanders’ creation. Sanders developed the formula in 1940 at his tiny restaurant in southeastern Kentucky and used it to launch the KFC chain in the early 1950s. Larry Miller, a restaurant analyst with RBC Capital Markets, said the recipe’s value is “almost an immeasurable thing. Lion’s Den U is happy to share with you a contest that will honour the memory of Colonel Harland Sanders, of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame, and the glory of his secret 11 herbs and spices.
We have already completed the first round of the contest on our fanpage, and 11 $50 KFC gift cards will be awarded the winners.

Ladies and gentlemen, we've reached the Final Four (of the Julie & Julia Best Supporting Character Tournament, that is). The temporary relocation is allowing KFC to revamp security around a yellowing sheet of paper that contains one of the country’s most famous corporate secrets.
The company refuses to release their names or titles, and it uses multiple suppliers who produce and blend the ingredients but know only a part of the entire contents. To reach the cabinet, the keepers of the recipe would first open up a vault and unlock three locks on a door that stood in front of the cabinet. The executive said none have come close, adding the actual recipe would include some surprises. The chain has had strong sales overseas, especially in its fast-growing China market, but has struggled in the U.S. Colonel Sander's mouth-watering Original Recipe has been enjoyed across the globe since the 1930s using the same timeless 11 secret herbs and spices.
For the second round today, Saturday November 27, 2011 at 11:11am, 11(+1) finalists will compete in a vote-off for the grand prize of $1,111. Arrogant, insightful, and humble, Nate possesses one of the most dangerous minds of our generation.
Ernestine (2) -In the closest matchup of this round, Ernestine pattycakes her way on through to the next round, beating the heavily favored Southern drawl of Julie's mom. Freshly* delivered juicy chicken pieces that are prepared and cooked in-store for that irresistible golden coating and unmistakable taste. In order to get back to the site once the teacher goes away, simply hit the close button at the top right next to comments and share. The finalists will have 11 hours to get as many votes on the poll as they can (ends at 10:11pm sharp).
If you are the teacher and reading this, cut the kid a break - if your class was more interesting this would have never happened in the first place.
Simone Beck attributes her big win to her gameplan, as she managed to successfully neutralize the Colonel's secret blend of herbs and spices.

Thanks once again to all of out contestants, and of course the Colonel for his magical herbs and glorious spices.
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