Helping healthcare leaders get better results, faster from projects & change initiatives. As a healthcare leader, you can make the decision to acquire an EHR, you can announce the decision to providers and staff, and you can even insist that everyone participate in training, but it is providers and staff who will decide, through their attitudes and actions, whether or not you get the results you want from your technology investment.
If people actively or passively resist making the change, even the most ideal EHR technology will not deliver on its potential. Research has repeatedly demonstrated that a lack of physician and staff motivation, collaboration and participation is the reason why so many EHR implementations run into trouble.

Researchers in medical informatics have found that effective Change Management strategies reduce staff resistance to change and result in a faster and more successful transition to Meaningful Use. A successful transition to Meaningful Use requires both Project Management and Change Management. It’s why practices and healthcare facilities often find their EHR transitions running way over time and way over budget. While Project Management focuses on the steps needed to get the hardware, software and related technology installed and operational, and provides an essential structure for the transition, Change Management directs the essential “people side” of the change.

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