Spiritual awakening leads us to the fact that love is never meant to be painful as we see it today.
Most of those who experience spiritual awakening complain that they suffer an energetic pressure around the crown, and 3rd eye chakras. It is true that more people are experiencing spiritual awakening, the earth is shifting into a new age of peace, and love. 2- Mentally ask God, the universe, Jesus (depends on your beliefs) to send you cleansing beams of light at the palms of your hands, and the soles of your feet which beams back to the universe all negativity as love and light. 3- Mentally ask God, the universe, Jesus (depends on your beliefs) to send you the white light. 4- Visualize, and intend that a pure white light is descending from above, slowly entering your crown chakra, and filling up your hollow body. 5- Keeping your mind empty of any thoughts, remain in this amazing state as long as you can (at least 15 minutes), and when you feel that your aura is in perfect shape, thank the white light, and thank God for the healing energies you just received. The crown chakra is located few inches above the head, the color associated with it is violet, and is the most important energy center.
It became rooted in the belief of many nowadays that love and pain come together in one package. After writing the blog post for a white light meditation, I decided to create an audio for it to share. A white light meditation uses healing white light that helps to clear energy blocks, chakras, and the aura.
After writing the blog post for a calming meditation, I decided to create an audio for it to keep on my phone for when I’m out and about and need to calm myself.
This Guided Meditation Video calls upon a divine white light for continual protection and healing for yourself and your loved ones. By accepting the white light into your heart, your mind, and your understanding, you are connecting with the deep rich source of all life and all love. You will experience simple breathing, relaxation, and visualization techniques, to clear your mind of problems and your body of stress. This Guided Meditation Video is for Awakening the Spirit, relaxing, and becoming one with yourself and your inner journey. Sarah Neil leads this beautiful guided meditation which allows you to cleanse the energies of the day and rejuvenates your sense of peace. Her passion for spirituality was obvious, and I was intuitively intrigued when she mentioned she was creating a video. I encourage all of you to make a nice cup of tea and invest the 10 minutes in expanding or confirming your spiritual knowledge. And now, with your minds on, just imagine a very large, white ball of light, moving towards you slowly. From the tips of your toes to the top of your head, relaxing, being more and more fully relaxed. As you accept the white light into yourself, into your mind, into your heart, into your understanding; you are committing with the deep rich source of all life, of all love.

Should you have a friend or a loved one that needs any form of healing whether it be emotional support or physical support, you may now just imagine, just visualize that person and send a beautiful, white, floaty cloud of protection out to that person. Visualize that white, floaty cloud, that beautiful radiant armor around yourself, around your home, around your possessions, in your work space, in your travel space, wherever you go, wherever you need to be.
Thanks Rhonlee, the great thing with Guided Meditation is that once you find a Guide, or style of meditation that works well for you, you can really explore new areas with confidence. Last night I prayed for the divine light to protect me in my new job, and I am so pleased that I received your video this morning. Thank you so much for this meditation!  You will never know how much it inspired and calmed me! I have had trouble believing i was deserving or able to be protected by such a force, but this video helped me take a huge step. Hi Katy, we have released this meditation free for people to listen to, but ask for a few dollars to download it – to cover all the effort and energy that goes into the creation of it. I have always wrapped the white light around me every day, now to have it in a meditation takes myself and my loved ones to a higher plane.
A A A  White Light Meditation, By Dick Sutphen, is a unique and highly effective guided meditation CD that begins with envisioning and invoking the White Light entering, surrounding and encompassing ones self through the chakras. A A A  After being taken through this journey you will be lead back to an aware conscious state, where you can access the subconscious awareness at any time in the future if you so desire. A A A  The CD is divided into two parts both equal in length each as the second part can be used while you rest or sleep as if you are being given affirmation of the first part. TestimonialsIn the past year or so, your meditations have facilitated my going deeper and allowing more healing, self-forgiveness, clearing and empowerment than I thought possible!
It is the light of universal source energy, and is used in most of holistic healing schools like Reiki, Qi Qong, and pranic healing. Allow the light to fill you slowly inside, and overflows outside to completely surround you. Focusing on white light will help raise your frequency and achieve a more blissful meditation, even when it is a short one. One needs to call it and to know that we can protect and heal ourselves or our love ones from any physical or emotional challenge.
The more you are unaware of your body during this time, the easier it is for you to concentrate with your mind on just relaxing.
Imagine all the tension that is leaving your body now like a fine gray mist as you breathe out. It comes closer and closer – getting larger and larger, until it is surrounding you completely, covering you completely, like walking in to a cloud. The white light symbolizes a divine source of love that knows no boundaries, protects all beings, and protects everyone in a wonderful supportive way. It is a white light armor, this bright, shining white light; this armor is yours to command, to put on and to use if and when you decide that you will accept, you will call, that you will use this white light armor. See a glow of white light encompassing them, the divine, loving beings surrounding them and assisting them wherever they may.

Sometimes it’s nice to follow a guide to take you to that magical place… As well as wrapping yourself whenever you feel the urge ?? Glad you enjoyed it!
Once you have obtained unbounded consciousness you can invite loved ones or higher beings in to help balance, cleanse, heal and guide you toward your true spiritual self if you so desire. Dick Sutphen bridges the gap bringing the spiritual component into a wonderful, self-empowering, self-healing meditation for anyone looking for a guided start into their spiritual path. Combined with using his life-changing techniques, Dick is called a€?Americaa€™s Leading Past-Life Therapista€?. It is very important to comfortably stick your tongue to the roof of your mouth, and to completely relax your jaws, eyes, forehead, chicks, and even brain cells.
It’s very simple meditation for beginners, but can be very powerful for those who have more experience with meditation. It encourages you to let go of all your thoughts, all your emotions and just totally, deeply relax.
You just say to yourself, “I accept this white light protection”, and the protection surrounds you, like this white cloud, like a white armor. Extend that beautiful cloud, that white cloud, that white armor out to every one of your relatives, of your friends, your loved ones. This white light emanating, is swirling around, creating an armor of protection for them; shining, supporting, assisting them and giving them protection.
You may send this beautiful cloud of white light, right out, around the entire universe, to all places you feel may need protection, to all people you may wish to send all your thoughts of love to, but especially to yourself. You may feel refreshed, as if washed in a cool spring stream, but you will be protected by the great divine white spirit, the great white light of love and protection. During this process you are reminded how much you are empowered, protected and loved and that no one can take that away from you. Instantly, it springs into action, covering you with the purity of light, covering you with protection.
If you’ve ever felt drained after speaking or being with people, you won’t want to miss this fabulous group! Call it the light of God, the light of Jesus, or the light of the universe, it does not matter what your beliefs are, you still can make a very good use of the meditation described here. The most radiant white armor around them, protecting them; forming an invisible wall of protection.
It protects your love ones against any form of bad thoughts, negativity, worry, or anything that could hurt or harm them.

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