SMEs compile financial statements primarily for the use of owner-managers or tax authorities. The 2015 Budget Speech is more keenly anticipated than ever as we wait for the revelation of Government’s plans on how we will navigate through the economic and fiscal challenges facing South Africa.
This seminar will enable you to cut through the complexities of the Budget Speech and recent tax amendments as it unpacks the detail in clear, understandable language. All companies submitting returns of income must do so using the ITR14 form – last updated in 2014. The ITR14 requires a great deal more disclosure by companies in order for SARS to assess companies. PAYE update will cover the critical changes to employees’ tax legislation the past fiscal year, tax case law update, SARS binding rulings and some of the interesting “new” aspects currently being targeted by SARS payroll audit teams.
We will deal with the technical aspects of tax changes impacting employee remuneration and reward, leading practices around employees’ tax management, court decisions dealing with company vehicles, travel allowances and cellular phones, as well as the impact of the postpones retirement reform and other important changes. The sessions will also provide a wider in-depth understanding on developments in employee remuneration and benefits, including changes to the structure of employee benefit provision of “approved” and “unapproved”, income disability policies and changes to consider to employer waivers and other aspects that impact employees’ tax compliance with the optimal reward of employees.
We will also deal briefly with King III on employee remuneration and the legal requirements around “equal pay for work of equal value”. The session will cover the tax technical aspects of employees’ tax dispute resolution, and provide a refresher on the critical steps under the dispute resolution rules.
The small business sector is a vitally important part of the economy, particularly in light of the need to create jobs and promote economic growth. This seminar will focus on the various tax issues relevant to SMME sector, from incorporation to the running of a business and the final winding up thereof. The Davis tax committee said that taxpayers must be allowed to make use of trusts when it makes sound sense to do so in the pursuit of a commercial justification or benefit, as opposed to an estate duty benefit. In this seminar we will revisit the law of the taxation of trusts and the beneficiaries of trusts.
The use of trust in estate planning will be touched on and the other taxes that apply, such as donations tax, transfer duty and tax and the withholding taxes (dividends and interest).
Financial reporting standards governing the preparation of financial statements cater for a wide audience of users including shareholders, creditors and employees. Accountants and tax practitioners need to understand the differences between accounting standards and tax legislation to ensure that the entity’s tax liability is determined correctly and to ensure accurate financial reporting of taxation. When preparing financial statements, accountants also need to prepare certain reconciliations to enable the entity to discharge its burden of proof in terms of section 102 of the Tax Administration Act, 2011.
The promulgation of the Tax Administration Act (TAA)and subsequent amendments significantly impacted tax practitioners and their clients. Being able to apply and advise on the practical application of the TAA is a critical part of tax practitioner's day to day business. The annual Budget, Payroll and Tax Update is a significant and must attend event on the calendar of tax practitioners and accountants. The purpose of this seminar is to unpack all of these developments in clear, understandable language. Piet is the Head of the recently established School of Applied Tax at the SA Institute of Tax Professionals (SAIT). Cheryl qualified as a Chartered Accountant at Deloitte & Touche where she was appointed as a tax manager in 1989 in their personal financial planning department. Cheryl currently serves as a council member of the Fiduciary Institute of South Africa (FISA). Cheryl has written numerous articles for both professional and other publications on various aspects of financial planning.
Cheryl has also appeared on CNBC Africa TV interviews discussing various aspects of financial planning, trusts, wills and estates. The Customs Control and Customs Duty Acts have been drafted with the view of aligning the current customs legislation with international requirements set out in the Revised Kyoto Convention on the simplification and harmonisation of customs procedures. This seminar is a comprehensive and practical guide to complying with your general employee’s tax obligations.
Gareth Hardy studied at the University of the Witwatersrand obtaining his CMA, BComm and Higher Diploma in Tax Law finishing in 2006. High-net-worth individuals and families have complex financial affairs, and they need specialist advice on various business, tax, financial and succession matters. Cheryl qualified as a Chartered Accountant at Deloitte & Touche where she was appointed as a tax manager in 1989 in their personal financial planning department. Small, Medium and Micro-sized Enterprises (SMMEs) may be relatively small, but ‘small’ certainly does not mean ‘simple’ when it comes to tax matters. This seminar will focus on the tax issues specifically relevant to the SMME sector: from income tax, capital gains tax, provisional tax, employees’' tax and dividends tax to VAT. Herman van Dyk is the Programme Leader for Taxation at the Potchefstroom Campus of the North-West University. According to the latest study done by the Pew Center For Research, only 49% of Americans believe global warming is due to the burning of fossil fuels, or in other words, man-made. Over the past few decades, energy companies have consistently lobbied against legislation, government regulation, or trade policy that sought to decrease greenhouse gas outputs.
The United States is much more generous to oil revenues than others that let private companies drill on public lands and in public waters.
Companies that signed leases in 1998 and 1999 enjoy an “unintended” loophole that entitles them to royalty-free oil and gas regardless of how high prices climb. Despite billions of dollars of subsidies and tax breaks afforded to oil companies, the federal government still spends $19 billion per year to provide military protection of oil producing facilities and shipping lanes abroad. Successfully kept hidden are the true environmental and economic costs of pollution, such as a person’s deteriorated health. Carbon Dioxide is the only cause of global warming – Water vapor also plays a huge role in affecting global warming.

Global warming is a conspiracy – climate scientists foster alarmism about global warming to boost their funding. Manipulation of the weather will have dire consequences – these experiments can affect the weather in the area permanently and change the climate. Putting chemicals into the air could lead to pollution –putting chemicals into the air can add to the pollution and cause acid rain. The disappearances of ships and aircraft can be linked to thunderstorms and electrical currents in the sky. The earth’s temperature may have cooled for a while, but the bottom line is that, just as a few hot years do not prove global warming is real, neither would a few cool years prove it is not.
Natural gas hydrates occur on the ocean floor in such great volumes that they contain twice as much carbon as all known coal, oil and conventional natural gas deposits. Good scientists always leave room for potential mistakes and doubt when reporting their work, but communicating their natural uncertainty can cause reservation in the public mind. According to our research on the role of politics, examples of different myths and realities, alongside the role of media on global warming, people are either unconcerned with the consequences of global warming or unaware of what the scientific consensus is. The plan, he said in a budget document released by the White House on Tuesday, looks to create a “climate-smart economy” and cement his legacy on climate change on his way out of the Oval Office next year. The centerpiece of Obama’s proposal is a plan to green the transportation sector through a $32 billion, 10-year pan to invest in mass transit, clean vehicle research and lower-emission transportation sectors on the local and state level.
Obama also looks to use his budget to support the recent international climate agreement reached in Paris by pumping $1.3 billion into international climate change programs, including a $750 million investment in the Green Climate Fund for developing countries. Ensuring a minimum standard of living for everyone requires one of two things: 1) Either finding more money for those who are below the standard without decreasing the income of anyone above the standard, or 2) Redistributing some income from some of those above the standard to those below the standard. My name is Tim and I am NOT running for President of the United States--although you can feel free to write my name in because it would be cool to get a few votes. I know I used to have a policy against talking politics on this blog, but times change, I change, and if I can change, and you can change, everybody can change! This topic, after two and a half hours of the debate, was by far the most significant, and undoubtedly the most disappointing moment of the evening. The following medical groups agree that there is no link between vaccines and autism: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Institutes of Health, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the World Health Organization and the Institute of Medicine.
Jake Tapper, the CNN debate moderator, noted that Trump has repeatedly linked vaccines to autism. But the political debate in Washington State is a case study about why smart environmental policy is so hard to enact.
What is most noteworthy, however, is that the policy was championed by a right-of-center government that did not previously have close ties to the environmental movement.
It was a Nixon-goes-to-China moment: Gordon Campbell, British Columbia’s premier, had more credibility by acting against type. Based on his experiences, he has a message for environmental activists: “I am increasingly convinced that the path to climate action is through the Republican Party. I don't really understand how one can say that the Republican Party is where efficient climate policy will happen. Senate lawmakers passed an amendment Thursday that would block the federal government from taxing carbon dioxide emissions, a popular idea among Democrats to fight global warming. Four Democrats joined Senate Republicans in backing the amendment to the 2016 budget bill introduced by Sen.
Over the past four years, the Republican Party has undergone a fairly dramatic shift in its approach to energy and environmental issues. The second situation is when increased revenue is used to fund an efficient increase in a public good (when the benefits of the increase exceed the costs). The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has called for carbon taxes to be introduced for both shipping and aviation to help reduce global greenhouse gas emissions, The Irish Independent reports. It says that as much as $25bn could be raised from a tax on aviation and shipping fuels, which would help developing countries adapt to climate change. The paper comes after the Paris Agreement on climate change struck last month, where 186 governments agreed to reduce emissions in an attempt to keep average global temperature rises to no more than 1.5C. The traditional emphasis and the comprehensive nature of the disclosure requirements of public listed companies will therefore not necessarily be addressed.
Indications are that this Budget will include significant amendments to the tax system, adding to the raft of tax amendments that have recently been promulgated. The seminar will inform you on recently-promulgated, forthcoming and proposed tax amendments and assist you to evaluate how these changes will impact on your, and your clients’, businesses so that you are well informed on how best to plan, make decisions and advise your clients. Information disclosed in the ITR14 feeds directly into the IT14SD form, a supplementary declaration in which taxpayer's, if selected by SARS, are required to reconcile declarations after the initial submission of the ITR14. The collection of employees’ tax is expected to receive additional focus in the coming years, as per SARS tender RFP28-2014 on the Development of Analytics Capability for PAYE and VAT.
Over the last decade a number of initiatives have been introduced by Government to promote small business and entrepreneurship. They also proposed that the deeming provisions of section 7 and 25B insofar as they apply to RSA resident trust arrangements should be repealed in the next budget cycle. Amongst others it will deal with the conduit principle, interest free loans, the use of multiple trusts, services rendered through a trust and the reduction of debt.
Although financial statements are the primary source of information when preparing a corporate entity’s income tax return, they are not specifically tailored for tax reporting. Such reconciliations are especially useful when the entity is required to submit a supplementary declaration (IT14SD). Despite the fact that this legislation provides much needed certainty and guidance on many aspects of tax administration, it also poses many practical challenges. With significant changes having been made to the tax system by the Taxation Laws Amendment Act as well as the ?Tax Administration Laws Amendment Act and, most recently, by the Budget as released by the Minister of Finance, there is a lot to come to terms with. Suitable for all tax practitioners, bookkeepers and accountants, this seminar will cut through the complexities and inform you on all the recently-promulgated and proposed tax amendments.

He formerly lectured in taxation at UNISA and the University of Pretoria and acted as study supervisor on post graduate level. In 1991, Cheryl joined Grant Thornton, Kessel Feinstein to establish the personal financial planning department for their high net worth clients. This legislation was gazetted in 2014 and is expected to come into effect during the course of 2016. It will review critical changes to the relevant tax legislation in the past fiscal year – including changes to the tax treatment of retirement - allowing you to file those EMP201s and 501s with confidence. The aim of this seminar is to equip attendees with the essential skills and knowledge they need to provide high-quality wealth management advice. Tax legislation is complex and small business owners have substantial tax risks and thus making mistakes can be extremely costly. Find out what tax relief and planning opportunities are available to successful tax practitioners and what risk areas you need to watch out for. He is a Chartered Accountant (SA) and Associate Chartered Accountant (England & Wales).
Releases of this gas caused by sediment slides and other natural causes have resulted in huge slugs of gas saturated water with density too low to float a ship, and enough localized atmospheric contamination to choke air aspirated aircraft engines.
He would pay for the plan by assessing a $10 per barrel tax on oil produced in the United States. It provides $2 billion over 10 years for coastal areas susceptible to sea level rise, $311 million for a flood insurance program and new investments in anti-drought and wildfire programs. Whether alone or grouped together (such as Measles Mumps and Rubella), vaccines don't cause autism. In 2008, British Columbia introduced a revenue-neutral carbon tax similar to that being proposed for Washington. Because of the government’s conservative credentials and its commitment to make the policy revenue-neutral, it brought along the crucial support of the business community.
Right now, it is hard to imagine, as many of the Republicans vying for the presidential nomination pander to the deniers of climate change.
Yes, there are challenges on the right — skepticism about climate science and about tax reform — but those are surmountable with time and effort. There is a lot that environmental groups seem to get wrong about environmental economics, sure enough. Jim Inhofe, chairman of the Environment and Public Works Committee, said in a statement after the vote. I'm thinking, for example, that maybe an increase in the gas tax could be used to fund transportation system maintenance. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. There are many areas of complexity in applying tax legislation in a SMME and making mistakes can be extremely costly! Find out what tax relief and planning opportunities are available to you and what common mistakes you need to watch out for. Resolving these challenges requires a detailed and up to date knowledge of the provisions, case law and technical requirements of the TAA.
It will evaluate what these changes will mean for your and your clients’ tax affairs, ensuring you are well informed on how best to plan, make decisions and advise your clients on tax related issues. She also served in an advisory capacity to the Chairperson of the Customs Operations Appeal Committee and the Chairperson of the National Appeals Committee. This seminar is a must-attend event for payroll administrators, tax technicians, general tax professionals and anyone else responsible for ensuring employees tax compliance. Additionally, the Davis Tax Committee is still completing its work on the limited tax relief that is available to SMMEs.
The unexplained disappearances of ships and aircraft along with their crews and passengers in the Bermuda Triangle may be tied to the natural venting of gas hydrates. The amendment would create a reserve fund that would prevent the government from taxing carbon emissions from emitting entities, like power plants or refineries.
It could be possible to build a political coalition around higher gas taxes and safer roads and bridges, right? The investment in attending this seminar will pay for itself many times over as you will come away with a wealth of information that you can immediately apply in your business.
Over a period of more than a decade, Piet presented numerous tax seminars and workshops to tax practitioners.
This seminar is aimed at giving you an overview of the most crucial areas of the new legislation.
He received an academic award for the research part of this qualification titled Grounds for allowing a tax deduction for employee share incentives (best dissertation in the class). This is important because only in our understanding of the gap between the public and scientists can we begin to bridge it. There are at least two situations that I can think of that might be inconsistent with increased government revenue being a bad thing.
In 2012 he received the Rapport Top Lecturer Award for inspirational teaching and academic leadership in the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences. These infectious diseases cause pneumonia, brain damage, deafness, infertility and even death. And one way to see this shift clearly is to compare the party's 2008 and 2012 platforms.
Increased revenue could be used to fund the existing size of government and shrink the deficit.

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