To My Soulmate card by Five Dollar Shake has been loving made using an array of trinkets, crystals and glitter. Our specially selected board is made from pulp sourced from sustainable and renewable forests. To turn it all around, we have to focus on what we DO want as opposed to what we don’t. We are proud to say that all our cards are still made in Britain helping the environment in our own little way.

Begin visualizing in your mind, on a daily basis, your soul mate and all that represents to you. The groundbreaking work of quantum physics has proven this point beyond any reasonable doubt. For example, if, when the thought of our soul mate arises, we find ourselves lamenting the fact that that person is not yet in our life, or we picture ourselves alone and unhappy, that is the instruction we are sending out not only to the universe but to the people around us as well. What will happen is you will issue a completely new instruction set to the universe and all manner of unforeseen events and circumstances will begin to conspire to make you goal into your reality.

The more we feel bad about it and focus on the lack, the more of it we will create, simple as that.

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